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Copyright 2012 Music, Lyrics and Production by Mona Fishman
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Disclaimer : I am an unofficial grassroots supporter and do not speak for Dr. Paul. I don’t even know if he knows Chemtrails exist. I just know he is an honest, CARING doctor and will be the only one who will try to stop this crime, but Chemtrails are happening GLOBALLY. Vapor contrails dissipate in 60 seconds.


Obameny = Robameny = TWINS :…

Increase of Autism = 80% in 10 years, caused by plaques formed on the brain, which are caused by toxic metals.…
So you think it helps to buy aluminum-free antiperspirants, etc, when we are getting this delicious daily dose? Nanoparticles.


Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

What’s those streaks up in the sky
The ones that slowly go away?
They’re Chemtrails, baby
And they’re here to stay
The government sprays us every day

They call corrupt science “Weather Engineering”
When it’s really “Mass Murder” that they’re rearing
Toxic metals sprayed in the sky
While the government tells us their bold-faced lies
Yeah, they feed us their bold-faced lies…..

Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

The EPA our health they rape
Chemtrails in the air- there’s no escape
Soaring increases of disease and cancer
Government and Chemtrails, there’s your answer!

Government complaining ” We’re So flat broke”
Then waste our cash on Chemtrails- What a friking JOKE!

EPA you bitch and moan
“Clean Air and Water! ”
Then pollute our home?
They worry so much about smog and pipelines
Then destroy our planet’s lifelines!

California forest
Trees are dying
Bark is peeling
Government’s LYING

A daily dose of poison
For each and every one of us
Meanwhile Congress makes no fuss..
Yeah, they make NO FUSS!

Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

Liberty and justice right down the hole
While leaving America Bought and Sold
Google Chemtrails, do it right away
Learn why only RON PAUL will save the day

Manipulating weather for their evil ends
Benefiting only their crony friends
They get to send supplies and all that helpful aid
Big crony corporations have got it made!!

Government industry so out of control
Abuse to our planet is taking it’s toll
Controlling the weather to their liking
Earthquakes and multiple tornadoes striking

HAARP, Tesla and Radio Waves
How could we let them misbehave?
We fear them ALL for abusive power
Exposed the truth, now fight or cower

Congratulations and F-U EPA
Nobody cares if you murder us today
All in the name of “Global Warming”
Meanwhile your “Corporation Cronies” are swarming

Chemtrails Chemtrails, yeah
Cronies are swarming……
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah
Chemtrails Chemtrails yeah

Destroy the planet, they don’t care
As long as the cash is always there
Our Grandkids inherit a poisoned land
Crime and Bribes go hand-in-hand

It doesn’t matter how you scream and yell
The politicians tell us” GO TO HELL!”

Ron Paul will clean up the EPA
He’ll work to make the Chemtrails go away
We need a “Superman” – RON PAUL IS IT
To save our once-great nation, he’s the perfect fit

Corporation Lobbyists control it all
If you want real change please support RON PAUL
Corporation Lobbyists control it all
If you want real change please support RON PAUL!!!!!

And the moral of the story is:
“What happened to our Nation’s pride?”
Obama and Romney are “National Suicide”
Media spin is WAY off base
Your vote for RON PAUL is NOT A WASTE!
Watch the movie “What In The World Are They Spraying?”
Then you’ll see for yourself that there’s some truth to what I’m saying…

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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