Flashback: Dangerous Aerosols Sprayed From Planes Over Unwitting Public Admitted To By UK Guardian in 2002, ITV Program in 2004 & BBC Program In 2006

The BBC program, Inside Out, aired a program on 6th November 2006 regarding large areas of the UK being sprayed with zinc cadmium sulphide from planes – in other words they were sprayed with aerosols or chemtrails.  Scientists from Porton Down had used the UK as a vast outdoor laboratory.  From 1950 to the late-1970s, Porton Down scientists had clandestinely sprayed zinc cadmium sulphide over populated areas of the UK, in spite of the fact that cadmium was known to be dangerous to human health.   See ‘Cadmium Poisoning’ at Wikipedia.

The zinc cadmium sulphide trials had previously been exposed in the April 2002 UK Guardian article, Millions were in germ war tests   Also, broadcast by ITV West in late 2004, the documentary, ‘Top Secrets Revealed’ had in Part 1 exposed  zinc cadmium sulphide was sprayed over an unwitting public in parts of the UK.

Researcher, Mike Kenner, who established what had occurred from the contents of supposedly declassified Ministry of Defence documents,  highlights the fact that scientists involved in the testing were dressed in protective clothing, while the public had no idea they were being targeted in trials with potentially dangerous aerosols. More.

Here is a segment from the Inside Out East program about the chemical spraying that was shown on BBC’s channel One on 6th of November, 2006.  It makes one wonder if these aerosols were actually being used by the Ministry of Defence for depopulation purposes, rather than testing because of the Cold War, which was the official reason for secretly toxifying the atmosphere. 

For more information from the BBC’s Inside Out website, go here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/east/series10/week9_aerial_spraying.shtml


MoD test of aerial spraying over Norwich

Audio: Alan Watt of CuttingthroughTheMatrix on the spraying of zinc cadmium sulphide over the UK.


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