Video: Fleet of Five UFOs Over Auckland on July 11, 2012

Jim Reece and I saw what looked like one of these UFOs, as shown in this video on the evening of Monday, July the 9th to the east of Whangarei.  It appeared to be stationary for the ten or so minutes we observed it.

Published on 11 July, 2012 by . Fleet of UFO’s fly over Auckland harbour.

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12 Responses to Video: Fleet of Five UFOs Over Auckland on July 11, 2012

  1. NZRose says:

    A great piece of footage and the candid conversation only added to the authenticity.
    Nice work
    And Clare – many sightings of this particular technology over the last week fro the area. Have been inundated with reports from our members from Walkworth to Auckland.

  2. Steve says:

    I may not be 5 separate ones it may just be 1 BIG one!!!
    These things can be miles long in some cases.
    Nice catch either way! Good to see some UFO action down this part of world. Nanu Nanu

    • Rose says:

      Hi Steve – there has been untold UFO action in NZ since the Christchurch quakes. Various areas of the South Island have experiments taking place behind the mountain ranges and in the fog that now surrounds the nations coastlines.
      Kaikoura is a hotbed of sky activity as is the North of NZ. Sightings are in broad daylight and evening also.
      John Key has all his new US friends here with the big toys. So NZ is obviously under heavy military experiment – like we weren’t aware of that anyway.

  3. C says:

    If it weren’t for the lack of rotor noise, I’d say these were probably five helicopters hovering above the harbour (the single red light and flashing red/white lights is characteristic of helicopters – I’ve seen a few flying at night). However, I suspect you’d hear the noise of five choppers from the distance you seemed to be at (even if only faintly). I’m not sure exactly why anyone would want to station five helicopters above Auckland harbour at night!

    The only way to tell for sure if these are helicopters would be to see if the objects come back again during the following nights. Regardless of whether or not they can be ‘mundanely’ identified, similar lights have been videoed before above Auckland, but singly (i.e., not in a formation). Of course, it’s possible that these lights are true UFOs, in which case they may be a formation of ‘Black Manta’ aircraft (stealth vehicles reportedly developed alongside the B-2 Bomber as part of the USAF’s ‘Aurora’ program) or even one of America’s various triangle or V-shaped stealth balloons. All of these vehicles are usually flown at night, and Black Mantas have been photographed over New Zealand before. I suspect that these lights are Black Mantas rather than stealth balloons, since they display the characteristic red/white lights associated with the Manta’s propulsion system. Triangle and boomerang/chevron-shaped stealth balloons usually display a row of 5-8 static (non-flashing) lights on their underside in a ‘V’ formation, which change colour from white-yellow-salmon pink-orange-red depending on their flight speed and direction. Some also have single lights on their wingtips/edges which flash, brighten, strobe or remain static.

    • Jamesey says:

      Why would they spend billions on making invisible aircraft then negate that with some lights? DOesnt make sense to me. Definately helicopters.

      • C says:

        From what I can gather, it appears to be something to do with the propulsion system of the aircraft. The Black Manta (and its larger cousin the ‘Astra’) are allegedly nuclear powered, though videos of the aircraft have shown that they can render themselves (and their lights/thrusters) completely invisible using special panels. I’m not sure why the stealth balloons need lights – it may again be something to do with the propulsion system. As with the Black Manta/Astra, videos of V-shaped stealth balloons have shown that they are capable of rendering themselves and their lights completely invisible. If the lights haven’t got something to do with the propulsion system, then I honstly don’t know what they’re for – I’ve seen one video on Youtube of a V-shaped aircraft flashing lights that turned from green-purple-red-blue in a way that’s reminiscent of a fairground attraction.

  4. Graeme says:

    They want access to the South Pole
    And want to use NZ as a Spring Board
    Because they are expecting a Pole Shift

    • C says:

      Couldn’t they just fly there without having to stop off at Auckland if that were the case? Why would the U.S. military (or the NZ military) want to use NZ as a “Spring Board”? I’m quite sure that a so-called ‘pole shift’ is the last thing on their minds, what with the situation going on in Syria and tensions with Russia and China, etc. Just to say, I honstly don’t buy into the whole poleshift concept myself – IMO, there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that such a thing ever has occured (nor that it ever will). From what I’ve seen, all evidence put forward to support the reality of poleshifts has a viable alternative geological explaination.

  5. R says:

    I saw the same lights the same night from Pt Wells out of Warkworth the lights where very low and followed each other there was alot of light and strobe activity they appeared to go west because I estimate they where about 3 kms away but absolutely no sound so these where definately not Helicopters as it was a still night and you would have heard engine and rotor noises

  6. Dave says:

    Ok, I’ll come clean. It was me and a few mates having a laugh with some Chinese lanterns and flashing lights we got from the $2 shop. That’s why there was no noise.

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