Mt Tongariro woke violently from more than 100 Year’s Slumber.

GNS Science reported the eruption was not expected.  Last updated 05:00 08/08/2012

Watch this space, scientists are saying after Mt Tongariro woke violently from more than a century’s slumber.

The spectacular eruption just before midnight on Monday caught scientists by surprise, and they are still uncertain whether it will explode again in the next few days or weeks.

“We haven’t had any activity for several days, so to go from what we had seen to an eruption . . . was a little surprising,” GNS Science vulcanologist Steve Sherburn said yesterday.

If the eruption was driven by the hydrothermal system generating steam, then it was unlikely to do much more, colleague Brad Scott said.

However, if it was caused by molten lava intruding into the volcano, it could take days or even weeks before “that sort of shows itself”.

“It’s really just a watch this space scenario.”

The explosion lasted about two minutes and was followed by a series of small earthquakes.

Land surrounding the snow-capped 1967-metre peak was transformed into a “lunar landscape” yesterday as a thick carpet of ash settled on houses, cars and livestock.



Chemtrails were filmed being sprayed in the area on July 19th, 2012.  Chemtrails are used with HAARP technology, (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and this technology can be and is used to cause earthquakes.   Chemtrails Over Tongariro National Park, NZ, July 19, 2012.  

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