Activist’s Messages To Top Geo-engineer, Professor David Keith & His Reply

Professor David Keith

Spanish activist, Bertha Quayle who recently wrote to geo-engineer, Ken Caldeira regarding the crime of spraying toxins into the planet’s atmosphere,  has also e-mailed geo-engineer Professor David Keith of Harvard University.  Like Caldeira, Keith has replied to her.

Those who have seen the documentary What in The World Are They Spraying? will be aware that Keith is a proponent of stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering using aluminium as a means of cooling the planet.  Incidentally, Keith refers to this film as a “chemtrail conspiracy video” and although he advocates spraying aluminium into the atmosphere, he claims in his email to Bertha, that he is finding ways to protect people from environmental harms.

His Harvard bio states he divides his time between Boston and Calgary where he serves as President of Carbon Engineering a start-up company developing industrial scale technologies for capture of CO2 from ambient air. The major assumption behind the use of CO2 capture is that a CO2 increase causes a temperature increase. This assumption however is not supported by scientific evidence.  According to Dr Tim Ball temperature change before CO2 change is the case in every record for any period or duration, showing that CO2 can not be a greenhouse gas. 

Photo of Aerosol Trails Criss-crossing the sky from

In addition, there has been no global warming since 1998. Professor Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit admitted in 2010 that there had been no ‘statistically significant warming’ between 1995 and 2009.  So why has David Keith tried to justify spraying the planet with aluminium by claiming one of the benefits will be a cooler planet?  A cooler planet is not needed, nor is a planet contaminated with mega-tonnes of toxic particulates.

From: Bertha Quayle
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2012 9:14 PM
To: David Keith
Subject: Geo Engineering programs

Dear David Keith,
You might remember my emails to you over one year ago. It does now seem to be apparent that the world’s people are waking up to the impact of Geo-engineers’ involvement in owning the weather and crimes against humanity.

I am sure given your involvement directly along with  your financial interests, that you will be keeping track of those facts and your growing reputation along with Bill Gates and others who have invented your science and let it loose on the world’s environment !

The impact as you will know, is found in rain water samples and the death of our natural eco-systems here on earth is being realised by millions of people now.

You might recall I sent you the documentary “What in the world are they spraying.” I now enclose the latest documentary that joins further dots for those ignorant of what is taking place, against our environment in the name of “science” ??????????????   Madness as far as I am concerned, scientists of any moral fiber will distance themselves from such speculation and experimentations that impacts all life on earth, including yours David Keith and your own family!

I personally call it man playing GOD.

Insanity takes many forms, a person who is “Insane” can never see the wider picture or the impact they have ! It is rather like people who have a mind only to “control” or to gain “massive wealth” or “power” , it leaves them “blind” to exclusion of all else and sadly out of touch with reality.

Bertha Quayle

David Keith’s reply:

Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 06:34:19 -0600
Subject: RE: Geo Engineering programs


I am confused.

If you honestly think that I am the kind of person described in the chemtrail conspiracy videos, happy to seek profitable being involved in some scheme that deliberately poisons people, why would you even bother to write? Since under this assumption I would be so evil and morally bankrupt that I would not listen or care.

In reality, I am working scientist and environmentalist who is trying to figure out, in my small way, ways to protect people from environmental harms.  A few minutes of open-minded research will show the ways in which the chemtrail’s conspiracy claims or exaggerated or simply false. Yet these claims have real power. As a father, I take very seriously the fact that I have had to deal with one death threat stirred up by these conspiracy videos.

If you have some doubt, then please do some real investigating and asked some real questions instead of just shouting. Hate and lies are dangerous things that have real consequences.




Bertha’s reply:

Dear David Keith,

Thank you for your reply. You would have received a copy letter I sent to Ken Caldeira at Stanford.

After your response to my letter below, I thought I ought to re read my letter I sent to you, as you seem to think it is unreasonable. Having heard you many many times, put forward the notion that it is likely possible that spraying our upper atmosphere to offset global warming might be the only option. You have spoken on Hard talk at the BBC about it, you lecture about it.   You tell people you know people who will do the spraying for your proposed spraying programs and you tell people how cheap it would be!

Throughout all your time on this theme, Geo-engineering of our sky has been in “full swing” in many parts of the world. A military program that is documented, costing some $6 billion in taxpayers money per year.   People have this information, so when they see and hear you, Ken Caldeira and others talking about global warming and how you plan to fix it, naturally they see you as a soft sell to get the public into the frame of mind to [accept] such experimentation in our sky affecting (as it turns out) every living thing on the planet including you.

The truth is that experiments are in full swing and have been established for some years. The fact that you and those you care about are also victims of the fall out from these experiments, seems to have escaped you. You would rather talk about conspiracy nonsense and tell me that what I write has consequences.. Your smoke screen does not work David, the sales team has failed to do its job.   Millions know what is going on in our air space and how that is impacting on our eco-systems and all our lives.

You have placed yourself along with your colleagues, on the front line of a propaganda scam in public view, for all to see. What kind of reaction did you think you would get from those that know what is going on?  As Mr Caldeira pointed out in his reply to me, the USA is almost under marshal law and as the government is running the military operations with regard to the Geo-engineering programs, naturally your stance may well be based on fear of the power that dominates you. Only you know the truth.

Rather like Prince Charles said a few years ago about GMO crops, Quote “it is we humans who face extinction” unquote.   The human race and our natural eco-system can not take mans interventions any longer.  You will note in the film I enclose her for you, that a man highly qualified on the subject makes it clear the damage if not stopped very soon, the consequences will be irreversible.

As an environmentalist I find it utterly astonishing that you would even suggest putting toxic particulates in our upper atmosphere, that in fact change weather patterns, cause drought and extreme weather fronts and can not defy gravity so will impact on our earth and we will all breathe it in as it starts to land!   Toxic dumps like the world has never known before, incredible and you call it science!   The chemical industry will be laughing all the way to the banks, wow that’s some contract they have!   Given the facts, you being worried about CO2 is rather cute!

How you appear in the documentary films I sent you, is based on your own words and in the context of how you spoke those words and why you spoke them!  Your words, no one else put them into your mouth for you. You propose to spray our atmosphere with toxins!   For some rather bizarre reason you call out the film makers as wrong to denounce people who are spraying us, or propose to do so.

As far as I am concerned experimentation  intended or carried out is a crime, illegal and breaks the law set down in the Nuremberg code. It states no government in any nation or any individual regardless of rank or position held, can experiment on any individual without that individuals direct consent. I do not give my consent, I have never given my consent for any person of any rank to spray toxic particulates into the air that I breathe.

It is regrettable that you should have received threats from anyone. We all have to handle the situation in a calm manner, even if debate gets heated.  The severity of the situation is exceedingly worrisome to millions of people around the world.  The strain is bound to have some negative impacts, I am sure you will agree.

I would most certainly ask questions of you but, on reflection it would be pointless as I see almost daily, the effects of Geo-engineers at work, in the sky above my home here in Europe. It will be a very sad end to a very beautiful world if this continues .

Yours Sincerely
Bertha Quayle


Geo-Engineer David Keith: The Richest People On The Planet Could Perhaps Afford To Buy An Ice Age

There IS a problem with global warming… it stopped in 1998

Global Warming Or Global Governance? by Dr Michael Coffman

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6 Responses to Activist’s Messages To Top Geo-engineer, Professor David Keith & His Reply

  1. Janet Holmes says:

    Bertha, you are impeccable. Bless you for taking the time to use communications to solve our problems. Maybe intelligence, passion and focus can make a difference after all. Thank you, Janet

  2. Ola , oh oui , c’est du “pointu ” ca . Merci

  3. shaun laughton. says:

    fantastic letters bertha, i think i would have been alot ruder, i cant figure out how these people can sleep at night knowing full well they are if they cary on going to be responsible for the murder of all they know and love, if that is they are capable of loving anything other than the power of playing god…..

  4. Mary Anne says:

    David Keith:

    Theorizing how an idea could work, and cheap for you to try out, doesn’t mean it should be tried out, not at the expense of all life forms and the ability of the earth to sustain life.
    Have you looked out into the universe? Where are we going to go when this planet dies Mr. Keith? You’ve acquired some knowledge but without wisdom you are every bit as dangerous to life as any Nazi ever was. No doubt you’ll be remembered but not as you may suppose. I believe your legacy will be similar to Hitler’s memory, if the earth even survives the geo-engineering onslaught.

    The tone of your words is heavy with egomania. Apparently you’ve had a brush with fame and will do anything to hold on to it. Your claims of wanting to save the planet are ridiculous, not to mention doubtful. Your ego is too obvious. Regardless, whatever your initial intentions may have been they’re irrelevant now. The Military Industrial Complex has uses for your science. But you will be blamed for starting this since you sought the limelight. You were not forced, you made a choice but it was the wrong choice. And you couldn’t resist the lure of power or possibly even fame.

    I believe you and your associates may well have placed the earth, not “your earth” but “our earth,” very near the edge of a catastrophe from which it may never recover.
    I’ve read some of the scientific papers you’ve contributed to, transcripts of your interviews, and watched you on video. I’ve heard there your voice using the term “winners and losers” and referring to the heady “power” that could come with the ability to control the weather. I believe this outstrips your claim of merely wanting to save the planet and cool the earth David. I believe you know what uses this has militarily as well as anyone else who’s done their homework.
    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character,
    give him power.” Abe Lincoln

    “Winners and losers” sounds like trivializing what is really happening while you scientists tinker and toy with all our lives. How far ahead have you looked and how broadly have you researched to understand the damage being done right now?
    Where is the “Environmental Impact Statement” on the constant aerosol contamination?
    Soil, water, air, sunlight are all being affected detrimentally. Alkalization of soil and water is killing plant life. We do notice the sky color and have become adept at noticing even the slightest silvery sheen. We know what a blue sky and sunshine look like Keith.
    Ask anyone who gardens and has watched their crops fail to thrive or simply not grow at all or seen plants of all kinds, wild and home grown, turning from green to fuchsia in May and then die. Ask fire fighters who are repeatedly commenting on “anomalous wild fires that cannot be put out.” Unfortunately, you can’t ask the ones who’ve died in those fires. Anomalous weather, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, The word “anomalous” has become standard fare on weather reports these days.

    Maybe you need a wake-up call David.
    Maybe David Keith needs to go to the Philippines and help bury the dead.
    Help pull the decomposing corpses of some “losers” out of the muck.
    Mother’s, fathers, children, and experience firsthand what your cleverness has done.

  5. Dieter says:

    I would not say at the whole day, but rather at the whole world. I see this “Geoengineering Shit” or better chemtrailing our skies is taking place everywhere on this planet.

  6. Greta says:

    There is no need to discuss with Mr. Keith since his mind is totally darkened. He has chosen wrong path to follow – self destruction. He can not stop the Divine Creator. Keep your minds healthy and positive. Chemtrails can not harm you. The power of thoughts. 🙂

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