NZ to hold first national quake drill

MSN  September 26, 2012   Get ready to stop what you’re doing, clamber under your desk and hold on tight – New Zealand is holding its first ever national earthquake drill on Wednesday morning.

More than 1.2 million people are set to participate in the New Zealand ShakeOut at 9.26am.

Civil Defence wants as many Kiwis as possible to practise the drop, cover and hold drill, which means dropping to the ground when an earthquake hits, taking cover by getting under a sturdy desk or table and holding on until the shaking stops.

People are expected to stay under cover for only about 10 seconds.

In Wellington, Mayor Celia Wade-Brown will take part in a mass drill at Wellington Airport’s main terminal, while in Auckland, the New Zealand Breakers and the Auckland Council will host an event in the inner city.

A number of local community events have also been organised throughout the country, while several radio stations and TV1 will broadcast a civil defence siren to mark the start of the drill.

Director of civil defence emergency management John Hamilton says he wants the ShakeOut to be more than just a one-off drill.


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8 Responses to NZ to hold first national quake drill

  1. bill bblyth says:

    can someone please tell me what is going on here .I think peoples lives are the last consideration in this excercise.Drop cover and hold does not work in an earth quake so why push this crazy idea on the public.?

  2. Marian says:

    I had the same feeling about it,Bill.The woman who was the receptionist in the CTV building,rang in on radio on quake drill day,and said her boss always said “get under a table in an earthquake”,but when it happened, her instinct was to race outside,and she was one of the few who survived.Another guy said he prefers the “triangle of life” idea,recommended by international rescue workers.There certainly shouldn’t be a simplistic “one size fits all” approach like the advice for this quake drill.
    The September 4 quake was so violent that I had to cling to a door jamb,and even then, I was lurching back and forth. If kids had gone under their desks in that,the kids and their desks would’ve been thrown around the room…Just my thoughts.

  3. Daisy says:

    Love your writing, is there a NZ group like in Maui doing anything about Chemtrails? Is there anyone in the green party campaigning to John Key? I live in Lyttleton chch – lost my dad from rock fall Feb 22 quake. I have two little kids. I hate watching the skies. We are sprayed often- there must be something we can do for the future…

    • Thank-you for your comment. I am very sorry to hear about your father.
      May I suggest that you join ‘Chemtrails over NZ’ on Facebook. It has approximately 700 members now and we do discuss actions on that forum. You could also join the forum at, which is run by a seemingly tireless activist named Rose, who is also a lovely person.
      The Green Party is not going to do anything about chemtrails/geo-engineering. How can they? The green agenda, which is based on the notion of “man-made climate change” – on the idea that so-called “man-made global warming” is due to carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use, will be exposed as a fraud. If they admit to stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering/ chemtrails and that the weather is being controlled, their agenda is finished.

    • Marian says:

      So very sad that you have lost your dad,and your children have lost their granddad in the Feb 22 quake,Daisy.My heart goes out to you.
      I am a mum of three sons and nana to ten grandchildren with another one on the way,and I echo your thoughts re chemtrails-“There must be something we can do for the future.”
      I have been educating myself,and taking photographs of geo-engineered skies in rural North Canterbury for the past five years and communicating with chemtrail activists here in NZ and overseas. Being a member of groups like those suggested by Clare is a big help.

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