Masses Of Fibers Falling From Sky Over Lake Tahoe, US

Thank-you to Rose who runs the great forum over at for sending the link to this video which was filmed at Lake Tahoe in the US by YouTube user 

The film maker wrote: “On Saturday, I noticed webs in the trees… then I looked past the tree blocking the sun to see chemwebs in the open air, into infinity. I had to film this new found perspective, as I had never seen this with my own eyes and wanted to share.  I’d rather have something nice and cute to share with you… but here’s one better… unadulterated truth, which I challenge anyone to contest or debate. This, or any other chemtrail/haarp- related issue is on the table for open-minded debate. This challenge has been offered many times and NEVER accepted. Anyone out there want to be the first to take me up on it? We’re talking, clear-headed, unavoidable truth, that our air is loaded with these web like polymers, which are used for the chemtrail agenda. Objectives include weather modification/manipulation (weather wars), as well as carriers for biological weapons and much, much more. Furthermore, radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown is in the atmosphere, which is being brought into the US and beyond using weaponized weather. Yeah for us!!! Take it from GI Joe… Knowing is half the battle. The other half is mostly just surviving. Music by Mr Scruff & Kirsty Almeida… Pickled Spider… on Ninja Tune XX – Traxx Remixxes 4… Thanks for watching everybody… If we all just do what we can to be aware and help others become aware, we might be able to turn this situation around. Be well brothers and sisters and Love one another!”


Chemtrails & Fibers Over Whangarei On January 27, 2011

Canadian journalist, William Thomas said during an interview with George Knapp of Coast to Coast AM on December 20th, 2009: “Bernard Eastlund, [the inventor of HAARP], wrote me an e-mail…and he said that to heat up the atmosphere with HAARP was very difficult, it would go right through the atmosphere unless you put some element in that airspace that it could heat and he suggested that polymers would work very well in allowing HAARP to be directed to heat certain sections of the atmosphere.

And in fact, we’ve been seeing…cobweb like material, polymer material all over the United States and other locations, in conjunction with airplanes flying overhead emitting something out of the back end of them. And Eastlund went further and said that heat generation works by adding magnetic iron oxide to the polymer…”

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7 Responses to Masses Of Fibers Falling From Sky Over Lake Tahoe, US

  1. mattyclues says:

    Connecting through great sites like this one, using media, is helping us create a timeline and corresponding map to help us wrap our minds around and redirect the course of what is happening. Thanks to you Clare and Rose for your awareness and that which you share!

  2. NZRose says:

    Exceptional footage of these chem threads – I have seen them referred to in txt as angel hair.
    Matty Clues (Squirrel Style) – your the man!

  3. Lissakrhumanelife says:

    Reblogged this on USA COINTELPRO VICTIM OF THE PATRIOT ACT and commented:
    This is unbelieveable.

  4. afteramerica says:

    Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    This stuff is being sprayed globally. They are hitting the USA hard with this… New Zealand especially in the North. In Auckland they are doing this too.

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