Aluminium, Strontium & Barium In Brisbane Rainwater

Well done to Mike Scott of Brisbane, Australia who had a sample of rainwater tested recently.   The rain sample was collected in the suburb of Zillmere in Brisbane, around a month ago.  The laboratory used for testing is world accredited as the pdf file of the results shows.   He advises that aerosols, otherwise known as chemtrails, had been sprayed every other day for months and there had not been any rain for around 65 days at the time.

Offers Mike Scott: “We collected that tiny sample.  The vessel used for collection was also sterile and not deployed until it started to rain.  I work in the sterilization industry so I can guarantee its sterility.   I have no issues with anyone using these results in anyway they see fit, as long as it’s inside the law.   I would hate for anyone to get in trouble, but in saying that, this shit has got to stop.     I plan on doing a follow-up sample in a few months, so I have something to compare this with, so stay in touch. The more information we get out there the better.  Getting the rainwater sample tested was easily the best $200 I have spent in a while.    I have tried to give it to the Environment Protection Authority here and they were not interested.  It beggar’s belief.   I live around 40 km outside of Brisbane.  There is not a cloud in the sky and what should be bright blue is silvery grey.  It’s damn sad.”

See the results below or view in full at the pdf file at the link.  The results show the rain sample contained a high level of aluminium, plus barium and strontium, which are the hallmarks of geo-engineering.
The sample results also show the rain contained zinc and cadmium, amongst other elements.    “Tests” were done on unwitting populations in the UK and the US using zinc cadmium sulfide.   Are the “tests” also occurring in the Brisbane region?   Why are zinc and cadmium appearing in the rain sample? Your suggestions are welcome.


Chemtrails in Brisbane

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39 Responses to Aluminium, Strontium & Barium In Brisbane Rainwater

  1. Robert Hoogenboom says:

    Your immune system needs all the help it can get. With Jeunesse and organic food. (Edited by moderator)

  2. Ann says:

    The levels here are relatively safe, for example Strotium is way under the safety limit of 4/mgL. If these are the true testing results for Brisbane water than they differ greatly to the analysis from their own data base. You said $200 for the testing? Hmmm testing for parameters can cost up to $100 for each. This was a bargain.

    • What data base are you referring to? Could you please provide evidence.

      Could you please provide some evidence to support your contention that the levels are “relatively safe.” If it is in the rainwater, presumably it is in the air. Is it safe to breathe a host of metal particulates 24/7 in your opinion?

      Also, the impacts of chemtrails are cumulative. If the rain contains a cocktail of heavy metals for several years at least what will the impact be on the crops?

  3. Colin says:

    I tried to get a sample from Taigum Qld tested lasted year, I contacted universities and Government Departments but no one wanted to know about it, I suspect they know full well what the results would show. This was prompted when I attempted to harvest directly into pots, and consume some rain water. The top half to two thirds of a glass would be almost palatable, but the heavy metal sediment would burn and dry my mouth. What is our Government doing to our the people’s natural water supply? I refuse to drink tap water, I want the water God provides me.

    • Thanks for your comment Colin. Take a rainwater sample to an independent lab, as Mike Scott did, rather than knocking on the doors of universities and Government departments. If money is a consideration, if you only test for a few elements of interest, it may well be a lot cheaper than the $200 Mike paid.

      When I collected rainwater in NZ, there were bright-white particles in the bottom of the container. I photographed these and these are shown in the film:
      Deniers tried to claim the white particles came from a refinery that is 28 kms away, but the wind doesn’t blow from that direction normally and when one can see bright white aerosols overhead, it is hardly a stretch in deduction to conclude where they may have come from.

  4. Amy Reid says:

    NO metal in water is safe you wouldn’t eat it by its self .!!! so why should we drink it. r people mad oh it ok it’s safe there is no safe Level of barium or anything else. this is one thing it dose.
    Keep up the good work in exposing this hidden agenda

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  6. I have been watching planes over our area near the Dandenongs – activity stepped up over the past months – the sky for the past couple of days is hazy grey ;-( We are all watching this – now what action can we take to stop it?? We are being slowly poisoned …and I reckon it’s time to put a stop to it – sitting back hoping it will go away is obviously not an option. Time for a class action? ‘Cos this is nuts!

  7. Amy Reid says:

    Some one was picking on me for my previous comment I will say that yes of course we have metal in there that our body’s need. when I said no metal I meant no barium or strontium should be in there. obviously its only about these bad metals but someone had to go on a silly rant that I said no metal should be found.

  8. tony says:

    correct me if im wrong …shouldnt there be zero aluminium in rainwater?

    • There should be


      barium. Aluminium can come from the soil and get into the atmosphere from dust and thus, then in rainwater.

      Famed scientist, Edward Teller, who at the time worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California and took part in the development of the Atomic Bomb and was the co-inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb, was the first scientist that came up with the theory that if you sprayed metallic particulates in the upper atmosphere you could cool the earth. A top geoengineering scientist, Ken Caldeira (Stanford University), who worked with Teller at the time, stated at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in February 2010, that Teller tried to obtain funding for researching his theory but was unsuccessful.

      It’s now apparent that the U.S. government has implemented Teller’s theory by spraying megatons of particulate heavy metals and chemicals like aluminum, titanium, barium, strontium and sulfur hexafluoride into the stratosphere.

      • Crafty says:

        Agreed.. Teller was a complete maniac.. He wanted to nuke the ports of America to deepen the waterways.. No consideration to the radioactive fallout or the safety of the people… He was devastated when his petition was finally rejected.. True story.. lol.

  9. RogerD says:

    Thank you for posting the full analysis from your rainwater testing, even though they are quite frightening. The pH of rain water collected close to Oxford UK in mid sept 2012 after heavy aircraft trailing was 8.7 (very alkaline). This would support the suggestion that the water is high in Al, though water remains clear. I will get water analysed and report back. It is important to get this sort of information out in the pubic. The levels of heavy metals in your samples will be no good for humans, animals, insects or plants!

  10. see the real truth on CHEMTRAILS in this doco …

    …. it’s far more sinister than any of us could have imagined… it’s time we all wake up to the insanity going on round us before it’s too late.

  11. Enuff says:

    My household has been drinking filtered (hard filter and osmotic filter) rainwater for the last 8 years.
    The water is passed through a UV sterilizer in the final stage.
    Micro biotics that may have existed on the roof have been removed
    Samples sent for analysis reveal my filtered water is cleaner than that provided by the Brisbane Water facility. It does not contain heavy metals, fluorides or Chlorine compounds.
    It makes the best coffee and tea.

    • Thank-you for sharing information regarding your filtered water Enuff. Nowadays it is important to use a water filter. I use a water filter jug. Not as effective as your system, but the water from one of these is healthier than that from an unfiltered tap on the mains supply.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Enuff,
      Please could you tell me exactly what filtration you have used to bring this result? We are moving to the country and probably to rainwater, and need to get a good filter to protect us from all the environmental contaminants. Thank you.

  12. how we can be sure that the trails from planes are not simply the exhaust in the cold air? Travelling in France, there are hundreds of planes every day and by noon the sky is covered in haze with trails crossing all over the whole sky. Surely this cant be chemtrails, every day??

  13. Nathan says:

    Last Friday 26th October 2012, I took photos of two separate chemical deployment events over West Wollongong NSW of which was actually three deployment events which I did not photograph the first.
    Each event followed the exact same flight path at around 8:30am, 11:00am and 4:30pm. I do not know if there were more in this flight path because I was indoors at other times.
    These sprayings were directly over a primary school but considering the altitude at which they were sprayed that fact is irrelevant. The whole region would have been affected Of which other deployment events I also veiwed across other flight paths also.
    I am compiling a letter to my Council (though they have no validity under the Constitution) and Local Federal and State members. I also took a video last year of two planes flying over Wollongong, one I think was a Qantas flight and 5 minutes later a Virgin flight, tracing virtually the same flight path. The first plane lay down a chemical trail which being a windy day clearly looks like talcum powder falling from the sky whilst the virgin flight lay down nothing, no “contrail” thus proving the environment was not conducive for “con-trails” in that flight region.
    Also working in Sydney, travelling up to work on Tuesday I noted chem trails over Helensburg which is a community that is currently dealing with excesive cancer issues in the population.
    And then in Sydney other trails over Sydney.
    They seem to be currently on a spree.

  14. Damon says:

    I live in Fitzgibbon, 1 minute from zillmere and I’ve been noticing the sky a lot lately, the eery look about it and the weird clouds.. So I took to the Internet and I’m shocked to what’s going on.. I’ve woken up but I’m afraid to tell anyone in fear of people thinking I’ve lost my mind.. Any advice? People need to wake up, there is some major plays happening on a biblical scale, be it population reduction one world government the World Economy about to implode.. The shit is going to hit the fan soon and I can’t go and switch off to it now that I’m awake..

  15. djmskinart says:

    Thanks to Mike for having the balls to put his hand in the wallet and pay to get results, from rain that is becoming a scarcity, but when it does rain… we are getting more than we bargained for.
    This should not have to fall on the public, to have a simple thing, such as rain tested. This should be the job of the EPA, like after all, aren’t they there to protect the publics best interests??
    These clowns that hide behind the phones, who tell all sorts of stories e.g “Its only mozzie spraying??” need to really look at themselves and realize, they breath this crap in too.
    For those interested (WHICH SHOULD BE EVERYONE OF US) take the time to check out the video on the rain results. Its in your best interest.

  16. Louise says:

    I have been telling friends and family about this for a while now today my husband finally saw them on the way to work I saw a weird straight rainbow no rain around it is now happening all the time

  17. diane says:

    I found bright orange sludge in my local creek at Ipswich. Told the council and they said contact the EPA, then contacted EPA and they said contact the council. Nobody wanted to know and what do you know, the very next heavy downpour (some months later) hey presto problem gone! Straight into the Brisbane River and out into Moreton Bay.
    My point is what is it with the EPA ignoring concerns from the public? – I mean correct me if I’m wrong but that is their job isn’t it. No wonder us Aussies stick our head in the sand. When you try to make an observation, NOBODY wants to acknowledge it. I wasted so much time with this and all for nothing, I don’t think I will bother again

    • Stephen says:

      Diane I have just woken up in the last few months and want to encourage you DONT GIVE UP………….just tell everybody you know, even people you dont know, so what if they think your crazy at first. I work in the Brisbane Markets where most of the population is pretty crazy anyway. I have slowly begun to convince people to LOOK UP and think and research about it. They may lable me as what ever but they still keep an eye on the sky and a few have woken up.
      I think Brisbane needs another “Chemtrail Rally” After the last major chemtrail on the 4th people will be asking questions.
      Thanks to Mike Scotts efforts we have proof that something is not right. I have just emailed my local federal member asking for a REAL explaination. Lets see what happens. I promised him I would make this major health and environmental public issue number 1 if it was the last thing I did.
      One more person wakes up and wakes up a few more and before you know it it is a major public issue.

    • Brisbane Chemtrails - djmskinart says:

      Diane, you might like this video i did a while ago. Good ol mate PK down in Melb, rang them, over this crap in the sky, take a listen.

  18. Lauren says:

    The Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas are also being conistently hit lately. Have been under a haze of grey cloud for the past two weeks and only a couple of drops of rain to be seen. Definitely not normal cloud activity. And yet noone seems to notice or say anything. So over this happening, and as soon as you suggest anything of the ‘conspriracy’ theory kind – you’re crazy. This is madness!! Whatever they have been spraying into the air is definitely working to dumb us all down!

  19. Stephen says:

    Thank you Mike Scott!

  20. gary says:

    i am in boonah qld and have been watching this going on for a few months now here you should also watch THE TRUTH DENIED cloaked craft in our skies.
    this could be why they are spraying.

    • Thanks Gary. The primary agenda appears to be weather modification. It could be related to Agenda 21. They aim to take our private property rights off us. With the droughts and floods, if the land not producing as it used to, there will be fewer people to care if their private property rights are taken from them.

      • gary says:

        i know they plan to kill of most of the population the thing i can’t understand is they are doing this to themselvs also unless they are somehow immune or are going offworld because they will poluite the whole planet. i know it has something to do with haarp but there will be more to it also holographic tec for the upcomming fulse alain invasion.

  21. nil says:

    I have read and photograph these chem tails for a number of years, I have seen the weather change over the past 10 years to become something that I have never seen before. I have seen a single cloud of black crap hover over my home area for the complete day without moving. I have noticed that talking about it does nothing, everyone in any sort of power position seems to know about it and seem quiet happy to keep it covered up. Now I think its time to find, WHO is flying these planes(which the weather man slipped up the other night and let slip that the Brisbane air force was doing some spraying test) and get them to see what they are doing to their friends and family’s. KILLING US!!!!. and if that don’t work, all I can say is what goes up must come down.

  22. Peter says:

    There’s a fee app for androids that identifies planes in the air (flightradar24) Military or (secret) planes show up as a blank ID box.Nearly every Vigin plane seems to be using the fuel with its additives.Jet star seem to be right into it too.Watch the activity around Bris and Syd airports at night and guess what the ” blank Id” are up to.We watched a huge chinese jet circling from toowoomba down to Warwick for over half the day dropping heavy che trails it was Dragon airlines number DRGN16. In the afternoon it headed across towards Darwin where it was met by another 3 or 4 Chinese airline planes that turned around and went ahead of drgn16 towards Darwin .The plane either suddenly turned off its transponder or landed at a secret base somewhere up the top of the NT.— Wonder what all that is about??

  23. Pat B. says:

    EVERYTHING you tell is happening also in Venice (Italy) since years. And since years, EVERY Saturday AROUND 3 p.m., beautiful sunny sky become suddenly cloudy (Sun desappear), sometimes also a strong wind starts as if a huge tempest is coming… but nothing happen…
    I’m sure they are joking with our weather (and maybe also compromizing the strong tourism system here…)! Kisses to all of you, Pat 🙂

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