Chemtrail Sprayed Over Northland On October 20, 2012 At About 10.05am From Air NZ 99

Photo credit: Sylvia Cheng

On Saturday morning, October the 20th, 2012, just after 10am a recently sprayed chemtrail was visible in the sky to the west of Whangarei, one with undulations at regular intervals, that had a visible start point, as the photo below shows.

I looked on the computer to see what aircraft had just flown by. This plane was identified in real time using as ANZ99, an Air New Zealand plane.   See a screen shot from below.  No other planes were showing up on at that time in the Northland region, only this plane which was on its way to Tokyo.  According to it departed Auckland Airport at 09:21 NZDT.

Wrote David Quirey of Whangarei who kindly provided some excellent photos of the trail: “I’ve never seen a high altitude contrail like this. It was slowly blown in a North Easterly direction, and must have been visible for an hour. As you will well know, a jet engine produces a steady volume of high pressure exhaust gas, this “vapour” trail is clearly intermittent.”

Thank-you David, it is not a condensation trail and this is not the first time Air New Zealand planes have been identified spraying aerosol trails over Northland.  Refer:

1. Passenger Planes Spraying Aerosols Between 8.55am & 9.20am over Northland on 8 Sept 2012

2. Aerosols over Whangarei On Morning Of January 6, 2012

Wayne Muntz of Riverton wrote to the CEO of Air New Zealand on the 22nd of March, 2012, regarding a report of an Air New Zealand plane spraying an aerosol over Nelson.   His email and the reply from Air New Zealand can be read here.

Photo Credit: David Quirey

Photo credit: David Quirey. The trail start point is visible on the left-hand side of the photo. Taken at about 10.15am on October 20, 2012.



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