Sustained Aerosol Campaign Over Tasmania

A Tasmanian resident wrote to us.  Tasmania is an island 240 
kilometres to the south of Australia:
I want to report a small flurry of chemtrails in northern Tasmania,
over the past month. It seems to be over now.   I haven't seen a 
chemtrail for a few days now. It is very unusual to get trails here. 
This was certainly the first sustained campaign I've seen in the 
two years I've been here. I have lived here from 1983-2000 as well,
and can't remember seeing one from all those years, (but only became
aware of the issue in 2005). Maybe my observation correlates
with something else you know?
I would send photos for the sake of the skeptics, but I've never
been good at sending them and I'm only on the net via this phone. 
Also, sceptics are always going to sceptical!

For a few years,  we lived in northeast Victoria, smack
between the two flight corridors, Melbourne-Sydney and 
The main thing we noted was a correlation between chemtrails 
and an anomolous dearth [lack] of rainfall.  
It's my opinion, that the 12-year-long drought was designed to force 
small farmers off their land.  
The new water allocation laws care of Australian PM, John Howard, 
the hero of the Telstra sell-off and the Port Arthur Massacre, also 
contribute to the transfer of land to the corporate farms, in my 
Chemtrails in Tasmania tend to be turned on and off,  in short
bursts and in different places, no other discernable pattern.
A few years ago there were a couple of websites praising the
chemtrail pilots as heros for saving the planet from global warming.
These seem to have been part of a scheme to justify weather control,
but have become redundant, because people didn't care anyway, as 
there was not enough warming to be a problem. I think one of the 
main purposes of the global warming scare is to justify weather 
control, which is already in full swing. 
It all shows what a bunch of shitheads our beloved leaders are.  
They are damning their own children, as well as ours. 

Steve Clougher,
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9 Responses to Sustained Aerosol Campaign Over Tasmania

  1. taylor says:

    today in launceston was one of the worst I’ve seen for a long time. The day started off bright blue skies and by lunch time was just a white haze. what are they doing up there. I have photos for anyone interested.

  2. littlewren says:

    Been hearing a lot about chemtrails on the internet, and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw what initially looked like normal contrails persist in the sky, seen from Spreyton in the island’s northwest. That was yesterday, and today the whole sky was hazy in that area. I believe they were over some of the most valuable farm land around here, which is used to grow beef, dairy, veges and opium poppies. Last week I heard that the first hay harvest was in danger of failing due to a dry spell, however the very next day we had the most beautiful soaking rain. Interestingly, the use of rain water on farms here is metered, which I assume means the farmers have to pay for it, but you will have to do your own due dilligence on that one. Personally I find that extraordinary. Maybe it is to help pay for attempts at weather modification? I don’t know what this all means. I have no idea if there is some nefarious agenda behind it, but in the interest of free and open exchange of information I am sharing. It seems quite reasonable to ask, what in the world are they spraying? And why?

  3. Janet says:

    We’re looking to move out of California because we see chemtrails on most days and it’s starting to drive us crazy – no officials will admit to them and they want to make the folks who see them sound crazy. We’ve been talking about re-locating to Tasmania so it’s disappointing to hear that you’re experiencing chemtrails too, however, it sounds like they’re seen occassionally there – is that correct?

    • Hi Janet, I hope all is well with you. A chap I spoke to on February 6th who is from Oregon, and who came to NZ recently, said he does not see chemtrails as often in NZ, as he did in the US. There are plenty of aerosol clouds here however and on some days the sky looks like a blanket of aerosol material, so while there may not be trails, the material is still apparent, in a less obvious form. On another note, I suggest you read the post made recently regarding “Hair Analyses” on this site. Geoengineering chemicals are showing up in hair in high levels. It could be a coincidence – but maybe not.

  4. earthman says:

    Still going had on the chemtrails here in NW tassie, saw 3 this arvo

  5. Jonno says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I can vouch for what everyone is saying about NW Tassie, the aircraft are also coming from the North West direction. Once they reach their designated area of spraying they start a steep ascent and climb. I believe this is to concentrate the chemicals over a small area. I witnessed at least a dozen chemtrails over Devonport, Spreyton, and Latrobe area in a single day last week. I know that some of the chemicals are:- (Strontium, Barium and Aluminium). I am guessing there are many others but you would need a spectrometer and reliable independent company that would test for this, so there’s very little chance of that as big business controls nearly all of these. You can do a hair analysis for some of these which is quite accurate but that doesn’t tell you how much is in the soil and water which is where the real proof of burden lies.

    It is strongly thought that they are using (coal fly-ash) as radio-active particles like uranium and strontium which are inert become active after being burned, this releases not only radio active particles but high concentrations of heavy metals like Aluminium and Barium. When Aluminium and heavy metals come into contact there is also a synergistic affect that increases the toxicity sometimes more than a 100 fold, I guess that’s why they put it in vaccinations which contain mercury.

    Testing in California has seen levels of these chemicals in the soil and water off the charts, I personally believe they are systematically poisoning the population as the spraying only occurs over populated areas. I am also certain that this has been going on since the late 70’s or early 80’s. They call it Geo-engineering that’s correct but they are lying when they say it’s to keep the planet cooler. At higher altitude the metalic ionised particles may reflect some UV-radiation but this is also creating an umbrella at lower altitude that is holding in all the heat:- hence global and sea warming, that’s right they are directly responsible for the global warming, but I would more accurately call it “Terra-Forming”

  6. Ben says:

    5 dec 2016. Have been noticing chemtrails being prayed over launceston for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Took the time to watch one spread out to a huge streaky cloud over about an hour. Why are they doing this? Its been said its for cloud seeding but im sure there is another reason than just that.
    Theyre all over the sky at the moment and they seem to be short sprays of about 2 kms rather than a strait trail that you cannot see the start or end of.

    • Wendy Whitmore says:

      Since a friend lent us a DVD about chemtrails I have identified them over Margate, 20 kms south of Hobart. They always go from east to west. When I notice them I take photos with my iPad. It happened today but also when the Wooden Boat Festival was on from Friday 10th February, 2017. I have photos from January and last year since I have had my iPad. When I think of all those chemicals descending, it is very evident that people are their target as well as the weather control, warfare and global control. It seems that they have increased their attacks but “they” continue to deny their activities and try to keep it secret. However in recent times more and more evidence is coming to the light.

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