Some Profoundly Harmful Impacts of Chemtrail/geo-engineering Programs Documented by Norwegian Study

This following study is from Oslo, Norway.   The researcher, Harald Kautz-­‐Vella has documented some of the profoundly harmful impacts of chemtrail/geo-engineering programs.  The paper, which is titled: ‘Theoretical and experimentaly proven negative effects of (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano particles on plant growth’ (first draft) and can be read in full at the link here.

Here is the Abstract or summary of the paper:

Theoretical implications as well as experimental proof show that (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano particles <100 nm as they are discussed as one component for cloud seeding in global weather modification patents would cause harm to plants by

  • interrupting cell communication at the 230 nm UV absorption line by absorbing the weak intracellular UV signals responsible to trigger cell division.
  • irradiating the plant DNA with high energy ultraviolet light of 230 nm stored as excited states in the Barium/Strontium nuclides. This excitation is caused by exposure to cosmic radiation in clouds. The high-energy photons stored can be released by non-linear optical interaction when a weak longitudinal UV photon of same wave length (Bio-photon) hits a nanoparticle. The excited state oft the nuclides then discharges into a time reversed replica wave precisely flowing back to the DNA exposing it to a UV photon impact of same wave length but much higher energy.
  • dis-balancing the cell potential when triggered by terrestrial EMF, microwave or radar-radiation by releasing free electrons during an induced change of crystal geometry following their piezoelectric properties, making the plants vulnerable to the attack of fungi.

The complex interaction of these three theoretically possible forms of damage is not fully understood. However the over all effect on plants could be experimentally confirmed showing a lethal dosis for plants of aprox. 35 mg (Ba, Srx) TiO2 per kg dried organic matter depending on plant type and other external variables (both by lab analysis and) outdoor studies.

Due to the fact that:

  • the amount of (Ba, Srx) TiO2 in g per ha and year projected for geo-engeneering purposes is much higher then the experimentally evaluated lethal dosis for plants in g/ha and additionally
  • the non-soluability of these crystalls would lead to a continuous accumulation of these particles in the biosphere

launching these projects would be a threat for the biosystems of the world which sooner or later would leed to a total destruction of natural biotopes and agricultural crop in fallout regions.

[End of Abstract. Worded as is. Red colour added by Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch].

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