Weatherman Scott Stevens on The Engineering Of “FrankenStorm” Sandy

Published on 27 Oct 2012 by

Landfall of the weakening hurricane Sandy is less than three days out. I am underneath a lot of chemtrails this day, underneath the KEY portion of this Franken-Storm. So I am privy to the cold portion of this mess that will fold Sand back on land Monday creating a massive atmospheric Gyre.

What is different from yesterday’s model forecast is that landfall is farther to the south, over New Jersey maybe even southern New Jersey with a slow progression over the ensuing 36 hours into northern Appalachia.

At the 9:00 mark we see the chemtrails over the West highlighting where the engineering is accentuating the, digging to the south, resulting in a landfall over Jersey versus NYC.

Will Sandy also bring the Northeast a big snowfall? This is very possible!

At 14:30 an examination of many the chemtrails visible from space that have been flown through Sandy.

At 15:15 I look at the odd geometry embedded in Sandy, it is the managing of this geometry that enable the weather makers their power over the weather, and the chemtrails are used to keep track of all of this geometry in alignment with their goals.

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  1. Think it says:

    Let’s think of what we could do with 43 trillion dollars…

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