Waronwethepeople    by DR. LEONARD G. HOROWITZ, Oct. 28, 2012.

The best news I’ve heard about Morgellons (also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome) is that a natural healing regime featuring six essential oils cured the horrible and perplexing ailment in several cases.

I recently learned about this great news from a guest on  “The HOROKANE HOUR” (weekdays on LNM Network, 3PM PST.) Here is the LINK to the outstanding show.


The essential oils I do not sell, but the guest identified her supplier, and most health food stores carry the following six oils:








THESE ARE PRESCRIBED: Three or six drops of each taken three times per day. The regimen is reported to have produced disappearance of the skin lesions within 48 hours, with long-lasting benefits seen, especially following months of daily use.



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44 Responses to MORGELLONS NATURAL CURE REPORTED: Why Sufferers Are Not “Psychotic”

  1. Kay says:

    Prescribed by who?
    My issue with this feed is there is just enough information to be dangerous.
    Prescribed makes it sounds like it is verified medically. The promo says the information has come from a woman who is a Morgellons ‘victim’ and who cured herself.
    Has she done the show anonymously? she’d be mad not to. So her credentials are…?
    That she cured herself?

    I know the benefits of essential oils as I use them myself and have seen the results personally.
    I also know how hard the treatment was doing it topically (externally).
    How much I suffered and how close I came to death through cardiac failure, plummeting blood pressure, through toxemia and Anaphylactic shock. The stress organs like kidneys and liver were put under in dealing with the fall out.
    The one thing the Morgellons community can agree on is that every single case is different.
    It’s different because it seems to bind to your RNA. It’s different because it adapts to the routine of using the same treatments over and over. It’s different because it has been manufactured and altered. The strain we have in NZ seems to lean more towards the organic infestation of Nematodes, Strongyloides and insects attracted and perverted by the Fungal component of Morgellons from our natural insect world. Less towards polymer or cellulose fibers and the construction of insect like synthetic structures. It also strikes me as being more virulent and faster to take hold than that in the UK or USA. These are my own personal observations. I am not a medical practitioner or qualified in any other way than personal research and experience.
    I too am on my way to having cured myself. Yet on that path I almost killed myself.

    I read recently that there may be a push soon to have Morgellons parents and parents of Morgellons children declared as having Munchhausen syndrome. It being extended to pet neglect for those who treat their animals in a similar fashion to themselves.
    The American Psychiatric Association has extended and altered it’s parameters for diagnosing Delusional Parasitosis.
    Where are the DISCLAIMERS? The warnings of Herxhimer reactions?

    Put yourself in a Morgellons parents shoes for a bit here…
    You’ve been battling for possibly years, watching your child suffer, not sleeping or eating properly, itching and their skin crawling incessantly, covered in sores and lesions. With bugs emerging from their skin, hair, eyes, nose, bladders, anus, ears and mouths. You’ve researched what there is to find from others suffering similar symptoms, followed common paths taken by those you decide ‘sound like they are making the most sense’ and dipped into their ‘soup of the day;’ If these parents have Morgellons themselves it is far worse as they know exactly what their child or children suffer daily.
    What would you do on seeing this link, hearing this show?
    It claims: “The regimen is reported to have produced the disappearance of skin lesions within 48 hours”. Wow an INSTANT cure then. Cool I’ll race off to the herbalist or candle shop and dose myself and my kiddies right now. Essh.
    There is a link on the site to prove the existence of Morgellons. Where then is the link to the treatment plan or photographic proof of it’s success?
    I support the use of essential oils. But they are by no means harmless because they are natural. Everything has it’s contraindications and side effects.
    This ‘news release’ as it stands is irresponsible and dangerous.
    At best it could lead to the possible removal of your children, at worst to you or them losing your life through lack of experience and information.

  2. Sky says:

    Hmmm, must be some reason that the hundreds of people who tried to get well from Morgellons by using various essential oils failed to do so. I wonder what that could possibly be?? More junk science here.

  3. Kay says:

    I wondered that too, all those people using things like Thieves oil with limited results.
    Using Joni Mitchell to distract and entice.
    There was no personal claim from her except that she has Morgellons.
    A similar approach to Corporation marketing. Here’s your star, here’s your cure.
    I’d would have been far safer to say, ‘a combination of essential oils have shown a result’.
    Then left folks to research and learn all the other things they need to know in the process.

  4. Indeed, Kay. Precisely the questions raised in my mind when I read of this ‘cure’. I am glad you made all these points. You may have saved at least one person’s life or sanity. Possibly more.

    And thank you for all your valuable info, including the threatened diagnosis of Munchausen’s
    Syndrome and how such a diagnosis would affect the lives of people with Morgellons. You have described the suffering it would cause so well. These Sicko-Therapists (as I now choose to call them) have a lot to answer for, I think. How dare they heap more suffering upon suffering? Yet they do. Big money in mental therapy and great for the pharmaceutical companies too.

    For the benefit of those who have never heard of the Munchausen Syndrome, here is its origin as described in Wikipedia (

    “The syndrome name derives from Baron Münchhausen (Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, 1720-1797), a German nobleman, who purportedly told many fantastic and impossible stories about himself, which Rudolf Raspe later published as The Surprising Adventures of Baron Münchhausen.

    In 1951, Richard Asher was the first to describe a pattern of self-harm, wherein individuals fabricated histories, signs, and symptoms of illness. Remembering Baron Münchhausen, Asher named this condition Münchausen’s Syndrome in his article in The Lancet in February 1951,[4] quoted in his obituary in the British Medical Journal:

    ‘Here is described a common syndrome which most doctors have seen, but about which little has been written. Like the famous Baron von Munchausen, the persons affected have always travelled widely; and their stories, like those attributed to him, are both dramatic and untruthful. Accordingly the syndrome is respectfully dedicated to the Baron, and named after him.’
    -British Medical Journal, R.A.J. Asher, M.D., F.R.C.P.[5]

    Originally, this term was used for all factitious disorders. Now, however, there is considered to be a wide range of factitious disorders, and the diagnosis of ‘Münchausen syndrome’ is reserved for the most severe form, where the simulation of disease is the central activity of the affected person’s life.”

    Suprisingly, this unusual connection between a German nobleman who liked to exaggerate or even imagine stories of his adventures around the world and patients who allegedly invented histories, signs and symptoms of illness was not made by a psychiatrist, as one would think. Asher’s medical career began as a house-physican and clinical assistant to surgical outpatients at the London Hospital. In 1936 he was appointed assistant medical officer at the Central Middlesex Hopspital where he rose to senior physician in 1948. There he was put in charge of the mental observation ward where he began the study of the physical basis of mental illness.

    Doesn’t leave much wriggle-room, does it? We know already that psychiatrists have the power to label anyone mentally ill, regardless of circumstances, and that they are generally believed by a gullible public. But if an ordinary physician can decide that a physical illness is a sign of a mental illness then soon the only ‘sane’ people left on this planet will be physicians, psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Ho-hum, how boring.

    Hmmm. I suspect this is all part of the hidden agenda to discredit anyone who tells the truth of things that are being covered up, no matter how small that thing may seem. It also creates a climate of mistrust between ordinary folks, just as it did during Stalin’s terrifying regime. How chilling.

    And yet how hopeful. What more proof that something big IS being covered up when They are going to such extraordinary lengths to cover up any truth they can? So keep on telling the truth, folks, no matter how small it seems to you – spread it around until there are so many of us the truth will become so big it will be impossible for them to deny. More is coming out every day and there’s a much greater number of us than there are of them. Those are my thoughts, such as they are, and therein lies my hope of the world being saved. I hope I live long enough to see it fulfilled.

    Best wishes to y’all

    • Krista Hula says:

      Very well said,; keen observation! And thank you for your information. I have been dealing with this for several years though it just exacerbated while I was living in a house with mold. My landlords would not get rid if the mold or treat it, do my daughter and I just moved out. Within a week of moving, she developed symptoms. I’ve had this for 3 years without her ever showing the 1st symptom. I suspect she has had it since late September 2015, as we have both caught nearly every cold, pneumonia, virus, etc that was to be had. She nearly had to have surgery for extremely swollen gland under her war, which swelled even to inside her throat, obstructing somewhat. The type I have are so problematic and debilitating, I won’t try to describe it all. Please note, I have always been extraordinarily endowed with abilities to handle pain and discomfort beyond normal, but not this.
      This type even gets into our food supply, and completely ruins our groceries.
      I have learned much about it, but have much to learn. I have specimens, 1 with long green tentacles or very similar structures. It’s body is pink. I cut off tentacle or whatever bc it tried to grab me from the jar I’d put it in. And the lone, detached tentacle then wrapped around the huge, long stainless steel knife I held, and pulled, as if trying to take it from me. Have you ever heard of anything like this. And, they become “one ” with almost anything, even wood. So far they haven’t succeeded in doing this with metal or glass. And it is getting to the point where I almost cannot kill them or cause a retreat, temporarily.
      Do you know an organization or individual who maybe interested in studying, or looking at some of the spe lumens I have? Or a reliable, experienced source I could contract? Any tips would be helpful. Thank you so much

  5. Robyn P says:

    Here’s another piece of information that may be of use to those who are suffering from this horrific disease. Maybe it would work even better with the essential oils. Maybe not. Maybe more expensive than the oils to rent or buy a rife machine but what if it really is the method that works? I would not be waiting around for the pharmaceutical drug to come on the market with the so called double blind control trials if it were me! Here are the frequencies that are recommended:

    Morgellons (Internal Parasites): 0.16, 0.30, 0.68, 0.90, 2.50, 5.50, 13.93, 356.72, 451.17, 483.52,
    Morgellons (Internal & External Skin Parasites): 0.16, 0.30, 2.50, 5.50, 13.93, 93.50, 356.72, 451.17,
    483.52, 680.00,

    Morgellons Chronic (Ruptures and Fibre growths): 0.30, 0.68, 0.90, 13.93, 93.50, 380.67, 412.12,
    424.40, 483.52, 680.00,

    Morgellons External Skin Parasite (Symptoms: Surface Scratching, itching skin) 680.00 for 1

    • Robyn P says:

      Food for thought is that those practitioners who are treating people with Rife Machines are being targeted as charlatans and have to be very careful about how they practice and use the words “cure” or “diagnose” (only those who are medically trained, and may find it easy to become big pharma drug pushers are authourised to use those words). And yes, with whatever method is tried, be cautious. Start low and slow as Herx reactions can be harsh and dangerous)

  6. johndoe says:

    Magnets people, magnets.
    BIG ONES !

    • Jay says:

      😉 correct my friend

    • Danielle says:

      How and where do I get them, what do I do with them. Pls anyone help me, I just was released from a mental health. Strange very bizarre things are happening to me. My right hand is pin and needles for three days, in so much pain. This stuff is everywhere I go but it all started when I moved here and there was a strange gnat that was biting me. It put it’s eggs in my sore and they would fly out my hair. I had this awful things for three Months been cleaning and trying to get this crap off me. It’s taken over everything I can’t even see my kids. I’m scared all alone have no one who truly believes a word I say. My true love left me, my kids were taken from me. I have no income and spent every thing I had to try and help this. Lost alone scared will try anything that seems to have some sort of truth in it.

      • ghost says:

        Oh my god!! Have mercy on you. I am sorry to hear about this i hope things are starting to pan out for you. I noticed this stuff right around my birthday about a month ago(great gift) I did notice some gooey stuff in my bed and did a quick search awhile back but didnt let it get to me and all of a sudden I opened a bag of packing peanuts that someone gave me on craigslist for free for some of my shipping things. She had some kind of plant in the box that was shipped to her and gave me the peanuts! Never in a million years would I ever think this would be my cause of sickness. I feel like I’m being bit all the time I know theres mold here too and bugs but the landlord could care two sh*ts. I dont hate many people but once I really needed help and didnt have the money to pay myself I was put on the back burner by this slumlord and the doctors. I asked the doctors whats the issue and they said its some type of inflammation in my blood.I asked is it mold related she said she doubted it. Well if you know what it is then tell me!! If you ever need some support I would be here with open ears and maybe we could share some tips on how to defeat this monster or somehow put it into remission. I know in my case it tends to thrive off sugar so I did eliminate a majority of that but need it in my three coffees a day,lol. Feel free to ask anything or email me. I dont have any other intentions only to be a helping hand and be supportive. I am a nice guy thats all not a manipulator or user of any kind like most people in society. I wish you the best either way. My family doesnt believe me and I dont want to be around them anyway in fear of making them sick if its contagious or not who the heck knows. God Bless. Pray! God is there he listens he may not answer but he will come through when needed just be patient!

      • deb says:

        Pray. Turn to the Lord

    • I come from Cambridge NZand yes Magnets help alot.

  7. Brian E Frazer says:

    none of what anybody says really works. It’s all a bunch of hooplah to get us to buy all that stuff!!

  8. Morganlizard Morgan says:

    Another thing that concerned me was a lack of clarification of what kind of essential oils can be taken internally, and even if they can be taken internally. One should only ingest therapeutic grademessential oils, but proceed with care! Usually a few(three to five) drops in a capsule are prefered because of the potential for the oils to burn the mucus membranes. If you choose to try essential oils, please proceed with caution!

  9. I found the real cause of suffering skin. Morgellons has no cure. Morgellons is a cure. More specifically it is a normal reaction to some extremely dangerous factors. I have tested and confirmed two-way relationship between cause and effect. Morgellons is a warning. Perhaps the last warning.
    See evidence of recovery by removing those factors without any medicine without special diet:

    Read on page. All is true. Those factors can cause the greatest genocide in human history. Those factors are really very dangerous and unfortunately present in each moment. Can be reduced instead.

    For more details please contact me on:

  10. Kathy says:

    I am going crazy here is there any doctors that know about this diasese I am about to end these dang critters cant take no more of the itching and the sores and the bugs coming from them they say I have dillusional parasitis what hog wash I see the bugs the threads I have the itiching burning crawling god help me I can take no more

    • Check out A lot of research has been done to help to keep it under control.

    • camigamyskin says:

      Dear Kathy,

      There is a natural cure. I use it successfully for almost six months. I made ​​a base oil of olive oil and a few plants in the area where I live. Are many plants with same properties. It is not important that plants. You just have to help replace damaged cells. Plants used for you are just as good. Oil is very good recovery for skin, but does not solve anything. The skin will always be attacked by those harmful factors that you did not remove.
      I identified those factors dangerous. I slashed my body in the vicinity of hazardous factors. The body heals itself. No drugs need.
      Morgellons is not a disease. Morgellons is a defensive reaction. No need to fight it. We must fight those harmful factors that cause this reaction.

      I explain including the mechanism of production the defense reactions. The explanations are simple but need to know a lot of science to understand them and I do not want to publish them yet.

      Want to know more contact me at Information can heal You.

  11. nmx says:

    I’m sick of people bashing people that are trying to help… have you got something better? People do need to be cautious and approach things in that manner… but quit attacking people that are putting information out there… yes, they need to warn people with it… clove and cinnamon oil are potent and have to be used cautiously… but tone down the attacks a bit … people need all the assistance they can get in this matter.

  12. ANONYMOUS says:

    99 Cent Store have these morgellon bugs in their products; degreaser, window cleaner…For the yard I used Citronella torch fuel diluted in a sprayer with liquified salt. The only thing that helps for a week. Pesticides (tried all) don’t seem to work. Some have the bugs in them. They multiply extremely fast in water with weak chemicals. You need strong chemicals to break down their shell so they can’t fly.Make up your mind you’re going to live.Put the cures in the water supply to stop it spreading world wide. Water has ‘memory’. Send healing, love, the cure to the water you use. You empower what you think about. Empower the good things in life in thought. Concentrate on a world wide cure from the evil.

    • Cali says:

      Omg! I knew it. I thought I saw the little buggers in all the food I bout from 99 cent store. I’m sickened ugh. What do I do about my body? I’m in so much pain on my skin.

  13. ANONYMOUS says:

    Salt purifies (not store bought with dextrose which is sugar). Add to yard, laundry, shampoo, dish soap.

  14. long time sufferer of moregellons says:

    YOU WANT HELP?? I have had this for 10 years and have been going crazy. Everyone I know thinks I’m crazy and my kids even think I’m on drugs (meth) and just like to pick at my skin. I have for up to 15 hrs straight from being in pure agony and going crazy from the symptoms.i have spent countless hours trying to figure out what i have which i thought i got from my dogs….I have been hospitalized (lasy yr) for pneumonia and even had spots on my lungs they thought might be cancer…. and even ended up with a blood infection probably from all the picking. I know it was Morgellons by all the pics and finally when I saw the feathered looking things that tend to come out of a sore almost to what I picture to be the core of a lesion that I have been getting fibers out of relentlessly for hours,

    I just heard and believe this to be true from a sufferer just like me….. I hope to god its true and works for me and for all of you!!!!!!!

    SALT BATHS Help I know that myself my tub was so full of the debris n stuff coming off me I had to get up because it freaked me out that being a woman it could spread more into my body sitting in everything coming out of my body and when I drained the tub it was nightmarish!!

    They say salt with coffee and turmeric bath { or sun detergent bath} will do the trick completely,plus alfalfa added will help even more. I just found out about the salts from taking advise about treating roundworms….it works so I am very hopeful that this is finally it. I will let you know of my progress for I just want to help anyone and everyone I can for this disease affects your entire life.i have ALL of the symptoms which if you read up is quite a bit and very serious….

    PLEASE READ THIS!!!! and pls post if this helps anyone. Im praying for all of us moregellons sufferers!!!!!!

    • Leanne says:

      You can get the fibers out by adding 1/4 cup peroxide and 1 tbspoon of 20 mule borax or any sodium tetraborate. put 1/2 cup on borax and pour the liquid off after 5 minutes leaving crystals in the bottom. Put the 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and the borax water in a spray bottle and massage into feet and hands then watch the fibers come out

  15. Carrie says:

    Hi, my reply will be different because I have not been suffering like so many have described. Although I have struggled with itchy rashes which i attributed to food allergies. I had never seen fibers and my lesions looked more like paper cuts. Over two months ago I got a live blood analysis from a homeopathic doctor which revealed. My blood was toxic with paracytes. IT also. Showed candida and spiroketes. I started learning how to eat to kill the paracytes. Eliminating sugar, grains and dairy. I began to “choose life” and eat foods that were not toxic. Eating lots of salads garlic cayene pepper turmeric etc…the results were amazing. Paracytes and candida in the toilet..daily. The rashes would come and go. I assumed the lesions (paper cuts) were imy body’s way of trying to rid itself of toxins. I started salt baths with baking soda and apple cider vinigar. That’s wher I saw my first fibers. I actually jumped out of the tub because I was afraid of them getting on other areas of my body. I googles the description of the fibers and discovered morgellons. My next detox bath bast taken with a net to get the stuff out as it left. I later purchaced a screen pan lid at the dollar store. Last night during my detox Bath a white fiber went under the scan sticker on a small mirror I was using in the tub and logged itself there. Maybe the sticker was like going under skin. I noticed the fiber seemed to take on the color of the mirror. I have taken pics of the fibers, candida, and dead paracytes. I hope to fid a way to post these and perhaps help others as I discover how to heal myself.with Gods help. I am on day 74’of my cleanse and suppose getting rid of these fibers is part of the detox healing. Other benifits are, no more brain fog, normal sleep cycles, heat intolerance is gone and I do not experiance numbness on one side of imy face or body. The doctors gave me a diagnosis of MS… (Another story) . I now believe all off my symptoms were,caused by the stuff I am getting out of my body.

    • Rm Hula says:

      I, too, have pictures, even specimens, many of which do things never documented before, unbelievable feats. Not that I or anyone I know of, can find documented. They re quite unbelievable, but I have gotten several witnesses. I have good photos, some amazing, but am new to this and haven’t a clue where to go with this. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

  16. Paul Kinley says:

    Looks like I am amoung fellow sufferers ,all these match mine.The last month has been really bad,I’ve tried most oils and was told I was damaging myself and to stop scratching.God help me I keep saying over and over I do not scratch it is so painful.It would be like scratching a burn.My weight has plummeted from a heavyish 12 and a 1/2 to 10 stone.It is in my head ears mouth and nose .All skin, backside and internal.Medical treatment, anti-biotics and anti -schizoid pills .creams of all types .Magnets seem to attract fibers a patch gathered at the wrist and ate a patch out.Not strong enough I guess,Where to from here? Money is almost gone almost a thousand bucks wasted on appointments and treating it. A quick cure ? Highly unlikely ,but as the man said I’m prepared to listen. Black seed oil helps a little up to 2 tsp a day also swill on gums and roof of mouth.Blood brain barrier must have been breached, my head thumps.I need zinc bad but have a car problem and a bad disability besides.Without Medical help to put in the right Enzymes I think I’m doomed.Personally I think that is the plan.God help us!

    • says:

      Take 6g/day potassium iodide crystals (ebay), 2000mcg/day sodium selenite on an empty stomach (Life Extension), 1.5g/day niacin and 20g/day ascorbate. Use borax in a pump-spray bottle kept in a warm place for soap, shampoo and tooth paste. Get a digital scale and start with just 10mg/day KI and increase dosage as you feel your way up.

  17. Barsn says:

    I’ve been suffering from Oct. 2014, In desperation, nearly killed myself trying to get rid of this. I’ve tried everything and anything out there, that anyone has mentioned on the web to be just helpful, and what I’ve found to work isn’t the greatest thing for anyone, however it’s finally to a point that which I can deal with it, still my goal much like everyone here is to rid myself of it, and there is truth in your DIET. It was God’s Grace that after having slept in my vehicle, and planning to never go back into my home, someone told me about “Bifen”, although it is a toxic insecticide, it does work for the environment, and guilty; I did use it very diluted to keep from infecting others, yet it didn’t really kill them because it seems they know when you use it and they do not come out, until it wears off, this bought time, in-between to work, and do much needed research online without bothersome effects, also by spraying my bed and sheets/blankets/pillows, helped to sleep. I eat more items that are natural insecticides; no sugar or additive grape juice; once in a while root beer with licorice root/sassafras in it. I eat BLACK walnuts, (Acme Grocery Store sells them). Brown Rice (all rice has arsenic, brown rice too, but more natural form of rice). Cattle Pour On, ivermectin, is what really killed off a lot of it at once, and almost killed me, the stuff is dangerous, known to give cattle convulsions/death, I do dab it on lesions, and they quickly heal afterwards, keep in mind, Ivermectin, kills your liver! This stuff is said to be resistant, so I don’t suspect it will continue to work forever, I look at it like pick your poison as there’s no cure, so even if you get it into remission, it is said to come back and this stuffs debilitating on so many levels. I’ve gotten away from bifen, and gradually away from ivermectin, I wash with hybicleanse, and Borax 20 mule. I eat a lot of sea salts, and seaweed for the natural iodine potassium. I suggest anyone on this forum, do not swim in any chlorinated pools, as is a breeding ground for this vector. Sea Salt pools are the alternative, so if you have a pool convert it. Everything today has GMO in it, really this should be called GMO Disease. Plastic bottles, shampoos, foods, fruits, even organic isn’t organic as they use pesticides, my suggestion is to start growing and canning. Electronics contribute to this as well, best way to get away from it is to get a home phone, and only use cell when need to, keep your TV on a circuit switch outlet so when not in use you can switch the electric to it off, because most newer TV’s are still running when you turn them off with the power button on the remote. Try not to use Computer when home, invest in a laptop, and go to McDonalds, to use wifi there, away from your palace. Get Rodent/insect Plug in Device that has UV, and Magnetic one for each room in your home. If you can afford it, get Hulda Clark book, and make a Zapper, use it once a day, (I think is same as a rife machine?), yet way less costly. explanation of this thing we have GMO disease, I’ll post in the next blog, it is what I personally believe to be what it is. Hope that anything I wrote here helps someone or anyone, use your own digression, I am fully aware that commercial insecticides are bad (ivermectin & Bifen), it was a personal choice, not one that anyone need repeat. 20 mule borax, can be sprinkled into your blankets sheets, and furniture/carpets, it also helps, washing clothes with salts, ammonia, and borax is a God Send, (in hottest water avail). I use Alcohol or witch hazel, in a spray bottle (size of large bottle of rub alcohol bought at walmart) that I take everywhere with a few drops of cattle pour on ivermectin in it, so that when if I feel any crawling, I can stop it immediately with the spray. It is seldom happening anymore, so sometimes I forget it, and I actually go back for it in fear it’ll happen and I’m not prepared. The hardest thing about this was the scalp crawling, eyes, nose, and ears crawling. I rarely now have any crawling. I use roto for my eyes, (blue bottle). am guilty of dabbing ivermectin in my nose, and I either put hydrogen peroxide, or spray alcohol at a distance toward my ear to stop it. God Bless Each and every soul out there, trying to just have a quality of life. If interested see next blog for what I believe this thing entails.

    • Rm Hula says:

      I, too, have pictures, even specimens, many of which do things never documented before, unbelievable feats. Not that I or anyone I know of, can find documented. They re quite unbelievable, but I have gotten several witnesses. I have good photos, some amazing, but am new to this and haven’t a clue where to go with this. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

  18. Barsn says:

    This is for informational purposes only, there was an RN on one of the sites “comments” sections who wrote this, and I shortened it a bit, I am not a doctor/scientist, however I have searched the internet for nearly a year, and read all I can pertaining to GMO/Morgellons Disease, and this is what I believe describes it, honestly, I didn’t know the meaning of some of the words, I had to do more research, as I’m sure most of you will also, though it is worth it just to know what you are dealing with; This disease is protoplasma – quorum sensing all elements differentiate. Loaded with protoplasma with plasmids. Vector in form of a virus or DNA mimicking protein. (Keywords: oncology/cytokine/proteome, this makes detection impossible. A single cell micro organism functioning on a multi cellular level. Communication between species of the same kind possible. The micro organism has been genetically modified/fused with a major protozoa of a parasitic nature. A Lepidoptera (butterfly/moth). As info, as I have actually caught one from my scalp, a mutated version it was similar to a version of moth specimen Sesiidae, I think carmenta albociliata? The multilineage is fact with differentiation. Generates chitin like polymers (keywords: sensillea/biosensory/microflight: Cellulose cyano macro molecule fibers that connect to sensory parts of it’s insect gene. Keratin Erosian between human hair and this semi parasitic fiber is evident association with the skin follicle, hence stem cell. Breeding ground for self replication is hair follicle (stem cell per definition). Phenomenon is liked to proteome, and genome. Commensal bacteria without statis of know pathogen. Coccoid/coccidiod/prototheca present, member of the tree norocomial (like pseudomonas). Other expression associated with variant glycol protein. Infection may directly relate to fibromyalgia, scleroderma, amyloidosis, chronic fatique, therapy resistant lesions, onycholysis, neurogenic, bladder and (choric) retinitis. Vectors introduce foreign DNA into hosts cells, reproduction happens in large quantity. DNA molecule originating from a virus, a plasmid or cell of a higher organism into which another DNA fragment of appropriate size can be integrated witout loss of the vectors capacity for self replication.
    Trypanosoma – parasitic protozoa hence a parasitic life cycle.
    Mold = cellulose like artifacts = crystals (chitinase related) giant cell produce (pigmented) clouds and semmingly cause of genesis of filaments.
    This filament relates to presence of protoplasm, the particular culture is “in a way” a projection of the wings of an insect.
    This infection is the result of cause by industry. (Monsanto and subsidiaries, NASA, military etc.)
    The identification of this target will have major consquences. Most will relate to degenerate diseases and/or lifelong suppressive therapy and nosocomial infection in specific. This is an experimental biology class 3, fusion and multilineage differential is key. C# may be a gene code for mold? This can be compared to history of helicobactor pylori. Again a pathogen in form of a modified micro organism a systemic disease. Treatments: the infection resembles most protothecosis, amphotericine, and amikacine will be most logical choice for therapy, however no protocol exists for this condition, nothing curative.
    Sulfa methoxazole/tri and tetracycline and derivatives are suppressive.
    Azoles like itraconazole, econazole, and micanozole work static.
    Essential oil (natural insecticides)
    Diluted copper sulfate (algaecide)
    Alternate oral therapy: Garlic (quoram sensing disturbing property per swiss research)
    Bacterial treatment: septra, and avelox, moxifloxacin.
    Parasitic: bitricide (praziquantel) weekly with stromectol (ivermectin) for insect infestations.
    Eye treatment: Ophthalmic drops in severe cases use diflucan.
    (Bacteria-stenotrophomonas maltophilia (genetically modified).

    I believe there are different versions/strains of this Genetically Modified Organism that infect us, however for the most part it is a Fungus-mold/virus/bacterial/parasitic Disease, it attracts insects to you for further infection, keeping your home, yard and animals clear of insects can only help, and unfortunately, as I love the outdoors, it is not suggested without bodily coverage, because you are a breeding ground carrying mold and bacteria for insects. seems bacteria are electrically charged, therefore magnets, and/or the right square wave frequency, can help rid of them, and continue to keep them at bay, is the only real means to survival. I wish all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that what I’ve found can only help all.

  19. Jamie Louise Porter says:

    Can I ask if the people in this forum are NZ residents?

  20. Nan says:

    Thank you for your post. I did this oil protocol, for many months, and it only seems to work if you catch the disease early on. I was late in finding this remedy and my disease had gone too far. I’ve had to use other natural products and I’m doing really well now…6 years in. Praise be to Jesus!

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