New Website Working Towards A Smart Meter-Free NZ

A brand new website has been launched by Katherine Smith, the editor of the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine to STOP SMART METERS.   It provides information about the dangers and legalities of Smart Meters and your input is sought.

Katherine is seeking local information.  Do you have a smart meter? Have you tried to have it removed? Did you succeed or not?  Get involved. Subscribe to the STOP SMART METERS.    Share your experiences.   Katherine hopes you will join her in this endeavour and that you will recommend this website to your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours and work towards a “smart meter-free” Aotearoa.

Unless there is a massive public rejection of “smart meters”, the New Zealand population will be exposed to increasing levels of microwave radiation  from “smart meters” used to measure electricity use. (Also, at least one company also plans to install ”smart meters” for their natural gas customers, as well.)

Smart meters are not compulsory, and every single person who refuses to install a “smart meter” (or gets their existing “smart meter” removed) can help reduce the level of  unnecessary and potentially harmful microwave radiation in their own home – and their wider community.


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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30 Responses to New Website Working Towards A Smart Meter-Free NZ

  1. Joy says:

    Genisis Energy are installing Smart Meters in Whangarei, had an electrican call today expecting to install one.

  2. Joy says:

    Ehat’s Genesis Energy

  3. Jolene says:

    Hi, I have had the worst response ever from Meridian. I know its not compulsory to have a Smart Meter… We had one installed late last year without being told and then I found out the dangers of them.. I have emailed Meridian twice now and they wont budge on having them removed. Trust Power cant remove it because they don’t own the meters in Christchurch.
    This is how it has gone with Meridian so far:
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to request that you remove the smart meter that was installed at my address after having the power manager system removed.
    I understand that it is not compulsory to have the smart meter and I was not given a choice as to which type of meter I was to have installed.
    I want the smart meter removed asap and replaced with an analogue (electro-mechanical meter) or if that is not possible, a new electronic meter that is not a “smart meter”.
    The safety of the smart meter devices cannot be guaranteed and I have concerns for the health of my family – particularly my 9 year old Son whose bedroom is directly aligned with the meter box.
    It is because of these safety concerns that I ask that you remove the smart meter asap please.
    Thank you
    Jolene H

    Response Via Email (Leonie Dehn) 20/02/2013 10.38 AM
    Hi Jolene
    Thank you for contacting us about the Smart Meter at your address.
    Meridian does not support the removal of any smart meter as it is an Electricity Authority regulation that all meters are upgraded by 2015.
    Any emissions from a smart meter are less than that of a cellphone or a tv, and occurs only when the meter is actively sending reads, unlike a cellphone or tv which will do it constantly while on.
    If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us at or call our Energy Centre on 0800 496 496, 7.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday (Excluding public holidays).

    Kind Regards
    Leonie Dehn
    Energy Advisor
    Meridian Energy Centre

    Customer By Email (Jolene H) 20/02/2013 11.42 AM
    Hi Leonie,
    with regards to your response – there are new upgraded meters that are not smart meters.
    I stick to my initial request and as a consumer of power I know it is not compulsory for me to have a Smart Meter. I don’t mind having an upgraded meter – I just don’t want a Smart Meter emitting waves similar to that of a microwave outside my 9 year old Sons bedroom wall. He has begun to experience headaches since the Smart Meter has been installed – and he has never had a headache in his life. I am getting very worried.
    I am well within my rights to request that the Smart Meter be removed and replaced by a new electronic meter that is not a smart meter. If you value me as a customer of Meridian you will respect my rights and wishes.
    There are many other people within NZ that have had their Smart Meters removed and replaced by other power companies.
    I don’t feel safe and I feel that my health and the health of my family is at risk by having a smart meter on my property.
    Might I also mention – my 9 year old Son does not sleep with a cell phone next to his head or a TV for that matter – which is what you compared the Smart Meter to. The Smart Meter is directly outside his bedroom wall. There is mounting evidence to prove that Smart Meters are unsafe to our health – worldwide.
    Again – I ask that you replace the Smart Meter outside my Sons bedroom wall with a newer electronic meter that is NOT a Smart Meter asap. I should be allowed a choice in this… This is New Zealand.
    Kind Regards
    Jolene H
    PS. Further information

    Radiofrequency (RF) radiation

    “Radiofrequency” (RF) is electromagnetic energy that falls within the frequency range of 3 kHz–300 GHz.

    Smart meters emit radiofrequency radiation, a type of non-ionizing radiation, when they transmit information to a base station at an electric utility. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor, RF radiation is absorbed throughout the human body and can cause damage by overheating cells.

    Safety considerations

    Engineers generally believe that if smart meters are manufactured, installed, and operated in compliance with guidelines from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), they are safe. Risk increases in the following situations:

    If someone spends frequent, extended periods of time very close to a smart meter, causing prolonged and heightened exposure. Children are likely to be especially vulnerable.
    If a smart meter malfunctions in such a way that increases the frequency or duration of its duty (transmission) cycle.
    If a smart meter is not manufactured or installed properly to conform to FCC guidelines.
    Individuals who are concerned about excessive exposure to broadcasting smart meters may consider shielding the device to reduce radiation. However, partial shielding is likely to reflect back the radio waves in unanticipated directions. Shielding only the street side of a meter mounted on a building does not prevent radio waves from entering the building.

    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email (Leonie Dehn) 20/02/2013 12.09 PM
    Hi Jolene

    I am sorry, we do not remove smart meters at all. I have attached two documents for your further reading regarding any potential health concerns.
    Kind Regards
    Leonie Dehn
    Energy Advisor
    Meridian Energy Centre

    The last thing I wrote to Meridian was a request that they please respect my rights and replace the smart meter or they may lose me as a customer. I also wrote that I will contact someone in a higher position at Meridian with copies of the email conversation and also that I may contact MP’s regarding Meridians refusal to replace the smart meter as well as Newspapers….
    In the meantime I have emailed other companies to see if they will remove the smart meter if I join with their company.

    Has anyone in Christchurch or anywhere in NZ had any luck getting theirs removed?

    Jolene 🙂

    • Thanks for letting us know Jolene. This is shocking.

      • Robbie says:

        I would be straight to the top at Meridien with copies of your correspondence. When Virgin Australia messed up my holiday flight I got endless run around from customer service “help”lines. Eventually I googled “Chief Exec”, found an e mail address and sent it straight to the top man. Next day I got a phone call offering free replacement flights and compensation.
        Also the question would be to the top that if long term harm from the smart meter is later proved, will that person take responsibility – medical liability etc after standing by their claim that their meter is safe.

    • june boyd says:

      Hi – I had a smart meter installed and after two nights became quite ill as the meter was directly in line with where i sleep. I contacted the company and within 48 hours they removed the blue chip (the part that is emitting radiation). When i first rang they said it would take up to 10 days so was surprised to have the service man turn up so promptly. I asked him why and he said they always put health cases to the top of the list of their work they are scheduled to do making the removal a priority.

  4. Barron says:

    Hi Jolene and Clare
    I have just received a letter from Meridian telling me that we are also going to get a free electricity meter upgrade” the week beginning March 11th. Unlike Jolene, I have been notified and have just over one week to act. I shall ring them and record all my correspondance with them this Monday, March 4th, 2013.

  5. Barron says:

    Have also found this doc on the NZ Electricity Authority’s website which is VERY interesting! – see here: and then click on link to download Smart meter FAQ’s.

    Really interesting info from that document is cut n pasted here:

    Is the Electricity Authority requiring retailers to use
    advanced meters?
    Most residential meters have certification that expires on 1 April 2015. To ensure that they operate accurately,
    all these meters need to be recertified before that date. Many retailers are using this as an opportunity to update
    metering technology, rather than having existing meters recertified.
    Do I have to have an advanced meter at my house?
    If your retailer approaches you to install an advanced meter and you are concerned about this, discuss the matter
    with them.
    In their contracts with consumers, retailers almost always reserve the right to replace meters at their discretion.
    In which case, refusal to allow the installation of an advanced meter means you will be in breach of contract.
    However, you would be within your rights to switch to a retailer that is not using advanced meters. Note that:
    • At some stage, all retailers may opt to replace existing meters with advanced meters;
    • If the certification for the existing meter in your house is due to expire, the retailer you switch to will still require
    access to certify the metering installation prior to expiry; and
    • Consumer contracts occasionally include penalty clauses for early termination of a contract. Check your terms
    and conditions.

    Cheers, Barron

  6. Barron says:

    And for Jolene, if you haven’t discovered this useful FAQ on Meridian’s website, it outlines what your options are if you are not happy with them, that is how to deal with them, lay formal complaint etc and what to do if you are still not satisfied:

    If you’re not satisfied

    If for any reason we can’t resolve your problem to your satisfaction within 20 working days you have the right to take your complaint to the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (who offer a free & independent dispute resolution service):

    Freepost 192682, PO Box 5875, Lambton Quay, Wellington 6145 or Phone: 0800 22 33 40 or

    Please note: Nothing in this process reduces or takes away any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, or your right to make a claim to a court or Disputes Tribunal, or refer your complaint to the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner, or The Office of the Ombudsmen or to the Courts or Disputes Tribunal at any time.

    • Jolene says:

      Hi Barron,
      After my last email to Meridian they automatically referred me to their complaints department. I have discussed my situation with the Facilitator – she phoned me and asked me to talk her through it which I have. So for now I am waiting to hear back and see if anything good comes from this.
      I also emailed Contact Energy who said that they have chosen to upgrade with smart meters but they can remove the chip inside the Smart meters for customers who request it. When I asked them what removing the chip does they replied that it basically becomes like an analogue meter and will need to be physically read. I was unable to find any information online about this, although I did ask Paul Waddell from and he said it still remains a digital meter but with the chip removed it cannot transmit, so this could be my only option if all else fails.
      Then there is Powershop, who said yes they definitely do remove Smart meters and replace them with analogue meters for around $165.00… but only if the meter is not owned by Arc. Since the Smart meter on my property has Arc innovations stamped on it I assumed they own it and when I asked Powershop why they couldn’t remove a Smart meter owned by Arc they said this is because Arc will not allow the Smart meter to be removed…. but they did not elaborate.
      If I have no luck through the complaints procedure with Meridian I will look further into Arc innovations. I did find them online, they manufacture the Smart Meters & are based right here in Christchurch, they are very proud of all the Smart Meters they have installed to date and they have plans of putting out thousands more throughout NZ. If only more people knew the dangers and unknown risks of Smart meters.

  7. Barron says:

    Update: Mon 4th of March – I just phoned Meridian (my power company) and then Wells, the contractors doing the meter upgrade installs in my area and it was as easy as pie to say “no”. The lady at Meridian told me that I needed to call Wells, to tell them that I did not want the install. I did that. Have recorded all my calls and also my email follow up to Wells, also confirming the cancellation.

    • It is good to hear it was so straightforward saying no, Barron. One can speculate that with all the metals we are breathing in over time, we will be more effected by radiation:

      Chemtrails, Wireless And You By Zen Gardner
      March 1st, 2013

      Next time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade.


  8. dON says:

    Hello, Energyonline has sent me a letter to say they are to replace the meter with a smart meter (which i do not want) rang them and they stated it is law to have them installed? is this true?? and that contact energy owns them.

    • The law to have them? It is your place and you don’t want a device that emits radiation like this on your property. Plus, there are additional concerns with the meters. Stick to your guns. Put a lock on your electricity box, phone them up and tell them that you do not want it installed for health reasons and anyone who wishes to install a meter is not welcome on your property. Be adamant. Put a note on the box: NO SMART METER, REFER TRESPASS ACT 1980

    • Jolene says:

      Hi Don. Meridian removed all the power managers in Christchurch after the earthquakes and replaced them with smart meters for those of us who chose to go with normal power vs the Globug (a similar prepay manager with bad reviews).
      I went through hell trying to get meridian to remove the smart meter. They bluntly refused… put me with their complaints team, reviewed all the information and then refused again. Once the smart meter is installed it is extremely hard to get it removed!!!!!

      I discovered that the smart meters are from Arc Innovations – based here in Christchurch and they are a subsidiary of Meridian. I am not sure if all meters come from Arc, mine had a stamp or sticker of some kind on it stating that it belonged to Arc. No wonder Meridian didn’t want to remove it!
      I then contacted numerous other power companies to see if any of them would remove and replace the smart meter with an ordinary meter if I changed to them as my power provider. Most refused.
      Contact energy agreed to remove the sending/receiving chip from the machine rather than replace it. I agreed to this, but Contact ended up replacing the smart meter with a new electronic – but ordinary (not smart!) meter. I was so over the moon about this!!
      I am not sure where Energyonline are getting their information, but as it was Contact energy that removed and replaced the smart meter on my property it seems their info is incorrect.
      PS> I made sure that Contact energy agreed that they would remove the chip from my smart meter OR remove the smart meter all-together as the condition of my swapping to them as my power provider. I think my smart meter may not have had a removable chip and that could be the reason they put an ordinary meter in. I also had to pay $125 to have it removed, as well as a bond for swapping to a new provider of $150!! Do everything you can to prevent them from installing that smart meter. Tell them you want a new updated electronic meter that is not a smart meter!! If they are owned by Contact then phone Contact about it asap.
      Hope this info helps!
      Kind regards

  9. benedicte says:

    I have just discovered that I have an “advanced” meter which is what genesis energy call their smart reader and it’s been there for one year which is strange because I never agreed to it.i am renting so do they ask the landlord?what do I do to get it temoved?

    • If it is you who has the contract with the power company, then start by phoning them up and make it clear that you do not want this device. Search this website using: ‘smart meter foil’ and you should find a post about how to significantly reduce the radiation emanating from the device, if you have not done so already.

    • Jolene says:

      Hi Benedicte,
      they don’t ask anyone! I rent also. See my story above.
      As far as I can tell it only involves the person whose name is on the power bill, it doesn’t matter who the house belongs to as legally the power company “owns” the meter box and the meters inside them. But since you are the one paying the money, it is your right as a consumer to choose and decide on what method of power and how you get it via the electricity companies. Phone them, ask them to remove and replace it with an updated electronic meter that is not a smart meter. If they outright refuse then start emailing/phoning other companies to see if they will. Make it a condition of switching providers and get them to agree in writing.
      Kind regards

      • benedicte says:

        Thanks very much am going to try to call them tomorrow. Am telling everyone around me and nobody has heard of smart meter let alone know if they have one.these power company are sneaky and don’t tell people they install them probably because they tealise lots of people will refuse so angry….wish me luck.

  10. daisy says:

    Hey all.
    I live in Lyttelton CHCH i changed companies to trust power then had the chip removed by AMS advanced metering services who own the smart meter a lady called dawn, my sister and mother have done the same is all my hours of looking meridian own the ARCH ones but if you are AMS you can look on the box they can de chip you as they own the meter box not the company. I also found an interesting article on vodafone and smart meters and government billion dollar deal to roll out these meters. Does anyone know if having the chip removed is safe as I am thinking I might try and get a new one not smart as I do not trust the de chipping… mmm also it states by 2015 complusory to have the smart that is why they will not put an anologue back in. Daisy

  11. Kiri says:

    Hi all, I have just sent a email straight to complaints.
    I was not given an option of any metre and was not informed of insulation.
    I have on file at my power company… I am hypersensitive. To EMP energy, amoung other things and they are to contact me within 48 hours or I will stop using the company.
    I will pay for the removal… But I can not sleep soundly knowing my child sleeps in the same room as this poison. And I can’t sleep in there either. It’s been in a month or less.
    I will be ring around companies tomorrow.
    I feel like I could almost go off the grid. I’m over being taken advantage of.
    I’m so disgusted. I have a chronic illness, and that I now have to deal with a higher risk of cancer!

    Good luck all.

  12. muni reddy says:

    hi all.
    Lately a smart meter was installed at my property roughly four weeks ago. Following which i was been told that its not a safe meter as it creates a lot of microwave radiation. I am using powershop as my retailer and after numerous calls to them they are willing to pull the modem out of the smart meter which creates radiation and leave the same meter on the property saying that it will work as the normal meter. Can someone please tell me if that’s possible to just pull the modem out or is it just the powershop fulling me around and trying to scab $160 of me.


  13. Helga Hopkins says:

    Smartmeters will be rolled out in September in Nelson. I told the company I don’t wont one and asked them to confirm my e mail which they never did. Now I sent them a registered letter but still have no response. Hope I did enough to stop them.

  14. Paul & Cam says:

    We have just received a letter today saying GOOD NEWS you will be recieving an ADVANCED meter!!! I emailed them and told them, thanks but no thanks… and have received various replies telling me how safe they are… I said, yes like they say GM food, and microwaves are safe… They said that they have to certify all meters by the end of the year, and if we check there terms and conditions it is listed there. I have replied saying that I understand they need to certify the meters, but it is my understanding that the EA do not state that we need a smart meter, just so long as it is certified. I requested we have a new analogue meter instead. Ive not heard back yet. As it is now 2016, I am assuming that they are trying to place them in each home. Does anyone know if there is any company who will replace with an analogue meter rather than a smart meter…. As I am assuming from the conversations so far, that they are going to suggest I move companies IF I can find one who will do it. Everything I can find on the internet is a year or more old, and so I really need to check my facts, and as we have our old meter, I need to sort out what I need to do. I have one neighbor who got one a while back and she has had nothing but trouble with it – billing all wrong, or the company not being able to read it at all – we have very bad cell phone service here so maybe that’s why. So any info would be great thanks 🙂

  15. Is this information still current please? and is anyone aware of any power companies that will replace an old meter with a new analogue meter. We have just today had a letter saying ours will be changed, and so far they are not relenting… However the contract does say they are able to install a smart meter if they wish too… however it also has a clause under that saying that they may not due to safety reasons – which I say there is. Our meter box is not only inside our home, but on an inside wall and in the center of the house – so in my view, it would definitely be a risk to all our health, as there is no where in the house it isnt near. I believe we can say no, but does that mean they will turn the power off?? They have suggested giving us 30 days to find someone else who MAY provide a different type of meter… Very disappointing. Any info would be greatly appreciated as this must have happened to others Im sure.

    • It would be a risk to your health. Smart meters are not compulsory, so of course you can say no. Stick to your guns. Visit and read the section titled: How To Avoid Getting A Smart Meter

  16. Perty says:

    Dont let them the bastards in, lock the door tell them no. Piss off

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