Severe Weather In Tasmania Connected with Aerosols

November 9th, 2012 By Steve Clougher

In the satellite picture at the link, check out the faint straight line of cloud (not the big thick one) extending into the area a few hundred kilometers off Tasmania’s east coast, in a line leading back towards Pine Gap, (Alice Springs).  This line has been there for at least the last six hours.  Another thin straight line of cloud extends out of the waters east of Perth, due west. From the eastern end of this line to Pine Gap there was another unnatural-looking line this morning, now gone, but it ended at the point where the present line begins.
It is now 3.20 EDST. Starting this afternoon, there are frequent extreme weather warnings for Hobart and Swansea, very specific, detailing flash floods heavy hail and violent thunderstorms, and “tornadoes”. This is the first time in my or my wife’s experience that the word “tornado” has been used in an Australian weather forecast.

Cheers Steve Clougher,



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