Satellite Images Over Australia Show Anomalies On November 12, 2012

By Steve Clougher of Tasmania. 12th of November, 2012.

I saw more thin straight lines on the satellite image today, 
this time traceable to the Exmouth base in Australia in my opinion.

There is a huge array there, visible from space, or more 
conveniently, from Google earth, at the tip of the peninsula,
halfway up the WA coast. See:

There were straight lines running in three different directions.
It was unnatural looking.
See the satellite picture between the local radar picture and the
synoptic chart at the link. I just had another look. 
These photos are an hour apart. Something is causing thin lines 
of cloud to form along a line between Exmouth and the far south 
coast of NSW. The same line is visible in the Tasman in
the shot from 11.30 as a straight line of decreased cloud in the
cyclonic depression.  This crosses the lower North Island and
continues in the Pacific off the Wairarapa. I'm on an android phone,
with a big screen, a Samsung Galaxy Note. Try reducing the image 
on your screen to give your eye a chance to pick up the full 
length of the line.
Also, if you click on the picture, an enlargement of area, as well
as more info appears. Worth the trouble I think. I keep an eye 
on this excellent weather site and I can't remember seeing such 
striking anomolies going on for so long. Especially the sudden 
and glaring intro of the term "tornado" made me sit up. 
The conditions that produced twisters, (which despite the 
warnings, warnings so prescient as to put Nostrodamus firmly 
in the shade, they did little damage) were produced
by two small but vigorous depressions, one oer western Bass Strait, 
one off the southeast of Tasmania. You may or may not know, 
anticyclones (highs) are shaped like cones with their bases on the
ground, and cyclonic depressions (lows) are shaped like cones 
with their tips on the ground. So two little lows close together 
can be expected to interract violently some thousands of 
feet up, where the fast moving air near the bases of the cones meet,
in opposition.
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