Scott Stevens on VERITAS Radio | Chemtrails: A World in Denial | Segment 1 of 2

Published on 13 Nov 2012 by

This is Segment 1 of 2. Segment 1 is being provided as a courtesy of VERITAS Radio. Go to to listen to Segment 2. VERITAS does not have sponsors and survives on your voluntary subscription only. Thank you.

S y n o p s i s

For years, Scott Stevens was an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, noticed there was something wrong with our sky. This interview will discuss the phenomenon of chemtrails and the global denial that seems to plague the majority of the population. No matter how much proof you can present to the average person and no matter how open minded the are, from all the topics discussed in this radio program, chemtrails seems to be main topic dismisses by most. If there is a concerted effort that the powers that want to be is to dismiss and ridicule the subject and those who research it. In fact, there are pilots who fear that conspiracy theorists may put commercial flights in danger. We discuss the possible who and why of “trails”, as Scotts Stevens refers to it. The levels of high alkalinity in the soil is threatening farmers all over the globe, not to mention depletion of nutrients. Chemtrails in the air (aluminum, barium, strontium, etc.), fluoride in the water, and poisonous chemicals in our food. Is there a concerted effort to reduce the population or keep the masses asleep? How much of human “comatose” or “denial” behavior isn’t actually caused by the toxicity of this nano-fiber-coated aluminum in Chemtrails? How much of this is causing widespread cognitive troubles?

B i o

Scott Stevens is an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, began investigating the claims of Lt. Col Tom Bearden that North America was being subjected to full time weather modification.

During the course of that personal investigation he was the first to discover the primary reason for the now global chemtrail phenomena.

During Scott’s two decade television career he worked in Topeka Kansas, Omaha Nebraska, Tulsa Oklahoma, Albany New York and Pocatello Idaho.

He is a principle with Blue Water Alchemy in the global project to bring about a shift of the human consciousness in concert with events surrounding 2012.

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