Message From Heavily Chemtrailed Golden Bay To Greenpeace About Chemtrails

By Sarah Hornibrooke, 15 November 2012
The first photo  was taken from Golden Bay, New Zealand on the 15.11.2012 at 2.43 pm, looking North.   The sky was whited out from multiple trails over hours. Two new trails X and aircraft emitting a seemingly ordinary con trail.
The second photo was taken from Golden Bay on the 15.11.2012 at 3.00 pm looking East. Previous trails overlaid with fresh X Notice the start/stop trail, we get a lot of that.
Before lunch 15/11/2012 Golden Bay
Before lunch began one of the most  intense  trailing episodes I have noticed in Golden Bay. Over the short period between 11am and now just four pm I have witnessed the leaving of trails by over twenty aircraft, there are also aircraft flying leaving no trails. The Sky that was blue before lunch is now generally a white out. In just a few hours we have had more planes fly over than in a whole busy day.
When I got home and checked my emails there was one from Nick Young, Green Peace about the Maui Dolphins.  Now, you are on the same page with Green Peace on that issue, and it is certainly time that they looked up chemtrails, stopped hiding behind the conspiracy word and addressed the actual pollution that is raining down on us. Every time I am EMAILED  there is the opportunity to REPLY. This time I did:
To Nick Young

Thank-you for your efforts with the dolphins. One hundred whales stranded here today. Please look into the chemtrails we are being hammered here in Golden Bay on a very regular basis. Over twenty trails in two hours just this afternoon. The sky was blue before one pm, now at three it is a white out. Also aircraft with NO trails. At the very least without calling it a conspiracy it is major POLLUTION.


Sarah Hornibrooke

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7 Responses to Message From Heavily Chemtrailed Golden Bay To Greenpeace About Chemtrails

  1. HWD says:

    So much for clean, green NZ.

  2. Eva says:

    I just wrote a letter to Nick Young! Here it is:
    Hi Nick,

    I’ve been signing a lot of petitions lately I get via you guys on my email and Facebook to save yet another species of animal or land from pollution. Yet one thing that has been missing from your list of concerns is the very real and dangerous issue of chemtrails.

    In Sydney we have been inundated with aerosol spraying by commercial and military planes for months now on almost on a daily basis.

    I get asthma sometimes from breathing the heavy air after a heavy spray day. And I’ve never had asthma before.

    Aluminium, Barium and other toxic chemical cocktails are being released by the tons into our air space and atmosphere around the world.

    This can no longer be ignored!!

    Why are you guys not addressing this issue when it will in fact affect all life on earth. In the USA many people are already feeling the effects of this constant assault from above.

    In Australia spraying has been stepped up radically over the past couple of months!

    Please educate yourselves and please start talking about it and educating the public. If you don’t who will? Here are some links to start with. Please take this seriously, it is not a joke, not a conspiracy and not bloody contrail we see in the skies!

    Nothing you are fighting for at the moment is going to survive if this continues. The ocean, the air, forests, humans and animals are all suffering under this project the NATO and the UN are running.

    Soon there won’t be anything left to fight for!

    Sincerely, Eva Trust

    • Thank-you Eva. I suspect they are in the same boat as the Green Party. They are pushing the unfounded notion that the climate is changing due to fossil fuel use and their work promoting climate change action goes down the toilet if they acknowledge that the weather is being modified world wide, deliberately using highly toxic aerosols.

  3. Rich says:

    The problem with Greenpeace is that they have been taken over by governement and bought out by corporations.In fact there is evidence that these so called eco-warriors would actually support chemtrails!
    I would go as far as to say they are a waste of time.Some do have their hearts in the right place but they are usually rich hippies who wouldn’t hesitate taking a round the world flight to go surfing whilst getting righteous about someone destroying the world with a 4×4 vehicle.
    The only thing to do is be aware of whats happening,lobby your mp,prepare to move to a safe area and throw out your tv,plus reality is, greenpeace are lying to you.

  4. Joy says:

    What safe area Rich?

  5. Rich says:

    You can find out aircraft operations over a particular area and its interesting where they are stationed and there flight patterns.Here in the uk,experimental aircraft actually post there flight and some technical information.Even the anorak plane spotter sites throw up some facinating points.In the uk there are also many civilian science centres actively evaluating geoengineering and who are they connected to?The defence,government and ecology groups.Theses plenty of official information available if people wanted to look.
    As for safe areas?I see your point.Britians chemtrails are sparodic and for two days over the city here it was too much.At the end of it Norwich was engulfed in a mist!They dont seem to do it when theres bad weather,which happens alot here.

  6. Rich says:

    CENO Technology Ltd.Check out thier website,especially the company profile.They specialise in nano particles and are involved with defence projects.It even says on the profile BLACK PROJECTS!

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