Was Hurricane Sandy an inside job? Why governments manipulate the weather

Hurricane Sandy was said to be one of the worst hurricanes to hit the US in over a century. The wild weather lashed through many regions, wreaking havoc on thousands. And yet, some theorists believe that this was no coincidence. Was Hurricane Sandy pumped up on steroids of its own genre? Did the government really control the weather to make it worse or is this just one of Mother Nature’s special gifts? Experts Scott Stevens, Dr. Nick Begich, and Rosalind Peterson give their two cents on what’s really happening up in the sky.

“Weather modification, here in the US goes back, at least as far back as the Vietnam War. At that time it was primarily cloud seeding,” said Dr. Nick Begich, who co-authored Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, to the Voice of Russia. Cloud seeding is quite simple and happens by dropping chemicals on the tops of clouds in order to induce rain or even snow. Massive amounts of rain could be the finished product, or just the opposite can be done with weather control. Another technique used is when planes disburse chemicals at different altitudes making special formations in the sky as they spray. These chemicals can adversely react with the atmosphere and thus alter our weather patterns on a large scale.

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3 Responses to Was Hurricane Sandy an inside job? Why governments manipulate the weather

  1. Maddie says:

    Sandy was all because of “gorebal warming”, and that “poisonous”, “greenhouse” gas carbon dioxide, and they are saying it’s going to get worse and burn us all up. AHHHHH!!! All of this I have written is said with great sarcasm.
    Of course, the one saying global warming is Al Gore, who stands to collect a tidy sum from carbon credits dealing. Personally, I’m ready for winter to be warmer instead of the norm.

  2. BOJUD says:

    There has been an ardent effort by Al Gore and his “staff” to create a great fiction in order to get the world to destroy nations through the manipulation of the weather. It is almost identical to the book written by Michael Crighton called “State of Fear”. Where a money hungry man uses devices to manipulate the weather and seismic occurances to get wealthy sponsorships to his program. Many of the devices are actual existing equipment. Al Gore has already received billions of dollars with his campaign. Many scientists were going along for a while, but many have since reversed their analysis. The natural process would not have caused the devistation seen since Hurricane Katrina, especially here in the United States. It is too coincidental that Sandy would have occurred when it did, enough to affect the Eastern States as it did, just in time for the elections. Timing was too perfect!

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