Rainbow-Coloured Cloud Seen In Canterbury On November 24, 2012

The following photo, which shows a rainbow-coloured cloud, and ripples in aerosol material was taken from near Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand at 1.25pm on November the 24th, 2012.

The port town of Lyttelton is on the north-western side of Banks Peninsula.  The town is linked to Christchurch by a road tunnel that runs through the Port Hills.  Lyttleton was severly damaged during the earthquakes of February 2011.

A member of ‘Chemtrails over NZ’, Donna Francesca, at about 9.37pm on November the 24th advised beneath the photo: “Should see clouds over here Little River tonight!! By Birdlings Flat. Haven’t seen anything like it since our shaky times.”
Birdlings Flat, which is in Akaroa, not far from Christchurch, resembles a HAARP facility.  Read more.

Rainbow-coloured cloud photographed from near Lyttelton on November the 24th, 2012.

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7 Responses to Rainbow-Coloured Cloud Seen In Canterbury On November 24, 2012

  1. Marian says:

    Due to a family member being in hospital,I haven’t been near the internet for six days,and have been staying in Amberley,North Canterbury.I was disgusted at the amount of chemtrail activity clearly visible over that area,and November 24,2012 was no exception. I took some shots of rippled cloud material,coloured cloud,blatant chemtrails,whispy,feathery “cloud”,and by sundown,the sky was a total dirty whiteout to the west and south,with a noticeable halo around the almost completely obscured sun. Thankyou to the person who shared this revealing photo from Banks Peninsula,and also to Donna,for your observations.
    I can confirm that Saturday,November 24 was a day full of horrendous geoengineering activity in the Canterbury area.(I pointed out some chemtrails to a local man who noticed me taking photos!)

  2. Daisy says:

    My partner took this photo from
    Canterbury street in Lyttelton it must have been copied from his facebook post, so many chemtrails all the time we have a beautiful evening then I hear the plans or alot blows over from chch- why do most people not believe!!

  3. Marian says:

    The deception is very deeply embedded into the minds of “the masses”,Daisy.So much so ,that when the atmospheric operations are finally openly admitted,the excuse that their purpose is to “save” humanity from the ravages of “man-made global warming and climate change,” will probably be welcomed by many. Those of us who are aware (that the risks of this criminal experimentation far outweigh any supposed benefits) have a sobering responsibility to share the facts with as many as possible.

  4. On November 24th I took these photos I thought it was a sun dog….looking at your story and dated the day before made me think!…. maybe not the case and especially when I photographed a second one a week later…. rather makes me think twice now .

  5. Forgot to mention I live in the UK so the time difference, may well have been the reason for the different date!!

  6. Martin Harris says:

    Spectacular rainbow chemtrails seen by many over Christchurch and Kaikoura this week. Big picture in The Press, and the meteorologists are of course claiming it to be a natural phenomenon caused by ice crystals in a forming cirrus cloud…so howecome myself and several other witnesses saw this ‘rainbow cloud’ forming from a dissipating chemtrail.??

    • Marian says:

      You ask a most pertinent question Martin.
      Did any of you get any time-lapse photos showing the aerosol trail before it manifested these rainbow colours? Having a series of shots,shows people the progression of a chemtrail from skinny, to spreading out ,to haze or artificial cloud,or glowing with iridescent chemical colours.

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