Nelson’s Anti-Geo-engineering Group Aims To Increase Public Awareness

By Louisa Young, Nelson      December 3rd, 2012371513_1486835049_2079772031_q

A group of Nelson people concerned about chemtrails/ geo-engineering, met on Saturday, the 1st of December with the common interest of wanting to stop this harmful activity. We agreed that the only way to stop it is by increasing public awareness of it one person at a time or one group at a time.

These are the ways we decided were best to increase the public awareness of chemtrails/geoengineering in our local area:

* Holding regular street stalls and to hand out information like CDs, leaflets, badges, and bumper stickers.

* Doing a handout drop to approx 5-10,000 residents around Nelson, which we will all help in distributing. Will Ryan is getting this together and showed us the page he was working on. It was suggested by Jo Cook that we could include a petition to the Environment Minister.

* Having viewing parties at our own homes of the movies.

* Telling individuals you meet daily and having a handout ready to give them.

*Working towards having a public meeting, with a screening of Thrive or/and What/why in the World are they Spraying?, though we would want to advertise it in the right way, so as not to get people there that would discredit the information.

We discussed the fact there were a lot of people in Nelson who may not necessarily want to be involved in meetings or stalls, but would get behind being in a protest. At this stage we have not arranged a friendly protest.

Government and media are normalizing chemtrails by having them in advertising, TV and even having more programmes on global warming, while the country is having the heaviest chemtrailing and HAARP in months. Some people are going to be receptive to hearing about what has happened to the weather and some are not, as they have already been pulled in to this deception. It’s important to say to people: “Well, you may not necessarily believe what I’m telling you, but please look at this information and watch this video before you make your own decision about what is going on”.   We discussed asking questions to open the conversation like “Have you seen the sky lately?”, and “How has your health been and have you noticed how the weather makes you feel unwell?” , or “Where have our blue skies gone?”

Will Ryan, Glenn Holmes and Louisa Young decided to work together in a group to make orgonite to put around areas in Nelson, including their own properties. Other people in the district, including myself, already had orgonite or were in the process of making some. Orgonite provides an energetic balance to the charge of Orgone/Chi/Prana that is in the atmosphere. It can affect the ionization of the metal particulates in the chemtrails and interfere with HAARP waves.  In my opinion, a chembuster and orgonite does not stop the massive amounts of chemicals being dropped on us. They will help improve the weather, nullify the pathogens that are in the chem-soup, and create an overall better atmosphere. The metal particles will eventually fall to the earth, and have to be dealt with.

There is an interesting article on orgonite at the link here:

There was an interesting comment from Jo Cook,  – remember when it was thought ‘GMO foods’ could be really bad, but people just didn’t believe it or didn’t want to, well ‘chemtrails’ are at that stage. We’ve got to get chemtrails to the GMO stage and I don’t think that will be hard, given that most people are starting to notice the unusual skies and the plethora of aeroosol trails.

The skies over Nelson and Golden Bay over the last 2 weeks have been atrocious. Here is a video from Glenn Holmes on 28/11/2012 at 5pm showing a plane chemtrailing over another chemtrail. It was an excellent capture.

It was great to finally meet people we have been talking to regularly on here. We have decided to have a regular fortnightly meeting to discuss ideas and keep things moving forward.

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7 Responses to Nelson’s Anti-Geo-engineering Group Aims To Increase Public Awareness

  1. Bernd says:

    Good to hear that you want to get more active. I also recognized intensifying Chemtrails over the last months.In particular it seems they want to cover the sun area at sunrise and sunset.
    I also noticed many trees have yellow leaves (especially robinias and elms), broken off crowns of big trees, gumtrees loosing more bark than usually and deep cracks in the second layer under the bark (for example visible at Walters Bluff) and many dry canopies.
    I hope that more and more people get aware of what is going on in our sky and the environment.

  2. Bee says:

    Well done guys……….I send you all my Blessings in your endeavours……..I know they will be rewarding.<3

  3. Sucahyo says:

    Chemtrails IS a geoengineering weapon, a weather weapon. You don’t win unless you win the weather war too. Don’t be satisfied with shallow / empty goal like “dissolve trails faster”. Aim for higher goal like “My weather is not violent anymore”. I am sure you can do this too.

  4. louisayoung says:

    I have heard the doctors and hospitals have been swamped by people with similar symptoms to flu asthma and don’t know why. Nearly every second person I have talked to is either suffering from headaches, breathing or tummy upsets.
    This is a common result after a heavy period of spraying in Nelson.

  5. natalie says:

    the spraying was first noticed around 2002 – the wellsbach patent was invented in the early 90’s for weather control (sky shield – cloud seeding)– i also believe that we are being dumbed down by chemical means as well as the continued denial from the world leaders — that is why it is so great to see people waking up and taking notice —- keep up the awesome work

  6. chris says:

    just agreeing that chemtrail activity was huge above Nelson today ( 10/12/12 ) , this was in part drawn to my attention by speaking with Bernd , who I would like to thank .I can see the value of pointing the sky out to people .

  7. Bernd says:

    Hi to everybody round the globe

    Very heavy spray days In Nelson 10/12 /2012 Sunday and 11/12/2012 Monday too.

    It’s up to us to make a change and it can be done, they just have to stop spraying.

    If people would start talking physically in public places, e.g. parking places @ city beaches or creating speakers corners once a week, because spray day is quite offen. So the chance to get attenion should be easy. It is necessary to get the public involved, not with demonstrations but through brainstorming. They should become aware of it and get the possibility to think about it, to see their possibilites and their creativity. Only through brainstorming and getting a wide public awareness this issue would loose its secrecy and its power. To be fearless is our trump, we can only win. Without our action we loose our freedom. We have to unite us, then we develop the power of a collectiv conciousness. As a mass of people we are powerful like a tsunami. There are many examples in history not long ago, where a big crowd of people brought a wall to fall like a tsunami, they were unstoppable without a bullet (Berlin wall). Their Slogan was “We are the people”. .it is our nature to be creative and to solve challenges. Please spread the word.

    Cheers Bernd

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