Reports Of Dogs Dying On NZ Coast As A Result of Algae Bloom – Geo-engineering to Blame?

By Ben Vidgen

Posted on ‘Chemtrails Over NZ’ on Facebook on December the 4th, 2012.

I have received reports of dogs dying of algae bloom in both Nelson and Southland. This coincides with early reports of similar deaths over the last year as far north as Northland.

If you do research, smilar mass deaths have occurred both in NZ penguin colonies, mass fish deaths, snares, island sub Antarctica (with at less one human casualty), seals in Kaikoura, since late eighties which is when I believe research in to geo engineering began in earnest in NZ ( I also believe if you dig deep enough into archives using OIA’s and ficus on the MOT and CAA you will find “research permits were granted for exactly this purpose*). They also emerge in Southland in eel population in same area where fracking has previously taken place.

These deaths are all marked by unusually aggressive pathogens or bacteria emerging in such algae or unusual mutations in previously benign organisms.

It is my belief, based on what critics of geo- engineering (see also the MV Polar Stern ferrous dumping in Antarctic oceans) have subscribed to, is that such deaths are caused by used of nano-engineered heavy metals that deprive oxygen to small microbes which in turn die and then release domoic acids into the food change that is causing such fatalities.  Deaths are usually highest among st species that have the first point of contact with the contaminants but then work their way into food change where the killing goes on but in much subtle and less obvious manner (e.g. as cancer causing or neurological disorders).


Rogue Geoengineering Experiment Creates Massive Algae Bloom in Pacific Ocean

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One Response to Reports Of Dogs Dying On NZ Coast As A Result of Algae Bloom – Geo-engineering to Blame?

  1. Rose says:

    Finally they wake to algae bloom.
    The chemtrail programs have been going on in NZ as long as algae bloom has been in our country.
    Can’t keep blaming tourists canoe’s and kayak’s

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