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# Three people reported killed

# Damage reported across west Auckland and North Shore

# Tornado reported on Auckland motorway

# Severe surface flooding right across Auckland region

# Roads closed include SH 18, Wallingford Way and Greenhithe Rd in Hobsonville, Waimarie Rd in Whenuapai and Moselle Ave in Henderson.

# Military and Urban Search and Rescue called out to assist

# Public transport services affected

# Auckland Airport withdraw staff from tarmac

Three people have been killed after severe weather – including a series of tornadoes – hit Auckland this afternoon.

Police sources have confirmed that three have died in the west Auckland storm, which struck shortly after noon.

Fire services communications manager Peter Stevenson said two people had been killed when a slab of concrete fell onto a truck.

Andy Gummer of St John said at least seven people had been transported to Auckland and North Shore hospitals.

“There might be some critical,” he said. SHOT BY SAM JAMES text from NZ Herald


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  1. Rose says:

    Geoengineering FAIL

  2. Jim Goody says:

    Or not! See how localised the damage was – nearly all of the 150 properties damaged were old airforce houses in the old staff housing area. The tornado missed the adjacent brand new exclusive subdivision AND the airforce base at Whenuapai just across the road. In other words it was very localised and probably now means the problematic old houses can be demolished quickly without as much resource consent hassle & cost to make way for further multi-million dollar redevelopment in the area. Same thing happened in Christchurch pretty much. It’s all about “rebuilding” to these a-holes and most definitely profit over people.

    • Air force personnel and weather modification technology have been hand-in-hand for decades.

      Also note that the US Air Force produced the ‘Owning the Weather in 2025’ document.

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