Circular Chemtrail Over Brisbane On December 4, 2012

rings 2

chemtrails december 4

chemtrail december 4 Brisbane 1

By Caroline B. of Brisbane, Australia
I’ve been seeing a lot of chemtrail activity over the western suburbs of Brisbane over the last few weeks and I’m wondering if anyone else has been noticing this?
These images are what I saw in my backyard yesterday (4/12/2012).  Three large interlocking/concentric circular chemtrails positioned on the outskirts of Brisbane where the westerly wind would carry them directly over Brisbane over night. Great!
I also saw the usual ‘straight’ chemtrails over Brisbane at the University of Queensland last Wednesday. The next day I had a sore throat and have had a flu for the last week. I don’t now if there is a connection but I do know that the level of activity I have seen over the last few weeks and especially last night is ramping up to a new level and we deserve an explanation…

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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16 Responses to Circular Chemtrail Over Brisbane On December 4, 2012

  1. Rose says:

    Good lord – those pilots forgot their lunch?

    Thank you for the information Caroline. I have reposted this on our forums.

  2. verna says:

    regular flight pattern…Right!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Olive leaf extract for that flu.

  4. Stephen King says:

    Caroline and others I have the same photos and video of the same chemtrail as do many people in Brisbane.
    I’ve heard: “Oh they are just sky writing,” “Oh I don’t believe in chemtrails.” and of course John Schleuter’s lame explaination from Channel 7.
    Well that was the last straw for me. I need contact with rational anti-geoengineering activists in Brisbane and Australia generally. I have just emailed my local member demanding an explaination and a stop to this crime against humanity!

  5. Sandy Hills says:

    I used to get told that “persistent contrails” only get left by aircraft traveling at a certain height and that this height denoted that it was on a flight path ABOVE all other traffic ie. a trans-continental or trans-national flightpath. In other words the aircraft had ascended from an area where other “non-trail-leaving” traffic would be (approaching, leaving and in holding patterns). Funny how now we’re being told that traffic flying at the lower altitude, in holding patterns, can now leave trails as well. Are the paid-off scientists & media whores now widening the area in which we are supposed to beLIEve these “ice crystals” can form? Will we be seeing “persistent trails” emerging from ALL aircraft soon no matter what height they are flying at (much as they are now in many video games being foistered on the young)?! Looks like BS, smells like BS, soooo……

    • Good point and thank-you for making it. It would be interesting to know how long the circular chemtrail lasted for and what it looked like as the particulates dispersed – a quite different scenario to that put forth by paid-off propaganda writers.

  6. Marian says:

    It was “wheelie” type trails ( just like Caroline’s photos ) above the North Canterbury farm cottage I was living in at the time, about five years ago,that first helped me make the connection with the chemtrail articles I’d read in the Investigate magazine back in 2000? and 2002? if I remember rightly. I grew even more suspicious after watching them slowly spread out and contribute to a dirty cream haze created by other straighter trails left by high altitude jets that appeared to be working together to a plan, flying nth to sth and back again.
    I’m noticing a lot more ridiculously low altitude aerosol trails lately.
    The disinformation re these operations is intensifying in conjunction with the ramping up of the spraying activity!
    Thanks for sharing your photos Caroline

  7. Paul says:

    I live in Kenmore and there has been consistent trails over the last few years. But lately it has been weekly…today in particular..

  8. Allan says:

    Hi, I saw the three rings on 4th December 2012 (looking south from Caboolture) – The rings were made by the same aircraft – worrying, at the very least.

  9. Stephen King says:

    Please!!!!! Queensland/Brisbane skywatchers contact me so we can get together to make a stand against this outrage. I have just received a “no comment” reply from the office of Don Farrell Par. Sec. to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. I wrote to him asking for disclosure on geo-engineering in Australia. part of my email reads:

    •On December the 4th 2012 at around 6.30 pm EST thousands of Brisbane people witnessed an “unusual event” over the south western area of Brisbane. This event was reported on by Channel 7’s weather reporter John Sleuter and the Courier Mail. Many amateur photos, and video clips recorded the event. One such video can be viewed at

    •Media explanation was inaccurate.
    •Conditions were not conducive to contrail formation behind these flights.
    1-The Planes were too low
    •The altitude of Flight QFA984 in the middle of it’s descending holding pattern was around 21,000 ft.
    2- Even if the relative humpty was 100% no contrail should have formed
    •Average relative humidity for Brisbane ranges between 60-70% (probably on the low side on the 4th of December due to prolonged period of low precipitation and cloud formation until the 11th of December.)
    3- At 21,000 ft the average temperature would have been around -28°C
    •Warmest day in December 2012 was the 4th at 37.9°C max and 21.8° C min

    The Appleman Chart shows that the formation of contrails from the two flights in holding patterns over Ipswich and Brisbane on the 4th of December 2012 break all the rules of contrail formation and conditions were NOT appropriate for the formation of contrails.

    Please email me at
    if you can document and communicate sitings of chemtrails anywhere in Australia.
    If you can contribute to public awareness programs, demonstrations, distribution of chemtrail education materials in a practical way. .

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  11. Loui says:

    Please let me know when and where the brisbane march will be gathered on august 25

  12. Loui says:

    Where is the march held in Brisbane aug 25 brisbane or sunshine coast

  13. Cole over says:

    Please update me on chemtrails I live in the flight one Auckland airport. I use flightradar 24 to track flights. I am monitoring unusual weather patterns and vaccines etc

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