Letter To NZ Green Party: Your Credibility Will Suffer If You Don’t Acknowledge Chemtrails

By Sarah Hornibrooke  13th December, 2012.

This is a letter I sent to the NZ Green Party on the 13th of December, 2012.  I have not received a reply yet:

Thank-you Green party for the Seasons Greetings and all the wonderful work you have done this year. Please read my enclosed copy of a letter to the editor Nelson Mail this week about aircraft emissions over Golden Bay on the 10.12.2012.  The con is that we are told it is only ice crystals, and believe it!  It is an enormous and on going pollution and the Green Party’s credibility will suffer if it is not taken on board as a real and happening thing.  The photo I have enclosed (below) shows a triangle shape that has been overlaid over my home, no commercial aircraft is ever going to do this.  Wake up, look up.  Yes Aotearoa is a country to love, and the earth is a planet worth fighting for.   Please do some more research.   I would appreciate a reply.
Sarah Hornibrooke
IMG_310512 small
To the Editor,Nelson Mail. Sarah Hornibrooke. 92 McCallum Road. Takaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand. 035259287.
It is interesting to see the publicity given in the Media about our wonderful clear skies. Yesterday both Golden Bay and Nelson were hammered yet again with trails from jet air craft that dissipated into haze and strange clouds that blocked the sunlight and obscured the stars.
If it was a factory or trucking company polluting the atmosphere as much as the aircraft are doing now they would be shut down. How is it that day after day of fine weather is blotted by haze from overhead jet trails that linger for many hours? Leaving out any theories, this is pollution and a con on a major scale. NZ Clear Skies and 100% Pure are quite hard to swallow.
Sarah Hornibrooke,
Golden Bay,
New Zealand.

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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8 Responses to Letter To NZ Green Party: Your Credibility Will Suffer If You Don’t Acknowledge Chemtrails

  1. Nik says:

    Um what credibility could that be………………..counter-productive Polemic grandstanding about anything?

    Very extreme Double Standards of inequality & eugenics?

  2. Nik says:

    The Green Party will be interested in chemtrails if there is some kind of pre-manufactured support base for it that is a source of potential monetary gain greater than the opportunity cost of ignoring chemtrails.

    The cartels behind the spraying are obviously not going to make it another of their ‘green’ issues, so if the lady behind the letter wants the Green Party on to this issue, she will have to put alot of energy into something worthwhile enough for their politicians to think worthy of exploitation or hope in some way the opportunity cost of ignoring them in someway, becomes too great for the Green Party from other sources

    Although the Green Party is the most political party on the payroll scene, being a rabble, the above is all the same the general reality of the extent to which the function of Government has become political in nature first and foremost.

  3. Marian says:

    Bravo Sarah! You picked a good photo to go with your letter. I will be interested to hear how the Greens reply.

  4. louisa Young says:

    Awesome letter and photo Sarah, I wonder if you got a reply back from Greens?. Their whole story is that global warming is manmade, so they appear to not be getting involved in chemtrails, as this would spoil their whole story that humans are causing the massive pollution causing global warming in the world. It’s crazy really as I believe global warming is not happening.
    Those doing chemtrailing are trying to lead people to believe it is happening so they can carry on doing it.

  5. Peter Bilt says:

    Whilst the whole “chemtrail” thing IS real and needs to be dealt with, I agree with the sentiment behind Nik’s comments. The Green Party is not in Parliament to “protect” the environment. The Green Party is there to provide the “illusion” that there is somebody in Parliament standing up for an emotive ideology that is very easy to con the public with. This is plain and simple and fits in with the overall illusion of “democracy” in all western countries and now in other countries as well. As long as the majority of people on this planet continue to fall for it, we will continue to be managed & ruled. Therefore Sarah, whilst your efforts appear to deserve applause they are unfortunately ultimately a waste of energy.

    Misdirected & wasted energy is what the “truth movement” is also all about and it will get you nowhere in any quest for freedom. In order to make any progress in “freeing” the human race from its oppressors you first have to TRUTHFULLY identify those oppressors. It’s not really as hard as the “truth movement” gurus with all their different wacky theories & numerous garden paths would have you believe. You can start right here at home in NZ by simply looking at your own PM and his JEWISH heritage. Then look at the ideology that drives everything in the TALMUD. Now discard all the trashy conspiracy “theories” and you can start USING your energy instead of wasting it!!!

    Good luck and I hope you find the true path to real freedom!

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Nik, yeah well I do have some simplistic views such as Equal Gender Government and sun dried sheets.
    It’s the credibility that they use to present themselves with, the same as almost any present day political party. Saying one thing doing another.
    How do you express yourself to the powers that be? I am interested in the long term and the overview of how to change the repeating cycle of corrupt governments’ worldwide.
    I was not expecting a reply as I have seen from other peoples efforts that this will not be forthcoming, yet. Let’s see it as a challenge. Who will get a reply from the Green Party first! The point is to create a record of communication. No reply is in its self a reaction. Every one of our communications is on record and just because they don’t reply or react to a comment they still think about and are aware of of it. I say write, phone, reply to all their emails, send information and the more and varied and often the better.
    Can we build this into an international Avaaz petition, is it an issue that effects everyone?
    I can see from the recently twice laid triangle over my home that what we do does matter to someone or something.
    To those who know them trails are conspicuous by their absence. We have totally enjoyed our clear skies these last few days. Happy New Year and sun dried sheets to you all, Sarah Hornibrooke.

  7. Considering the Greens are controlled opposition I’d say their reply will actually be less than interesting. Have you not figured out yet that party politics, and in fact democracy itself, are all just a big con? You cannot discuss and/or work out anything with authority. Authority is simply a construct, a state of mind and is not real therefore the only way to deal with it “effectively” if you don’t just want to continue to move in a circle is to remove it from our midst. How? Well being simply a state of mind and not real we remove it by first acknowledging that very fact. If it is simply ignored & not engaged en masse then it ceases to exist. So stop listening to people who sell you lies & constantly remind you about such things as “the elite”, “the Bilderbergers”, “the new world order” and “the illuminati”, etc, etc, etc. As long as you listen to these people these things will exist in your mind and in your reality along with the whole concept of authority. Mass non-compliance is really the best way to deal with false constructs… ie. don’t fall for false promises, don’t vote in phony elections, don’t work for “the man”, don’t pay taxes, don’t get permission for anything, etc, etc, etc…

  8. I should’ve added that our goal should be to recognize that we all individually have “authority” over ONLY ourselves. No other individual or entity has any right whatsoever to exert authority on another. This is basic natural law. Unfortunately the majority of the human race has been “coerced” into thinking otherwise. The trick is to get them to realise this for themselves but the BIG trick is to realise that it all has to end with each individual making themselves a better person in the process.

    Anyway, I digress. louisa’s comment about global warming is very pertinent and truly shows up the Greens for who & what they are. Be aware!

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