Chemtrails In East-West Orientation Over Northland

By Clyde Wainwright of Moerewa, Northland.

I woke up in the early hours of Friday morning on December the 14th to the sound of jets overhead.  Come morning I can say there were many visible trails with the noticeable fact being that they were running from West to East, instead of the usual North-South orientation.  As you know, North-South is what we expect as ALL the commercial routes over Moerewa are pretty much North-South.  Anyway, here is a shot from Friday the 14th of December, 2012 of the chemtrail residue.



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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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One Response to Chemtrails In East-West Orientation Over Northland

  1. Bernd says:

    Hi to everybody round the globe

    Very heavy spray days In Nelson 10/12 /2012 Sunday and 11/12/2012 Monday too.

    It’s up to us to make a change and it can be done, they just have to stop spraying.

    If people would start talking physically in public places, e.g. parking places @ city beaches or creating speakers corners once a week, because spray day is quite offen. So the chance to get attenion should be easy. It is necessary to get the public involved, not with demonstrations but through brainstorming. They should become aware of it and get the possibility to think about it, to see their possibilites and their creativity. Only through brainstorming and getting a wide public awareness this issue would loose its secrecy and its power. To be fearless is our trump, we can only win. Without our action we loose our freedom. We have to unite us, then we develop the power of a collectiv conciousness. As a mass of people we are powerful like a tsunami. There are many examples in history not long ago, where a big crowd of people brought a wall to fall like a tsunami, they were unstoppable without a bullet (Berlin wall).Their Solgan was „We are the people“. it is our nature to be creative and to solve challenges. Please spread the word.

    Cheers Bernd

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