Make Changes To Make This A Better Planet

371513_1486835049_2079772031_qBy Louisa Young, Nelson, New Zealand.

Chemtrail laid at 8am above Richmond, Nelson on Xmas Day, 2012. This is it after about half an hour.

Chemtrail laid at 8am above Richmond, Nelson on Xmas Day, 2012. This is it after about half an hour.

I grew up in Nelson, New Zealand and travelled to and from Europe as a child and adult before settling with my son back in Nelson in 2007.     I soon noticed trails coming out of planes, not realising then that they were “chemtrails.”  Prior to then, I had never seen anything coming out of the back of aircraft.

Interestingly, not long after I moved back, I developed bad headaches, and my son got asthma. I went through a period of taking pharmaceutical drugs to try and address the problems.  We were already off gluten and wheat, using  supplements and eating healthy foods.  Then in 2010, a friend introduced me to Isagenix and within a short time, I had more energy, better sleep and a return to fitness.   I also gave my son the same and his health improved too.   For us, it seemed that ‘cleansing’ was the missing link.  We were both well until about the end of 2011 when my son had two bouts of pneumonia with a persistant cough that took months to go, and I felt my energy decrease.

Thankfully, around this time my niece added me to the ‘Geoengineering/chemtrail Cover-up’ group.

Just prior to Christmas 2011 Nelson had the 3 days of torrential rain causing slips, major disruption to roads around the port and over the Golden Bay region which temporarily closed some of Richmond’s best hill walking tracks. This time coincided with my son having his second bout of pneumonia. Then, around June 2012 we had a severe easterly wind storm which battered Nelson and caused havoc to trees. It stuck in my mind, one reason being that it made my trampoline airborne.

A Richmond Aborist came to do work on my trees damaged in the storm, but the next day I heard that his assistant, who was in his mid 40’s, had died from a heart attack the night after they came to give the quote. I was shocked as he was fit, a non-smoker and non-drinker and there was no reason for his heart to suddenly stop.

During this time I was getting regular posts from the ‘Geoengineering/chemtrail Cover-up’  group and it was a few weeks after the storm, I actually started looking up to the sky. What I saw, I’ll never forget! The skies were covered in long trails and I remember going to Richmond that day and asking my friends if anyone else had a metallic taste in their mouth.

I soon connected all the dots; our strange health issues and others, the way the weather made us feel flat, the way our eyes stung, the often hazy skies and heavy clouds lasting for days before rain.

My ‘awakening’ happened bang on 2012! My journey has brought me to a place of questioning everything I read and hear.  I don’t watch TV now.   There is too much propaganda and I won’t buy into the mainstream media’s lies.
I researched HAARP and learnt that it was regularly being used around the world with chemtrails, causing the weather to drastically change, and leading to unusual symptoms for people – like not being able to sleep, humming in ears, anxiety/fear issues

I researched solutions for improving our air, food and water at home, on top of cleansing and replenishing. I purchased a whole house water-purifier and an air purifier later through, and Orgonite for inside to help with the EMF, plus a chembuster for outside. All of these things you can easily make yourself if you follow tutorials on and

I’ve also set up a wellness page to share my ideas.  Here’s a detox pesto recipe from it:

I’d like to share with you the meaning of ‘conspiracy’ from a book I am reading called State State-Secrets-1172288-4Secrets by author, Ben C. Vidgen, who has done a lot to raise awareness of this covert technology in New Zealand: “A conspiracy is (if formulated correctly) not a wild romp into mysticism but the establishment of a correlation between two or more observable interconnecting elements, that confirm common trends regarding desire, motive, opportunity or ability, with multiple indications or inclinations that the said motive was acted upon. I call it the caveman meets fire principle.”

Chemtrails and HAARP are considered mere “conspiracy theories” to some people, as opposed to what they are – based firmly in reality with a mass of hard evidence to prove their existences.   I do suggest that if you are one of those who do not believe this, please start doing some thorough research, then, if you reach the conclusion that I and many others have, speak out about it and share your knowledge with your friends and family.

Do we need to be a part of this lying mainstream media, money driven world which is not telling the public half of what is going on? Can we make small changes to what we do every day to make this a better planet?    “If you think you can or think you can’t… Either way… You’re right! (It’s the thinking that makes it so)” .. this is TAO wisdom!

Here’s a small section from the large amount of chemtrail and geo-engineering Internet material for you to share with your friends and family:
(Chemtrails over NZ Group)
(photos and links to Chemtrail/HAARP research) (orgonite)

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5 Responses to Make Changes To Make This A Better Planet

  1. rose says:

    Clare, thanks for posting Louisa’s story. Her words echo my own story, right down to her child having repeated lung infections.

    We watch Nelson closely for on the radar signatures, particularly when the repeated beaching of the marine life takes place. We share the Nelson flight path which runs from Auckland, Taranaki, Nelson Blenheim, Kaikoura Christchurch (generally).

    Feb/March 2011 was the year that folk in Kaikoura were dropping like flies (27 in a 30 day period. We usually loose maybe 2-3 a month!). The killer Christchurch quake was 22 2 11 and our skies were like hell on earth. I bring this up because Lisa mentioned the aborist assistant dropping dead of a heart attack. Many of the people that got ill in our area, had heart attacks with NO HISTORY of heart disease.

    Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic (which is also being tested in high quantities). Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons.

    Barium is toxic to humans and animals and causes a dramatic drop in potassium levels in the body. For this reason (and others), barium is known to increase the frequency of heart attacks.
    Chemtrails are causing inflammation also which goes hand in hand..

    Here is a story from a chap that believes his heart attack was geoengineering induced.

    Thanks for your article Louisa. I’m not the only mum going out of her mind to save her child’s lungs. I shall also check out the link and product you suggested.

  2. louisa Young says:

    Hi Rose, I’m sorry to hear about your child too and that our stories are so similar. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with anything. Definitely the purifier is wonderful and I can send you to the one we purchased. It all helps. The orgonite is amazing for the EMF and my son wears a wrist band and has a pendant in it. It has made all the difference.

    Thank you for the link. I have no doubt this young gardener died suddenly in his sleep due to the chemtrails we had during that engineered storm. I still haven’t approached the arborist but I will be to give him some links and information.

  3. rose says:

    Thanks for that offer. I certainly will be in touch.

    I’m just glad so many are waking Louisa. The reality of the technologies’ ability to do harm needs to be addressed pronto. The technology is far from safe in its current form. On top of that GWEN towers are going up willy-nilly creating an electromagnetic soup. How people still have their minds, is beyond me.

    My daughter has been wheezing all day and the allergies are unprecedented. On top of this, I have roses growing two heads – a second flower growing out of the existing bud. I have watched them pesticide from the sky and folk wonder where the bees have gone? They should ask themselves where the aphids on their roses go every season. Even if I wanted to spray for aphids, I have not had to for 3 years.

    This is disgusting. Beyond a joke and those complicit in the cover up will be held accountable.

  4. Bee says:

    So am I Rose<3 And Louisa I am glad you have shared your story with others.. It si still hard to believe the complacency around. But that is what these chemicals and drugs are designed to do. They seem to dumb everyone to the point of mindlessness. When they would rather let the media dictate their choices. As it is much easier than having your own mind. I do hope people can realise from your story, what ,might be wrong with them of they're friends and family. I do think there is hope for the future if
    more people can see what is really wrong.
    Blessings.We can only but hope that the golden age will bring enlightenment to more<3

  5. martinharrisnz says:

    Chemtrailling began well before 2007, and is a global phenomenon. Indeed, the chemtrail activity over Europe seems to be at least as intense as here if not more so. It is possible your Illnesses are location-specific rather than directly chemtrail related? Are others in your area reporting similair issues?
    Regarding Christchurch, I live in the Eastern suburbs in a quake-affected home. We experience plenty of chemtrailling, humming, and wierd clouds and anomalous weather (sort of like the rest of the planet!). I have experienced no ill health as a result of living here, apart from some liquefaction-dust induced coughs and infections (long gone now). Rose, can you provide any facts or figures regarding your assertions about increased heart attack rates following the ‘quakes, and proof of correlation to chemtrail activity?

    If any of us are going to get anywhere with this subject then we need to be objective and thorough.
    Noticing chemtrails after moving to Nelson is not proof that those trails caused your health problems.

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