Opotiki News Reports On Mystery Plane Spraying Unknown Substance Over The Tirohanga, Opotiki Region

On Thursday, January the 10th, 2013, the Opotiki News published a story about a mystery plane that was seen spraying an unknown substance over the Tirohanga, Opotiki area early on New Year’s Day.    One of those who witnessed this, a farmer named Peter Maxwell, who was up at 6am milking cows, told the Opotiki News that the plane released a liquid that had a sheen to it, which looked like the wake coming off a boat.  He also stated that he saw the plane stop spraying above their cow shed.

Let’s take the opportunity to make more people aware of the chemtrails/geo-engineering issue.  Write a letter to the editor regarding this to news@whakatanebeacon.co.nz and/or write to the journalist who co-authored the article – senior reporter, Andrew Neal. His email address is: andrew.neal@opotikinews.co.nz.

As readers of this website know, it may well be the case that the “mystery plane” was spraying an aerosol for “geo-engineering” purposes.  Aerosols are being seen being emitted from aircraft countrywide, and for that matter, globally. Rainwater tests worldwide 2734761_WHY_in_the_World_Are_They_Spraying_2012indicate that these aerosols, otherwise known as “chemtrails”, are commonly comprised of aluminium, strontium and barium, amongst other toxic substances and evidence shows they are being used for weather modification purposes, amongst other activities.

Watch ‘What In The World Are They Spraying? and ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying? for further information.’

mystery plane


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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10 Responses to Opotiki News Reports On Mystery Plane Spraying Unknown Substance Over The Tirohanga, Opotiki Region

  1. Ngaire Small says:

    Have sent a letter to the Opotiki News as suggested:

    It is of interest that your newspaper published a story of a mystery plane spraying in your area as spotted by two farmers recently.

    We here in Nelson witness this type of activity on almost a daily basis. Jet aircraft in our skies are releasing so called ‘vapour’ on the same ‘stop-start’ basis as described. This happens over populated areas, namely the city and surrounding suburbs. We have tracked some of the planes doing this on a web site radar system, flightradar24.com, however we notice that a lot of these aircraft are not showing up on this.

    The description of the mystery substance described in the article is not dis-similar to what we witness here. They appear as ‘contrails’ (vapour trails) being emitted however they very quickly expand to form a type of cloud that then lingers in the sky and when there is continuous spraying, our skies turn hazy. This appears to be similar to what is being experienced and reported in many other parts of New Zealand.

    We personally photograph and document the ‘spraying’ and where possible track the aircraft involved. We are aware of others in our area who have had the rainwater tested after continual spraying so as to identify the substances. For more information on these activities, two excellent documentaries can be found on the web, “What in the World are they Spraying” and “Why in the World are they Spraying”. These are very enlightening as they explain the “geo-engineering/weather modification” that is happening globally and it’s consequences.

    Ngaire Small

    • John Manoloff says:

      Hi Ngaire,
      I was at home here in Rotorua yesterday looking up at the beautiful clear sky, which we have not had much of lately. I noticed a very large star up there in the middle of the day. I kept on looking at this with binoculars for 20 or so minutes and all of a sudden a NZAF Orion flew past with some sort of ‘vapour’ trail following it. It circled Rotorua once very low and then disappeared. About an hour later the blue sky was covered by two massive trails of chem-cloud. I could no longer see the unusual star or anything at all in the sky.

  2. bill blyth says:

    Hi Clare was there any identification to the model of aircraft

  3. Not yet sorry Bill. We know from the description that this plane flew high and it was large. It was not owned by the NZ Air Force, according to a spokesperson for the Air Force, Mr Coromandel, who said he believed it was “a commercial liner.”

  4. Probably a flight from Auckland to South America, they leave the domestic FIR around Gisborne, would be easily visible from Opotoki. Aircraft most likely a A340, leaving a nice contrail.

  5. bex says:

    Looks like LA801 is the mostly likely culprit. Times and flight path seem to match what was reported…


  6. MikeC says:

    The plane was a Sth American airliner flight LAN801 – it shows up on Flight Radar directly overhead Opotiki at 6am at 30,000 feet. You can see it by setting teh time undr “Playback” to 1700 hours on 31 December, as the time you set is UTC, and is 13 hours behind NZDT.

  7. Gavin says:

    Just had a “mysterious” plane flying low levels over Carterton/Masterton area, appeared to be dumping liquid and travelling in a figure 8 path slowly advancing northwards. Appeared to have 4 engines (possibly a Wings over Wairarapa plane? At this time not sure why it would be dumping liquid and flying at such low levels?) Was not picked up on the http://planefinder.net/# map…

  8. bill blyth says:

    Loading at Auckland airport through the dunny i would pick.

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