Opotiki News Runs Disinformation Piece About Aerosol Trail Spotted By Farmers

The January 17th, 2013 edition of the Opotiki News  included an article titled, ‘Opotiki becomes a conspiracy centre’  on page 4, about the public’s reaction to the article published in the Opotiki News about the trail emitted from an aircraft farmers reported seeing on New Year’s Day,  Mystery Plane A Cause For Concern?’.

This latest article, by journalist Sven Carlsson, includes quotes from Mike Campbell, who is known to this website as a disinformation agent.  Campbell has sent numerous comments to Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch for many months claiming that what are obviously photos of aerosol trails are merely vapour trails.   In fact, many of Campbell’s comments have not been published on this website, as they have been regarded as deliberately misleading.

The Opotiki News has quoted Campbell as stating that the trail seen by the farmers was a “contrail” or vapour trail.   His statement was readily proven false in my opinion, owing to a photo sent in by an Opotiki resident, Richard Piriniki.  Piriniki sent the newspaper a photo of the trail, published in the January 17th edition, which suggests strongly that what the farmers saw was not merely a vapour trail, but a highly reflective aerosol, typical of those being seen around New Zealand and believed to be part of stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering programs.    Indeed, the photo shows what farmer Peter Maxwell described seeing – a large trail, looking like the wake coming off a boat – not a mere vapour trail.

Campbell was also quoted in the Opotiki News article as stating deceptively: “The proliferation of jet airliners since 1990  appears to have caused a significant increase in the number of [contrails] and a concern among people who do not know what they are.”

It is not a proliferation in vapour trails that are being seen. Vapour trails or “contrails” normally only last for about 20 seconds, if they are seen at all, while aerosol trails may linger in the sky for hours and be seen spreading out, creating a milky-white haze of particulates in the sky.   These numerous aerosol sightings are supported by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which reported in 2011 that there has been a recent increase in the abundance of particles high in the atmosphere which has effected the climate.

An investigation by a KSLA news team in 2008 found substances falling to earth from a high altitude aerosol trail contained high levels of barium in conjunction with trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium and cadmium.  Watch the KSLA news story here. 

Disturbingly, rainwater, snow and air tests for over a decade have revealed that chemicals are being disseminated into the atmosphere, including strontium, barium and aluminium.  In 2001, highly respected researcher, Clifford Carnicom of  Carnicominstitute.org, who made the ground-breaking documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes’ about chemtrails, reported finding “extraordinary levels of metallic particulates” within rainwater samples.

The fact that the earth’s atmosphere is being bombarded with harmful chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs that have been approved with no apparent oversight, can no longer be denied.


Below: Thank-you to the Opotiki News for the two letters published about chemtrails/geo-engineering in the January the 17th, 2013 edition of the Opotiki News advise people to watch the documentary, What In The World Are They Spraying?.



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2 Responses to Opotiki News Runs Disinformation Piece About Aerosol Trail Spotted By Farmers

  1. Marian says:

    Thank-you to Clare Swinney and Ngaire Small for their letters in response to this “Opotiki News” article.
    It is encouraging for those of us who are deeply concerned about this issue (and justifiably so) to see your letters were published.
    Here in North Canterbury a regular array of unusual phenomena can be seen in our sky, due to aircraft spraying the same type of aerosol trails/chemtrails highlighted in this news article.
    It is time more people comprehend the serious long-term risks these geoengineering activities pose to all of us, and our environment.

  2. mark says:

    There were similar chemtrails being laid all morning over Patea when the Sth Taranaki Distrcit Council fluoridation hearings were going on. The day after the New Plymouth Fluoridation Tribunal ended, a trail was laid over New Plymouth so low you see it with the naked eye that it was coming from the rear sides of the fuselage – not the engines. Unfortunately, my camera’s zoom was not good enough to capture this sufficiently clearly. The plane generally seemed to fly low there, so anyone with a good zoom should be able to get a definitive picture – unless, of course they are mixing the aerosol with the jet fuel, when it will come out of the engines. But if you can get a picture of it coming out of the fuselage, you’ve got proof it isn’t a contrail.

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