Hair Analyses Of Northland, NZ Resident Indicate Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Contamination Increased Over Time

Northland resident, Robyn P.  [Name withheld on request] has informed us that her 7-year-old son has had hair analyses done and that metals linked to chemtrails/geoengineering programs [1] have been present.

Below you will find copies of the results of the tests done on hair collected on January 30th, 2012 and October 14th, 2012, which show that aluminium, barium and strontium, amongst other metals, were present in the samples and that the levels were relatively high in the October, 2012 hair sample.

Robyn writes: “I submit hair samples for testing from time to time, as we are trying the biomedical approach for our son’s neurological problems.   These results seem to fit the picture of increased geo-engineering that seems to be happening, eg. weird sunsets during the winter and obvious chemtrails in the sky.  These two samples were taken about 9 months apart:
Element        Jan ’12     Oct ’12    Reference Range
Aluminium    7.7            26                < 8 
Barium         0.06          2.4               <. 75
Strontium     0.12          4.8              0.21 – 2.1

I think that these results are not easily explained away, as we have not let him loose into a chemistry lab!  The high level of titanium shown in the October results can be explained as sunblock absorption. I have established that the brand we used, Aubreys, contains nano-titanium.





[1] For example, Hughes Aircraft Patent #5,003,186 – the Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming  proposed injecting into the upper atmosphere, a “very fine, white talcum-like” powder of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and other oxides for the stated purpose of reducing Global Warming.  See: Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails) Facts


Chemtrails – Barium, Aluminum, Titanium CONFIRMED In Rainwater

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13 Responses to Hair Analyses Of Northland, NZ Resident Indicate Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Contamination Increased Over Time

  1. rose says:

    May I have permission to report?

    • Of course – you don’t ever need to ask Rose. Go for it!

      • NZRose says:

        Thanks Clare.

        Was a beaut day to be handing our information flyers on the chemtrails (in Kaikoura) today. Not a cloud in the sky – haven’t seen that for a long time. ;D

      • Could I include something from you about what happened in Kaikoura with photos if possible please Rose?

      • Susan Wehi says:

        Hello Clare my name is Sue thank you for giving me clarity about the chemtrails here in NZ. This really makes me sick to the stomach knowing that this is happening. I live in Te kuiti King Country and people have been noticing illnesses which they have never had so bad before. A couple of weeks ago I said to my son whats that plane doing in the sky it was spraying stuff out leaving a pattern in the sky at that time I thought this was not right but it was before I watched the video on chemtrails the link is chemtrails connected UN 2013 Report. My oldest son was standind on a hill in Awakino ready to go diving when he saw several planes flying above him spraying stuff out leaving long trails and patterns. Ok can you please give me advice on what I can do to let people know. I have let a electorate know who is going for mayor and council here in my home town. I’ve also emailed two people who are ministers for the green party what else to you suggest thanks. I am very concerned?

      • OK, here are some ideas. You could have public screenings of What and Why in the World Are They spraying?, put ads in your local paper, hand out flyers, put signs up when the spraying is bad, telling people to “LOOK UP” and that planes are spraying toxins. Have a stall at a market and hand out flyers, plus show people photos and posters AND hand out free DVDs of related documentaries to members of the public. You would write on your local pavement in chalk telling people to look up as planes are spraying chemtrails/chemicals. You could also make A4-sized posters and put them up around town for next to no expense. I hope this is of help. Thanks Sue.

    • Genevea says:

      IF you used sunblock with nano-titanium and didn’t bother to read about it, then I believe you used to vaccine your child and this is what gave the levels of aluminium, not the spraying. I don’t doubt in the spraying, I am fighting it as much as possible and praying for it to end, but I don’t think it would be as much, as to cause neurological problems – thought vaccines do so, and do cause autism.

      It could also be the sunblock, that caused that

  2. travellerev says:

    Gonna go on my blog too Clare!

    • Thank-you Ev. Get the truth out there.
      The TRUTH: It may not lead you to where you thought you were going, but it will always lead you somewhere better. When ignored, it will eventually show itself.

  3. William says:

    This is mis-interpretation of these reults – according to the book below your son has “mercury poisoning”
    “Hair test interpretation: Finding hidden toxicities” by Andrew Cutler.
    According to the book, both of these results (according to the rules of interpretation) demonstrate “deranged mineral transport”
    Mercury poisoning causes “deranged mineral transport”
    Elevated aluminium, antimony & titanium is relatively typical of children with deranged mineral transport & may not reflect body burden.
    Aluminium, in the case of “deranged mineral transport” induced by mercury poisoning, your body accumulates aluminium.
    Antimony could be a problem as this is included as a fire retardant in clothes, curtains & carpets. (further tests are required)
    & as stated with titanium sunblock in earlier posts.
    As for Elevated Barium it states that,
    “when mineral transport is deranged it sometimes follows calcium, magnesium & strontium which are chemical cousins”
    this suggests it does not reflect body burden, further tests would have to be done to confirm barium status.
    Substantially elevated hair zinc is usually a sign of zinc wasting & consequent LOW body zinc levels,
    Note: This is another tell tale sign of mercury poisoning
    Low mercury on tests is another tell tale sign when “deranged mineral transport” is present.
    The “Ratio’s Box” down the bottom of the page can also represent other problems
    i.e adrenal, thyroid & digestive.
    If these ratios suggest there is something wrong it would also tie in with the symptoms.
    I have only read half the book so far, so the above is my interpretation of what this book says,
    I suggest you purchase a copy of the book & work with a reputable qualified natropath or other heath professional,
    this is where you will find the results, a qualified person will be able to do follow up tests to confirm.
    Also finding the source of mercury poisoning is stated in the book as essential.
    i.e vaccinations, flu shots, fluorecent bulbs, silver fillings, from mothers toxic burden (at birth) etc etc
    Also if you decide to get the mercury out I suggest you follow a well known protocol that has proven itself,
    getting mercury out of the body can be dangerous if not done right
    Hope this helps

    • Natalie says:

      I am not sure that it is a mis-interpretation. Too dramatic increase during short period of time. I’ve been involved in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) directly or indirectly for the last 30 years, and would be more than happy to have a closer look on reports if Robyn will be interested. Doctor’s data is a very reputable company, but the second opinion sometimes could be useful.

      I have a personal interest too. We have a house in Ngawha Springs and getting heavy metals instead of springs healing is not a nice perspective.

      I monitor my personal mineralogramm pretty close ( we do HTMA here in New Zealand) and I haven’t noticed any changes in the reported elements, but I am visiting Northland only from time to time and picture could be different for permanent residents.

      I am very interested in minerals in our health and well-being, and would be happy to take part in tests or other initiatives to protect Northland environment or monitor people health.
      Hope to be in service one day,
      Natalie Chevenkova, PhD

      • Will says:

        The book
        “Hair test interpretation: Finding hidden toxicities” by Andrew Cutler.
        uses “doctors data” for all there case studies, which has been approved by doctors data.

        I followed the books interpretation of the above test & my conclusion was mercury poisoning.
        I stated this for the mere fact that, the test of the original person will not likely fix there neurological problems until the mercury poisoning has been addressed.
        Removing mercury is dangerous & should be done with a professional, you dont want to be in a worse state than when you started.
        If you get the book, you will see mercury poisoning is much more common through out society than first thought, considering 11,000 tons goes into the atmosphere every year, let alone what they probably add to there geoengineering planes, there is alot of mercury in our enviroment

        If you follow HTMA, I highly suggest you get yourself a copy of the above book, as this book has a wealth of information in it, which in my opinion is crucial to being able to give accurate diagnosis.

        If you get the book & think its rubbish, feel free to come back & flame me.

        p.s I did state in the original statement that aluminium was also elevated, as when you have mercury poisoning you tend to accumulate aluminium.
        The other elements where not confirmed, but could be with further testing.

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