Chemtrails In Sky For Hamilton, NZ Protest On January 20, 2013


By Pat McNair, Hamilton, NZ. Photos credit: Pat McNair

A total of 19 people turned up altogether to support us for the Hamilton Geo-Engineering protest, which was staged at four intersections around the city, on Sunday the 20th of January, 2013.
The day started out with fluffy white clouds, but they soon disappeared and were replaced by stripy, stretched-out examples of the very thing we were there to protest.    Thanks everyone! It was fun! ham4
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4 Responses to Chemtrails In Sky For Hamilton, NZ Protest On January 20, 2013

  1. Pingu says:

    Go us! – It was certainly worth doing, and we got a lot of people beep-beeping up in their cars, a lot of thumbs up and it was good. I even saw a person taking a photo of the sign I was holding (chemtrails? – Google it) and they said “Will check that out later”. (I can read lips).
    Well done to everyone involved!

  2. Pat says:

    Also a big thank you to Roy from Rush FM (87.7) who put up a banner advertising the protest at the first intersection (where Auckland traffic hits Hamilton) 24 hours before the event – and it was still there the next morning! Great idea! The week before he also made and played an ad for his radio station – encouraging people to come and support us at the event. Then on the morning of the protest he played a 3 hour specially recorded play list on Rush FM, starting at 10:30am, that was full of chemtrail songs and inserts explaining the issue. A sandwich board telling people to listen to the station was used on the protest which beautifully backed up the physical protest with an information link. Well done, Roy!

  3. Taliesin Ward says:

    They’ve been chemtrailing the crap out of Hamilton for the last 3 months. I just saw an unmanned drone fly over my house. Heard about five in the last 30mins. All our plants are dying.

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