Video Footage: Australian & New Zealand Geo-Engineering Protest – 20th January, 2013


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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6 Responses to Video Footage: Australian & New Zealand Geo-Engineering Protest – 20th January, 2013

  1. rose says:

    These guys did themselves proud Clare.
    Paul Mac is a contributor to our site also and they are now the official fan site for Skulls music

    • It is inspirational to see a group of like-minded people taking action like this. Perhaps they should get the aborigines involved too. They would probably be really upset to know their atmosphere is being poisoned and take action.

  2. rose says:

    I bet these buggers are getting nervous about this movement getting legs!

    Good job you sicko’s. The damage done by these programs is utterly unforgivable.

  3. paulmac7 says:

    I know they are getting nervous 😉 but you can be sure they will press on or change tactics, we have to keep the momentum going , every protest needs to see an increase in numbers, locations & types of activism and individual efforts, its only by speaking out in numbers and variety that we will make a difference. They know we have caught them with their pants down and that they are doing wrong – Airlines & Governments will crumble over this….BUT Only if every individual plays a peaceful part….Thanks for your support guys, it means the World…literally 😉

    • rose says:

      You take care out there Paul. You know how nuts these people are and you know how we caught Qantas employee Mike Glynn posing as a well known chemtrail activist on our site.

      • So much for personal integrity. These people give themselves away. Actually, on the topic of people posing, at the Tikipunga markets on Sunday the 20th, an American man, about 33 years old, who said he was in “aviation” looked at our display of information on chemtrails and tried to discredit everything. He had a quick reply to the evidence of chemtrails that I pointed out to him, including the barium that is being found in rainwater. (Incidentally, he said he had seen ‘What in the World are they spraying?’ and ‘Why in the world are they spraying?’ so he would have known full well that what I was saying was credible). When I called him a disinformation agent, his face reddened noticably, which was interesting. Also, although he had tried to discredit everything I said and advise that all was normal and chemtrails did not exist, he spent what I estimate to be over 5 minutes reading an A3-sized page of information I had from an article on chemtrails from Uncensored Magazine. Now if he thought the display of information lacked validity, why did he spend longer than anyone else at the display board reading from it, seemingly intently?

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