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Parts of Northland Have Had Driest February Since Records Began In 1948

By Ashlee Tulloch, Reporter TV3, Feb 27, 2013. The Government has officially declared a state of drought in Northland, with Minster of Primary Industries Nathan Guy announcing it in Dargaville today. The decision comes after the local community sought for … Continue reading

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Filthy Skies From Aerosol Spraying Over Nelson Common Now

By Ngaire Small of Tahunanui, Nelson These three photos, showing aerosols, were taken at sunset in Nelson on the 26th of February, 2013. Another filthy day  – this is now the ‘norm’.  

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Waking Northlanders Up To The Great Rain Robbery – Educating the Public About Chemtrails At The Northland Field Days, Feb 21-23, 2013

By Clare Swinney The area I live in – Northland, New Zealand, is on the verge of officially being declared a drought zone for the third time in four summers.  Aerosol trails, commonly seen, strongly suggest geoengineering is the cause … Continue reading

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Time-Lapse Footage Showing Numerous Chemtrails Being Sprayed In Sky of Charlotte, NC on 02/18/13

Published on 19 Feb 2013by jerryleonard999 6 hours compressed into 10 minutes approximately. The skies were clear all morning until the chemtrail planes started spraying aerosols. These are chemical clouds being sprayed. What is in them? “What Chemicals Are Being … Continue reading

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‘HAARP’ TTA’s in Antarctica and Australia Creating Havoc for New Zealand?

revmichellehopkins, Published on 12 Feb. 2013 New Zealand is being targeted using Tesla technology that can cause earthquakes. It is a form of political pressure by the UN and Austalia.

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Golden Bay: Chemtrails & Unnatural Coloured Clouds

By Sarah Hornibrooke, Golden Bay, New Zealand, 16.2.2013  After weeks of very few contrails, dawned another hot blue day with a few of those strange pink/brown clouds hanging over the Takaka hills here in Golden Bay. From  1.30pm intermittent and … Continue reading

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Dane Wigington on The Vinny Eastwood Show: GeoEngineering & Planetary Destruction

February 19, 2013 Vinny Eastwood’s NUTShell: Dane Wigington Look let’s be blunt, if you don’t believe in geoengineering or chem trails by now, you’re in deep trouble, have no facts on your side and will likely be one of the … Continue reading

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Heavy Aerosol Spraying Over Nelson on February 17th, 2013

By Will Ryan of Nelson, New Zealand Here is a video of very heavy aerosol spraying outside Nick Smith’s office, the MP for Nelson, on the 17th of February, 2013. Pass it around.

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Qantas Aircraft Sprays Aerosol Over Southland on February 17, 2013

By Richard Dunwell We hardly ever have chemtrails down here in Southland that I am aware of, but when we do, like on the 17th of February, 2013, it is often left by QF28 on the Oz / Sth America route. Just … Continue reading

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Photos of Sky On 21 February, 2013, The Day of So-Called “Bug Swarm”

The following photos were taken from Taranaki by Jonathan Done on the day of the so-called “bug swarm” – the 21 February, 2013.  The camera was set to 12x zoom. There appears to be a haze of aerosol material in … Continue reading

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