How I Discovered Chemtrails/ Geo-engineering in Whangarei, Northland, NZ.

Toni Anne Smith

By Toni Anne Smith of Kamo, Whangarei.  1 Feb, 2013.

Photos Credit: Toni Anne Smith. All photos were taken in Northland in 2012/2013.

I travel extensively in Northland, New Zealand by road regularly and this allows me to be aware of what’s happening to the environment. I am fortunate, as I am seeing what those who are stuck in an office often don’t get to see.   I became aware that there are significant changes overhead. Nowadays I see unnatural-looking clouds blocking out the sunlight and  planes leaving trails that do not disperse as contrails do.  These trails can hang in the sky for hours and spread out.  I also see planes passing overhead from all directions that are not on the usual commercial flight paths of north to south and south to north.

SAM_0169 - Copy

The first time I heard about “geo-engineering” was during a conversation with my osteopath in April 2012. He told me to look up and “educate” myself on the Internet.  There I found extensive information regarding geo-engineering, including information on “chemtrails”.   When I finally had a good look at the sky, this is the type of phenomenon I saw, as shown in these photos, which were taken in Northland.   I didn’t have to travel the globe, I simply looked up at the Northland sky.

SAM_0269 - CopyI then researched information regarding chemtrails and found out what it was that was actually being sprayed out of these aircraft.   I have seen 6 planes disperse aerosols in Northland with my own eyes,  and have even written into the Northern Advocate to ask “What are they spraying?” My letter was printed in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section on January the 21st, 2013, but since then, I have read nothing more about chemtrails in the paper.   I did not get a reply to my question.   I am 100% certain of what I see and aware that the chemicals being disseminated into our atmosphere, which include aluminium, barium and strontium, are highly toxic to plant and animal life. I am also aware that this geoengineering technology, which evidence shows is being used to create droughts, floods and tornadoes, is deadly in the extreme. 009



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3 Responses to How I Discovered Chemtrails/ Geo-engineering in Whangarei, Northland, NZ.

  1. Pat says:

    I am also 100% certain of what I see. And 100% sure they are not natural cloud formations. We just have to keep insisting on this and one-by-one wake the others up. Keep up the good work, Toni!

  2. aroha says:

    very well said and professionally presented information thankyou Tony Anne

  3. Ailsa King says:

    Very well presented Toni Anne…. I have seen similar ‘clouds’ down here in Otago over the past couple of years or so.

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