Nelson, NZ Sky Thick With Aerosol Material This Morning

Hideous sky 3Feb 003Hideous sky 3Feb 001by Ngaire Small of Nelson, 3 Feb. 2013

The man-made cloud matter was incredible this morning and stuck around covering most of the sky,  most of the day.  There is more moving over us this afternoon.  There is heaps of it being dumped off-shore by the looks of it.  Perhaps the geo-engineers think we won’t notice?

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3 Responses to Nelson, NZ Sky Thick With Aerosol Material This Morning

  1. NZRose says:

    Thanks for posting Ngaire. Carbon copy of Kaikoura sky crap this morning.

    • Thanks for the info Rose. In Whangarei it was cloudy and drizzly over the weekend. To start off with the rain was like a fine mist, rather than rain drops – this went on for hours and little rain fell. Then it picked up and a reasonable amount fell. The tub I collect rainwater from the roof in is full again at last. It has been virtually empty for several weeks owing to a drought.

  2. Sarah says:

    Same here on the morning of 3.2.2013. People noticing and comments made about the extraordinary clouds standing “up” on all horizons. Changed towards evening into little lumps and then at dusk they looked like rain was falling into them, I have never seen this before. Regards Sarah

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