Anadarko Petroleum Corporation To Test New Ultra-deepwater Drillship In NZ Waters

According to  Anadarko Petroleum Corporation has confirmed plans to test a brand new ultra-deepwater drillship, the Noble Bob Douglas currently being built in South Korean shipyards, in New Zealand waters during the 2013-14 southern summer before taking the vessel to the Gulf of Mexico for perhaps several years.

THERE IS AN IMPORTANT MEETING IN KAIKOURA ON FRIDAY 8th OF FEB AT THE TAKAHANGA MARAE AT 10.30AM.  Hear the new Minister for Energy, Simon Bridges, and Anadarko Oil Company Representative talk about their proposed oil exploration off the Kaikoura Coast.

If you are in the area, listen first-hand to the plans.  Take a video camera and record the meeting if you can and post it on YouTube.

According to researcher on Geo-terrorism, Jeff Philips, oil companies, specifically Anadarko Petroleum are essentially the operators of HAARP. They had a rep (US Rep. Kevin Brady) in PM John Key’s office when the major Christchurch quake happened, then they received their permit for offshore exploration 4 hours later.

He wrote on his Geo-terrorism Blogspot: “Of particular note are at least five Anadarko board members, all of whom have direct links to the technology and/or ideology of HAARP and other technetronic warfare systems of which it is but one example…technologies which can not only generate all the effects attributed to ‘global warming’ but can also be used to create earth-quakes and volcanic activity, as well for ‘neuro-warfare’ mind-control operations. To paraphrase researcher Dr. Nick Begich, the advent of ‘technetronic’ weapons is a leap just as profound as the transition from gun powder to atomic bombs.

1) CEO James Hackett, a director of Halliburton (“War, Inc.”, ref. Dick Cheney, 9/11 mastermind & BP-Gulf) and member of Trilateral Commission (= connection to ‘doc tronic’ Brzezinski and Rockefeller) ALSO A BILDERBERG MEMBER

NOTE: Anadarko publicly accused BP of blowing up their own well; translation: they did it. (redneck aphorism: “The smeller’s the feller!”)

2) Luke Corbett, director of Kerr-McGee (notorious plutonium reprocessor, owned by Anadarko now, ref. Karen Silkwood who was murdered while attempting to reveal information about radiation poisoning at Kerr-McGee)

3) Peter Geren, former Sec. of both Army and Air Force (not to be confused with Peter Garrett, former Australian Minister of the Environment and aging rock-star)

4) Paula Reynolds, director of BAE, a major defense contractor specializing in advanced weapons systems…who just happened to build the HAARP phase 2 upgrade completed in 2006.
BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program

5) Most interestingly, General Kevin Chilton, who was until joining Anadarko in May of 2011 the head of the U.S. SPACE COMMAND, after having been the commander of the Strategic Command (STRATCOM)…these are HUGE positions. Chilton was or still is the chief commandant of ‘cyber-warfare’ which is the branch of ‘full spectrum dominance’ targeting the internet. When you watch his interviews he comes across as a gentle, soft-spoken ‘pr’ rep for ‘Uncle Sam the global good-guy’, down-playing American ‘might’ and emphasizing their strictly ‘defensive’ posture. He does in fact have that undefined ‘post-hypnotic astronaut’ voice, as well…he piloted three Space Shuttle missions and was involved in many experiments, possibly involving modification of the ionosphere relating to HAARP.”


See: August 2012 Wrap Up

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Never have we needed to band together more down here.

WE DON’T WANT THIS TECHNOLOGY anywhere near our towns and coastal cities.

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2 Responses to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation To Test New Ultra-deepwater Drillship In NZ Waters

  1. Haarp is used by Anadarko – but the technology used by the ships is not haarp – just saying – Jeff is correct EM is the likely cause not air guns – why this tech would leave damage to the whales internal ear. No such damage is emerging. But sign of em are – but can we not mix up technology. It makes us look silly.

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