Presentation At Waitangi On Chemtrails/Geoengineering

Clare talking 2 6 febBy Clare Swinney

February the 6th was Waitangi Day in New Zealand.  This day has been a public holiday since 1974 to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s (contentious) founding document, on that date in 1840.

Ngati Hau, which is a hapu (sub tribe) of the Nga Puhi iwi, had a political forum tent at Waitangi, (shown below), in which people were given the opportunity to speak – and sing about issues, primarily related to the Treaty, on Waitangi Day.

Ngati Hau's Political Forum Tent at Waitangi, February 6, 2013

Ngati Hau’s Political Forum Tent at Waitangi, February 6, 2013

Naturally, the majority of those who spoke came from Northland, although there were a number who came from as far away as the US.  A wide variety of topics were covered from about 9.30am until about 4pm in the tent, ranging from the documented proof that showed the Treaty was flawed to means to help “schizophrenics,” and the need for the young to learn how to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Jim Reece and I had a display related to chemtrails/geoengineering in a corner of the tent and handed out flyers and DVDs to those who were showing an interest in the issue from about 10am until 2pm.  We encountered a number who were already aware of the issue, including a man from Oregon, US who said that while he had seen chemtrails in New Zealand, there were many more visible in the US, and he said he believed this geoengineering technology  was responsible for the droughts in food-growing regions of the US.

Shortly after midday, the NZ Airforce’s Red Checkers put on a display of five E-model CT4 air trainers that performed daredevil manoeuvres while spraying aerosols near Waitangi.  It was an aerosol display – aerosols were turned on and off, demonstrating that not all trails are condensation trails, as some disinformation agents would have us believe. Thank-you to the Air Force for clarifying this.   Here is about 1.10mins of footage shot at about 12.15pm of the Red Checkers display.

At about 2pm I was given the opportunity to talk about chemtrails/geoengineering to the 80 or so present.  Marama Waddell kindly introduced me in the Maori language.  As I had not expected to talk and not prepared a speech, I spoke “off-the-cuff” briefly, (in English).  I said aircraft have been spraying trails of metal particulates that evidence showed is being used with weather modification technology to cause drought in Northland.  I mentioned that this was occurring in the US also. I also mentioned that chemtrail activity was being recorded around New Zealand by members of Chemtrails over NZ on, which now had over 1000 members.

I said that chemicals mentioned on geoengineering patents had been found in Northland rainwater and that officially geo-engineering was to save the planet from “man-made global warming,” but the planet was not being saved by this technology any means.   I referred to the article that was in MarketWatch recently which claimed that investing in geoengineering was a way to make money and “save the Earth,” and implied that geoengineering certainly will not save the earth – it will poison it, as the aerosols are highly toxic to humans and to the environment.

I referred to the hair analyses done in January and October 2012 on a Northland resident’s hair  and stated that it showed high levels of aluminium, strontium and barium were present and that these are chemicals that are used in the aerosols to manipulate the climate and cause drought in Northland.  I concluded by saying that what was occurring was in my opinion a crime of huge proportions and that we must get it stopped, because if we don’t we are not going to be able to sustain life as we have done.  The weather is being manipulated, the government is pretending it is not happening, the mainstream media is covering it up and claiming the trails are vapour trails. The system is not working, so we have to create our own system.

Following this a man in the audience supported what I had said and said he was glad I had raised the issue and added that there were depopulation plans that he was aware of and implied that this could be a reason why the chemtrailing was occurring.  Then a woman in the audience took the microphone and said, amongst other things, that everything I had said was true and that she had been studying the issue.

At the conclusion of the topic, Marama and I handed virtually everyone in the audience a DVD copy of one of three documentaries. They were given either ‘Aerosol Crimes’, ‘What in The World Are They Spraying?’ or ‘Why in the World Are they Spraying? plus a flyer regarding chemtrails/geoengineering, to enable them to see evidence of what had been spoken about.   I encouraged people to share this information with their family and friends and many seemed appreciative of and interested in what they had been given.

Thank-you to Ngati Hau for giving us the opportunity to share this important information.  You are, as your slogan says, leading the way.

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11 Responses to Presentation At Waitangi On Chemtrails/Geoengineering

  1. louisayoung says:

    Thank you so much Jim and Clare. I am also with you that spraying aerosols to save the planet is only doing harm, and as Massaria, Scientific research says in this interview (below), weather modification is not a cure but a curse! Earth’s own biofeedback mechanism has been severely restricted with the spraying and HAARPing, putting holes in the ozone, causing more radiation from the sun to get to earth, the seas to become more acidic and methane to be released, changing wind currents, affecting the weather with more storms etc… If earth is not left to heal itself using its own biofeedback mechanism, without the intervention from HAARP and chemtrails, the results could be dire.

  2. longmal says:

    Early In November I arrived in Auckland and noticed a large rectangular shaped contrail “spread” above Auckland. I also noticed them in the Bay of Plenty, where rainfall was low. I also went to One Tree Hill in Auckland. The grass was short (well chewed by the sheep) but green. I hear it’s now brown. For decades in my observations the only places in NZ’s North Island that turned brown in summer were Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay. NZ is rich because of its rainfall, but watch the water corporations come in now and start spreading lies such as “watch every drop” – as they did in Queensland – and jack the price of water up by 100 percent at least. They’ll say you need a water grid and to recycle all your waste water. It’s oh so environmental!

    • Thank-you for sharing that. I listened to an interview with Dane Wigington recently and it appears that the planet is in meltdown. The US Air Force document, Weather As A Force Multiplier made it apparent they have no respect for the environment. This is becoming more than apparent.

      The Bush family have invested heavily in water – that should tell us something.

      Jesse Ventura did a show on water corporations during the last season of Conspiracy Theory on TruTV:

    • Marian says:

      Indeed, we would do well to heed your warning about the water, longmal!

  3. Marian says:

    What a great opportunity to speak at such a large gathering Clare. You and Jim Reece continue to lead the way, in ” walking the walk” , as well as ” talking the talk.”
    ( Does the cost of all the free DVDs and flyers given out at events such as this, come entirely out of your own pockets? I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I am very aware that it can add up to quite a lot. Some of us, who may not be as experienced or knowledgeable as you and Jim, and who may still be working up to speaking publicly to a crowd, could, however show our support by making monetary donations towards your costs…I don’t have much, but I’m going to make a small donation right now.)

    • Dear Marian, that is very good of you. I will send you more DVDs to hand out – you are already handing out DVDs on your own bat.
      We got a really good deal and we are more than happy to hand out the DVDs for free to wake people up. It is in our opinions, well worth it. We have a donation tin and have received about $30 in donations in the last 3 weeks.

      For those who want to purchase blank DVDs and envelopes, you can get a really good deal on these from an Auckland-based seller named Ms Y. Pan, who can be reached at She sells on TradeMe, but it is probably best to contact her directly.
      She quoted for Ritek DVD-R printable $14 each for a 50 pack and Princo DVD-R $14.50 for a 50 pack, the PVC sleeves were only $4/100. The shipping was $10 for courier from Auckland to Whangarei, next day delivery. We got 300 blank DVDs and envelopes delivered for just $110.

      • Marian says:

        Excellent prices to make use of, thanks Clare. Glad to know you have a “donation tin”. You also need a bank account for “Chemtrails North NZ Geoengineering Activism Costs”,so that anyone who wants to, can donate a few dollars, online. : )
        Some people have less time, but more money, and others have more time, but less money, to put towards this fight to expose the travesty, that is ruining our atmosphere, environment, food and water supplies, our health, and the future of our children and grandchildren.

      • Thank-you Marian. Good idea. I will open one with the PSIS in the next few days.

  4. Toni Smith says:

    This is outstanding Clare! Well done to you and Jim. I too have watched the Dane Wigington video and we need to act fast, it’s now do or die..literally! Let’s keep going with this.

  5. Marian says:

    I’m glad you agree Clare. I’m sure that there are many more folk like me, who would love to contribute .I’m sure that you, Jim, and others will have plenty of good ideas on how to use any extra funds that come your way. In the end we all benefit! We may all come from different walks of life, or have different spiritual beliefs, but on this issue, we are united in our concern, and need to encourage one another in our efforts to expose the threat these dangerous geoengineering “experiments” pose to all life on this planet.

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