Stuff.Co.Nz: Weather radar catches massive bug swarm

Watch the image closely for a number of times.


22 Feb 2013

A vast swarm of bugs that covered much of the northern half of the North Island last night and this morning has been caught on the Metservice weather radar.

MetService do not know what it was and entomologists are puzzled.

But there is a strong suspicion that it is an unwanted Australian heading home.

One was convinced it was the Tasmanian grass grub and another suspected huge swarm of aphids.

“I have no idea,” said Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste told Stuff.

“I would suggest go up in the air in aeroplane stick out a butterfly net and see what you catch.”

He also speculated it could be a dust storm.

Fellow entomologist Stephen Pawson of Scion, a Crown research institute, had a more pragmatic answer; whatever if was, it was large, and it is going to be coming in on the surf at Piha and Muriwai for the next week or so.

Metservice’s Peter Kreft told Stuff the unknown insects began swarming over the Waikato region around 9pm yesterday.

“They were pushed by the south easterly wind north toward Auckland,” he said.

By around 7am today the massive swarm was out over the Tasman Sea, west of Auckland.

“We see this from time to time, but this one is a very good example of it.”

Kreft said the weather service was not sure what it was.

“We strongly suspect the echo is swarms of insects,” Metservice says.

“To show up in radar imagery like this, they must be about as large as, and as numerous as, precipitation particles….



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One Response to Stuff.Co.Nz: Weather radar catches massive bug swarm

  1. chris says:

    … ‘insects migrating in their billions’ mmmmmmmmmmh most probably… but I think it’s most likely a “MILITARY CHAFF DISPERSION” or something of that sort in action …. check this out.. at approximately 1min

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