Newsletter From the Climate Realists, No. 2 For 2013

Greetings Climate Realists,
the intention of putting out a newsletter every fortnight still remains; however the reality is that until Lord Monckton’s visit in April is over, newsletters will be a sporadic event!
It’s been a busy start to the year and I pay tribute to all the wonderful organisers around the country who are working hard to make Lord Monckton’s tour a success.
***As Lord Monckton’s arrival in New Zealand draws ever closer we are asking that everyone spread the word of his meetings- the full itinerary is on our website
Keep a regular eye on this as more events are added. The Wellington details are the main ones still to be finalised, hopefully very shortly.
***Do you have a mailing list? Do you belong to a network of people? Grey Power? Probus? U3A? Rotary? Farm discussion group? Sports club? Business network? Lions? Church group?
Why not put something into their newsletters? Inform their mailing lists? Pin a poster on their noticeboards?
***We have a pdf brochure available, customised for every  town in NZ that will be hosting Lord Monckton. Email me at if you would like a copy to print and pass around your local area.
The subjects under discussion are the climate change scam, and the implementation of UN Agenda 21 in New Zealand.
***How about writing to the editor of your local paper and asking some pointed questions about Agenda 21: How does it affect your local council? Raise awareness of this issue. 
Most people have never heard of Agenda 21 and have even less idea of what it’s about.
Ignoring this will not make it go away; NZ’s government already has UN Agenda 21 enshrined in its legislation: for example going to the MFE website and putting in a search for ‘agenda 21’ revealed 143 results. (here is a lightning fast scan of some of the headings, it would take a while to read through the whole lot!)
Hamilton City Council has officially adopted the principles and practices of Local Agenda 21 and these now underpin their Environmental Policy and their City
….in preparation for the World Summit, New Zealand compiled a review of the progress implementing sustainable development as outlined in the 1992 Agenda 21.
6-2. 1.2.2. Agenda 21, consultation and the Proposed District Plan. 6-3 …. In 1993 , the Waimakariri District Council was invited to join an Agenda 21 Pilot Project
…..These reflect New Zealand’s obligations as a signatory to Agenda 21 in 1992, which states that to improve planning and management systems they should be
Plenty enough to keep us all busy for a while!
Happy reading,
Ian Wishart is promoting a special deal on the Leighton Smith show at NewstalkZB for the next six weeks or so- buy Ian’s ‘Air Con’ and Ian Plimer’s Book ‘Heaven and Earth’ for $39.99 and win a free ticket to a Lord Monckton public presentation of your choice.
A special note for those taking advantage of this offer: Those who buy these books direct from the website (above) are entitled to a free climategate ebook upgrade.
Monckton and Morano:
Most important! Listen to the video by Lord Monckton and Marc Morano.
Perhaps the best group of videos I have seen.
Malcolm R
Esther’s note: This is an excellent short link and shows the kind of wonderful logic and reasoning we can expect from Christopher Monckton when he speaks in New Zealand.
Interesting commentary on Lord Monckton:
2GB recording of Ann Bressington: Agenda 21
People, listen to this. It is important and Ann sets out the facts very clearly. Pass this link around your friends and neighbours- this kind of information needs to get out into the pucblic arena. 19 minutes long- time well spent.
Australian politician Ann Bressington warning about the United Nations plans for sustainability as she speaks at one of Lord Monckton’s recent meetings in Australia.

The comments by the radio announcer at the end are excellent also.

Don R
Carbon tax 15 times more costly than global warming
Even on generously optimistic assumptions, the Sanders/Boxer CO2 tax would be 15 times costlier than letting predicted warming happen and paying to adapt to any damage it might cause.

As an expert reviewer for the forthcoming “Fifth Assessment Report” of the U.N.’s climate panel, the IPCC, I am alarmed at the absence of sound cost-benefit analysis when climate mitigation measures are proposed.

To determine whether it is worthwhile to spend the $1.2 trillion the carbon tax would cost, one must correctly combine the hitherto-unrelated specialisms of climatology and economics. Yet climatologists know no economics, and economists know no climatology.


Global Temperature Standstill Gains IPCC Support- GWPF Welcomes Dr Pachauri’s Acknowledgement.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) welcomes that Dr Rajenda Pachauri, the chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has acknowledged the reality of the post-1997 standstill in global average temperatures. (see interview with Dr Pachauri in
The Australian 22 February).

The GWPF has been highlighting the global warming standstill for many years against fervent denial by climate activists. Recently, Nasa’s James Hansen also recognised that global temperatures have not risen for more than a decade.

“Even though the scientific case for the standstill is secure, and well represented in peer-reviewed scientific literature, it will surely help the climate debate now that the IPCC chairman has confirmed its existence,” said Dr David Whitehouse, the GWPF’s science editor.

The post-1997 global annual average temperature standstill is one of the most important aspects of current climate science. Its recognition by the chair of the IPCC means there is now growing pressure that this empirical fact will receive full analysis in the forthcoming AR5 report.

The GWPF points out that Dr Pachauri’s assertion that it will take a temperature standstill of “30-40 years at least” to affect theories of man-made global warming is without a scientific basis. “The 17-year standstill already strains climate models, and if it continues for much longer it will demonstrate that the climate models on which the IPCC has based its assumptions are inadequate,” Dr Whitehouse said.

From NZCPR Sat 23/2/13
Barack Obama, liar-in-chief
In the State of the Union speech, President Obama made the following statement:
{Now, it’s true that no single event makes a trend. But the fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods, all are now more frequent and more intense. We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science and act before it’s too late.}
You would think while being President, he would be more up to speed on his information. How could he be so misinformed?
Read more:
Tony Elliott
Articles by Steve McIntyre:
Too much hot air about global warming
A man who has become the arch-enemy of climate scientists for exposing serious flaws in a United Nations study on global warming believes the issue has been greatly overstated.
Global warming debate reaches boiling point
Mr McIntyre is sanguine about the huge response to the NBR ONLINE story, in which he pointed out that the impact of global warming is likely to be “about half of what current scientific models are showing”.
“The onus is on the people arguing it’s a big problem to really show in an engineering quality report why it’s a big problem.
“There’s too much arm waving in the reports and in all the years I’ve been doing this you get scientific models which have inherent assumptions in them.
“The observations indicate to me that the models are probably running hot, and that the impact is about half of what they are showing.
“I do view that as a black mark against the models.”
from NZCSC
 The Terrible Tale of the Thompsons of Narrogin
Some of you will remember Matt and Janet Thomson, the beef feedlot farmers who were run off their property at Narrogin, WA, by environmental and state government bullying. They both have agricultural degrees, and brought their children and capital to Australia in order to develop a state of the art feedlot in WA. The bullying started after completion (with heavy capital investment) of building the feedlot, when Matt spoke up at a local meeting about the fact that the truth is not being told to the public on the DAGW issue. From that point on the pressure built remorselessly, until the Thompsons were forced out of their business.
If you have never read the Thompson’s story, then it is worth visiting this link of Joanne Nova’s, who did an absolutely magnificent job in trying to help and support them whilst they were in Australia:
Bob C

Climate Alarm, Science, and Politics


…….How Some Key IPCC Researchers View Their Science:

For starters, let’s begin with two different views by some of the same researchers that are reported in the same year regarding whether there is a discernible human influence on global climate.


First, taken from a 1996 IPCC report summary written by B.D. Santer, T.M.L Wigley, T.P. Barnett, and E. Anyamba: “…there is evidence of an emerging pattern of climate response to forcings by greenhouse gases and sulphate aerosols…from geographical, seasonal and vertical patterns of temperature change…These results point towards human influence on climate.”

Then, a 1996 publication “The Holocene”, by T.P. Barnett, B.D. Santer, P.D. Jones, R.S. Bradley and K.R. Briffa, says this: “Estimates of…natural variability are critical to the problem of detecting an anthropogenic [human] signal…We have estimated the spectrum…from paleo-temperature proxies and compared it with…general [climate] circulation models…none of the three estimates of the natural variability spectrum agree with each other…Until…resolved, it will be hard to say, with confidence, that an anthropogenic climate signal has or has not been detected.”

In other words, these guys, several of whom you will hear from later, can’t say with confidence whether or not humans have had any influence at all…or even  if so, whether it has caused warming or cooling!……


Read more:


Phil H

No, David Attenborough: Africa hasn’t warmed by 3.5 degrees C in two decades
It’s not often one looks to the Guardian’s environment pages for an incisive and thorough critique of green propagandising. But hats off – really – to Leo Hickman for this ruthless deconstruction of an erroneous claim made by David Attenborough on his latest BBC nature documentary that in the last twenty years Africa has warmed by 3.5 degrees C.

3.5 degrees C in two decades? That would indeed be a remarkable temperature rise in anybody’s money. (Remember, since 1850 global mean temperatures have risen by about 0.8 degrees C – and we’re supposed to find that worrying and significant). Which is why, you might have thought, the BBC would have spotted so obvious an error and removed it before the programme went out.

To his credit, this troubled Leo Hickman, too.

I’d never heard this arresting claim before. If that rate of temperature rise continued over, say, a century, then those parts of Africa would see a deathly rise of 17.5C?! Could that claim really be true?

So began his wild goose chase to track down the source of the BBC’s factoid.

Read more:
The future of wind farms

There are many hidden truths about the world of wind turbines from the pollution and environmental damage caused in China by manufacturing bird choppers, the blight on people’s lives of noise and the flicker factor and the countless numbers of birds that are killed each year by these blots on the landscape.

The symbol of Green renewable energy, our saviour from the non existent problem of Global Warming, abandoned wind farms are starting to litter the planet as globally governments cut the subsidies taxes that consumers pay for the privilege of having a very expensive power source that does not work every day for various reasons like it’s too cold or  the wind speed is too high.

The US experience with wind farms has left over 14,000 wind turbines abandoned and slowly decaying, in most instances the turbines are just left as symbols of a dying Climate Religion, nowhere have the Green Environmentalists appeared to clear up their mess or even complain about the abandoned wind farms.

Read more:
This presentation is very long, but it also contains a large amount of thought-provoking and accurate commentary:
As a taster, one slide that particularly caught my eye was Slide 45
Bob C

Geoengineering: The real climate change threat

For decades now, we have been told to be afraid of the long-term effects of manmade carbon dioxide on our climate. Seemingly every day some new storm, drought, warm spell or cold snap is featured on the news, with government-funded scientists warning us that this is a sign of things to come unless the world reduces its CO2 production.

The problem, of course, is that this is a third-rate scientific hoax propagated on the strength of the public’s ignorance of the underlying science, or lack thereof. The models and predictions used to scare the public into believing that CO2 is driving climate and will continue to do so in an increasingly dangerous fashion share the distinction of being universally wrong in their predictions of trends over the past 15 years, yet we are still asked to believe in the long-term validity of these same falsified models…..


Climate of Deception? or First Step to Freedom?

For the past 6 months, the Galileo Movement’s Project Leader, Malcolm Roberts, has been preparing a Management Consultant’s Review of the CSIRO’s ‘The Science Of Tackling Climate Change’, at the request of ABC presenter Steve Austin.

Malcolm’s review progressively uncovered ever more disturbing insights into CSIRO and the global warming industry. His investigation eventually led to the inescapable conclusion that Australia’s national governance is threatened.

A summary of the investigation can be downloaded here:!.html   with the full investigation available separately on that page.

“In a democracy, government is formed by the people to serve the people. Today, government has turned the tables and controls people so we serve government.”

Less snow, more blizzards ‘all global warming’

With scant snowfall and barren ski slopes in parts of the Midwest and Northeast the past couple of years, some scientists have pointed to global warming as the culprit.

Then when a whopper of a blizzard smacked the Northeast with more than 2 feet of snow in some places earlier this month, some of the same people again blamed global warming.

How can that be? It’s been a joke among skeptics, pointing to what seems to be a brazen contradiction.



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