‘HAARP’ TTA’s in Antarctica and Australia Creating Havoc for New Zealand?

revmichellehopkins, Published on 12 Feb. 2013

New Zealand is being targeted using Tesla technology that can cause earthquakes. It is a form of political pressure by the UN and Austalia.

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6 Responses to ‘HAARP’ TTA’s in Antarctica and Australia Creating Havoc for New Zealand?

  1. Peter Woodhall says:

    I have always thought this, after doing much research, ever since the day of September 4 2010, when Christchurch was struck by a 7.1 Earthquake. Boy are they making a meal of repairing roads, disrupting the public, and an incredibly slow rebuild in the central city. In fact the citys character has been lost forever. Up go the concrete tilt slabs of nothing. While the most suffering folks out in the suburbs have been almost completely forgotten, their homes may be the last to be rebuilt. The wait I have heard is up to 8 years. This is criminal. Our peace here is gone. Boy racers terrorise the streets. In my mind, they have done enough to severely damage the city, but not quite enough to destroy it. Why? I believe they have plans for Christchurch, for their own evil ends. Land grabs. Oil. Now the Christchurch schools are picked on. I have a hunch the land is at issue here too. I think whoever are using the incredible power of the ionisphere to create quakes, as per Telsa’s doomsday machine. His idea was to help mankind. The thugs doing this to us have other ideas. And they keep blaming mother nature. I know there are other evil technologies they can use too.

  2. Sarah says:

    Latest Earthquakes Report, Feb. 11, 2013 Santa Cruz Islands get multitude of shakes. confirms the Rev’s report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7YnxTa-y3g

  3. Tanya Lunn says:

    I note from Geonet that a minor EQ (2.6) occurred 10km north-east of Methven yesterday morning, 29th July 2013 at 9:07:37am. On ONE News & Weather at 6pm yesterday evening, Jim the weatherman showed us an image of a most unusual cloud formation over Methven in the morning, saying that children going to school might have thought ‘aliens were coming’. He then went on to give a description of how such clouds are formed. I’m just wondering whether there could be any connection between the odd cloud and the EQ?

  4. TonyNutley says:

    Who or What can Stop them with this global genocide.

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