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Weatherman, Scott Stevens’ Obervations Of Aerosol Operations on March 29

2013-0329 A Dance in the Sky Scott Stevens His website:

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Photos From Auckland Showing Unnatural Cloud Formations

By Martin Davies These photos were taken from Auckland on Monday, the 25th of March, 2013, in the morning.  They show unnatural weather events, including straight lines in cloud material and colored cloud material, as shown in the first photo. 

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Cloud With Unnatural Lines Over Wellington

By Tripper Tych Here is an interesting photo of cloud material taken on March 28th, 2013 at about 3pm, looking towards the Wellington Airport.  Note the square-shaped hole amongst the air-crap.

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Newsletter From Climate Realists, Number 3 For 2013

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 Dear Climate Realists, Welcome to the third newsletter of the year- rather than one a fortnight, I’m managing one a month at present- I’m sure this will all change after April! In the meantime, plans … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton’s Climate of Freedom Tour Starts In Northland On April 1st

Clare Swinney,  27 March, 2013. Lord Christopher Monckton’s much-awaited Climate of Freedom Tour starts in a few days time in Northland at Matakana on April the 1st and will proceed through New Zealand, ending in Invercargill on April the 26th.   … Continue reading

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Weather Wars: Farming Regions Of UK & Ireland Hit With Very Heavy Snow Fall

DailyMailUK By Mark Duell and Becky Evans,   9:31 GMT, 26 March 2013. This comment was under the article:  “What I find unbelievable is that I live 8 miles South of Manchester and we have had nothing absolutely nothing and yet … Continue reading

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Whangarei Sky Covered In Aerosol Material On March 25, 2013

This morning numerous aerosol trails were visible in the sky from Whangarei, as these photos show.   Toni Anne Smith of Kamo, Whangarei witnessed a plane spraying an aerosol this morning and phoned me a few minutes after seeing the plane.  … Continue reading

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Chemtrail Seen In Adelaide With Distinct Gap

Robin Pratt, Adelaide, Australia. I have photos of an interesting trail over Adelaide, South Australia taken from late last year that I thought I might like to share and I invite comment.  The second photo is a close up of … Continue reading

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Radio Air Time & Letters In Whangarei Newspapers In March On Chemtrails/Geoengineering

By Clare Swinney, March 23, 2013 Good news!  Jim Reece, Marian Sutherland and I spoke for several minutes each on Radio Waatea’s talkback show with Vapi Kupenga on Thursday night about chemtrails/ geoengineering, and the evidence which shows our weather … Continue reading

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The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie

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