Unnatural Clouds Adjacent Wellington Airport – March 6

By Michael Zhang, Wellington, NZ
On the 6th of March, 2013 I took some photos when I drove to the Wellington airport, at about 4:30pm.  Just above the airport, there were very low faux clouds hanging in the sky. There were ugly artificial clouds.

 They were in strange shapes. They looked as if they are aerosols – definitely not natural clouds, in my opinion.   You can see the Air New Zealand airplane on the ground. Just above the plane  there is a straight line of artificial cloud material.MZ



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2 Responses to Unnatural Clouds Adjacent Wellington Airport – March 6

  1. Peter Woodhall says:

    There have been similar over Christchurch. Taken pics of them, and real ripple clouds, caused by electomagnetic waves from antenna as per HAARP. Nothing new.

  2. I note that an individual often appearing in these letters pages from the MetService is dead against the idea of chemtrails, which of course is fair enough. But i start to wonder how meticulous and observant those people can really be when I read last night that in April 2008 an expedition group from Auckland’s Elim Christian College was faxed a weather forecast by the MetService which omitted to warn them of thunderstorms.

    The MetService representative at the inquest on 15 Feb 2010 admitted under cross examination, and under oath, that they may also have left out the words “heavy rain”. As it was the sudden appearance of heavy rain and thunderstorms which, apparently, led to the deaths of seven people (six children and one teacher) on what should have been a fun day out, and as the Met Service admitted that despite correcting the forecast later, they never faxed this crucial correction to recipients of the former, incomplete, forecast (the individuals most likely to be in need of this information) I wonder if MetService representatives claiming to be experts are not, actually, as mentally agile and as conscientious as they would have us believe.


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