Satellite Imagery Shows Worst Drought In North Island In History Is Man-Made

Part of satellite image for February 4th, 2013 from rapidfire. Shows strike which can be used to stop rain clouds from producing rain.  See: Weatherwars.Info for more information.

Part of satellite image for February 4th, 2013 from rapidfire. Shows strike which can be used to stop rain clouds from producing rain. See: Weatherwars.Info for more information.

By Clare Swinney          PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHERS published: North Island drought worst in history’  on March the 10th, 2013, which states “Long, dry spells are forecast to double by 2040”  and experts warn it could spell the end for farming as we know it.   But why? What has changed so dramatically? The answer is the weather is being manipulated and this manipulation is evident in satellite imagery.

Many anomalies can be observed in satellite imagery of New Zealand and adjacent areas for January 1st to March 9, 2013, as these images below show. B 10 Jan bottom est of SI cropped

B  10 Jan bottom est of SI cropped 2A uncensored feb 2 south island circ

B part of ractangle cloud Jan 4

This video shows a small portion of what can be seen.  It includes circular cloud formations, holes in clouds and aerosol trails, otherwise known as chemtrails.   I recommend you look at a few images at least to get an idea of the magnitude of the weather tampering going on.  Satellite imagery is at:  The last three digits of the number “2013001″, relate to the day of the year, thus “001″ is the 1st of January, 2013.  Try the imagery for these following days, as they are some to include blatantly unnatural cloud formations and or chemtrails/aerosols:  Jan 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 30 and  Feb 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21 and 22. 

Video link here:



Watch: Why In The World Are They Spraying? at YouTube to learn more.

Don’t Think The US Military Is Concerned With The Climate? Think Again

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Committed to awakening those still asleep. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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22 Responses to Satellite Imagery Shows Worst Drought In North Island In History Is Man-Made

  1. Christopher Watson says:

    great work Clare

    • I hope people take a few minutes to look at the satellite imagery for themselves, as it did not come up very clearly on the video. After spending 3 days looking at the imagery, the impression I was left with is that the weather engineers are doing all they can to stop it from raining up north. Others may get the same view – that the agenda for the North Island is to dry it out. Thank-you Christopher.

  2. Danielle says:

    This is shocking Clare. And this morning on TV1’s news, with ne’er a word of sympathy for farmers we are told that the drought weather is benefiting tourism! Rainy weekends keep tourists away they say!

    • I feel very sorry for the poor farmers. They are the backbone of this country. It is shocking that the weather engineers are so arrogant they think nothing of impeding the hydrological cycle to the point that the environment is put in serious jeopardy.

      For those who wish to have a close look at the weather tampering in satellite imagery, look at these days for some imagery that shows anomalies and or chemtrails – Days to look at: Jan 2, 4, 6, 10, 16. Jan 30 -chemtrails. Feb 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, Feb 21 -lots of chemtrails, Feb 22 – trails off west coast.

  3. Ngaire Small says:

    Great work Clare. I have sent the link through to a couple of talk-back hosts on Radio Live and asked them to look at it. Surely those in the media cannot ignore this obvious connection if they investigate it.
    Just heard from one of my guests at the motel we own that while travelling to Nelson via Murchison this afternoon, a massive Beech tree crashed down across the road for no apparent reason and hit the car just ahead of them, injuring the occupants. They believed it was possibly caused by the drought conditions through there. Incredible to think those doing these acts don’t care what the consequences could or would be for any of us.
    This drought and it’s effects are so bad we need to do all we can to awaken others to the connection.

    • Thank-you Ngaire for sharing that info. Katherine Smith, who lives in Auckland, said yesterday that street trees were dying in her neighborhood. Perhaps they are trying to dry it out for long enough to knock many farmers out of the game and/or compell them to beg the government for GE-drought-resistent products.
      I seem to remember that it did not rain properly in the north in 2010 during the severe drought period until early-April. It will be interesting to see if they follow the same game-plan this year. It was odd that in Whangarei it rained exceedingly heavily around Xmas time before this drought began, filling the damns up so the towns’ people have not had to go without, even now after over 9 weeks with virtually no rain. I suspect that was all planned too, as the farmers are the first target of this agenda in my opinion. Towns’ people are being kept comfortable in the meantime…

    • James H says:

      Ngaire- since the rise of these Seth neo Nazi New World Order criminals – our media have ignored: 9-11 Truth, the truth about the Libyan genocide, the Syrian genocide, the threats made to the US congress before the bailouts, the fact that the ‘underwear bomber’ was CIA, the full extent of the Catholic Church pedophile cover ups, the fact that Paul Holmes was out biggest ever meth addict, that John Tamihere is alleged to have been manufacturing meth, the allegations that Owen Glenn is a heroin trafficker, that Peter Williams QC was the real Mr Asia, John Key’s crimes while working at Merrill Lynch (bankrupting Irelend for one), the fact that 17 security cameras were “not working” the night Princess Diana was murdered…..need I go on? There is little hope for our mainstream media – nor the bribed and controlled criminals that front it- not least when Radio Live/ Media Works was purchased by Ironbridge Capital, in turn controlled by Goldman Sachs, bankers for the biggest oil companies (BP and Shell who both have designs on our $4 trillion of offshore oil and gas, once the farming industry collapses).

  4. will says:

    Well said, yes Nelson is getting hit hard with the drought. heavy spraying yesterday helping to keep rain away. Thick trails and chem residue still in sky today. Crazy times

  5. Simon V says:

    This is a national disgrace, Kiwis need to wake up and go and fight for their Land.

    • Thank-you Simon. If more people knew about it it would help. Please share the video link with friends and family, if you have not done so already, and help to wake people up to this crime, against our environment and its people. I encourage everyone to do so.

    • Ngaire Small says:

      I agree Simon. I am telling everyone that comes into my motel about this drought. I also have the victims of the falling tree disaster in the Buller Gorge yesterday, staying with me for as long as it takes for them to get well. They are three young German and Swedish tourists and it is a miracle they are still with us. I am incensed at the probable co-relation between the weather manipulation and this mishap, that so very nearly cost them their lives. Shocking.

  6. chris says:

    China Confirms Ability to Stop Rain for Olympics

    The Beijing Meteorological Bureau, instructed to ensure the roofless Bird’s Nest stadium stays dry on the opening of the Olympic Games, say that experiments to prevent light precipitation from occurring have worked using two methods.

    Clouds below freezing were sprayed with a liquid nitrogen-based coolant that breaks droplets up into smaller sizes; those above freezing received silver iodide to produce a cloud-suppressing downdraft by speeding the process of droplet coalescence.

    The opposite effect may be attempted to force rain to fall before it gets to the Olympics. A pre-Games highlight involving the torch being taken to Mount Everest’s top is also being prepared by the bureau, promising “very detailed” wind reports.

  7. Jon Edwards says:

    What is the end game of depriving NZ of rain? End of farming, easier for the oil companies to come in a frack the place up (destroying our underground water supplies). To stop us being self sufficient as far as food production goes? I know they control the weather, I just can’t work out why.

    • There will probably be a number of reasons why they want to deprive NZ and other countries of a stable climate.
      Jon, watch ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying? (2012). It is at YouTube. It shows, amongst other things that droughts are being induced in the US and Monsanto’s GE seed sales are increasing. Note that Federated Farmers asked the NZ govt to relax the rules on GE coming into NZ so they could bring in GE grass seeds that will resist drought recently.

      The so-called elite, who try and control the planet and us have had a plan for a long time to cut meat out of our diet and this is probably another reason for droughts/floods being created in farming areas worldwide. According to one researcher, named Alan Watt, we were being conditioned to it when we were young (I’m 49 now) when we watched Star Trek, where there was a vegetarian diet on board. Also, note that Al Gore went on TV a few weeks ago and said we should have a vegetarian diet. Refer: Expect to see more people say we should be on a vegetarian diet. The reason they provide is not of course the truth.

      The following is what New World Order researcher, Alan Watt said about why the so-called elite don’t want us eating meat:
      “Believe you me. Because, why protein? When you look at India, and these guys use histories, very ancient histories, and recent and modern histories as well, to the full. And they always have historians on board and philosophers, you’ll find in the top think tanks. India has been ruled basically by Brahmans, the Brahman caste for thousands of years. And the most easy people to get to obey you, they’re kind of sluggish in certain ways and so on, are people who are malnourished on a very minimal diet. I’m talking about a full vegetarian diet here. Once they’re in charge of your food, you’ll find that even the vegetables will become restricted and restricted, until you’re missing out on vital Amino Acids and so on, but you’re very compliant, you’re not too bright, you do what you’re told, you certainly will never rebel. And that’s the technique, that’s why they want to bring in the vegetarian world.”

      A further reason why they may be making it very difficult to grow food is that they wish to reduce the world population significantly. For example: “Why The future does not need us” by Bill Joy. Watch ‘Endgame’ by Alex Jones. That is on YouTube and about the so-called elite’s plan to reduce the world population.

      Also, it may be that the food supply is being whittled down as the UN has plans to distribute food with the aim of control. For example, only countries that abide by their rules get their ration. Google “UN Global Food” and see what you find there.

    • James H says:

      Search Stuff for “oil and gas find the size of texas” or “up to $4trillion of oil and gas”. yes, they wish to destroy all and any other forms of production in the N.I – so far they have introduced a lab invented Kiwi fruit virus, paid off a shipping company to park their ship on rocks off the coast of Tauranga, and triggered earthquakes all up the East Coast. There is little these Seth neo Nazis will not do for $4trillion- look what they did to Iraq – over $1 million murdered for fake WMD’s. Not to mention what they have done to Afghanistan, just for Opium. If you want to know who to blame, research – Goldman Sachs, bankers for BP and Shell Oil, the City of London banking cartel, the Royal Family and Opium profits, the Rothschilds crimes etc. What do they all have in common – same “bloodline” (or so they claim/ believe). Khazars. or Zionists as some call them. They control our Government – our media, all of our banks, and now apparently the weather also.

  8. James says:

    The trouble with people ( or should I say sheeple) is that they spend too much time looking down at their smart phones and other gadgets and watching crap on TV, when chemtrails are poisoning our air, not to mention weather modification. Wake up everyone!!!!

    • Thank-you. Well said James. If you not a member of ‘Chemtrails Over NZ’ on Facebook, think about joining if you are already on Facebook, as there are some activists amongst the members, me included, who like handing out flyers, putting up posters, handing out DVDs etc., to wake people up.

  9. Leith says:

    Chem trails = less/no rain= failing crops etc = (apart from
    the obvious financial implications) the need to purchase GMO created food which is grown where….? owned by who?
    It’s a scary thought

  10. djmskinart says:

    Just as i was looking at this page early this morning, down here in South Canterbury, am seeing, very faintly mind you, but seeing what appears to be frequency lines, in 2 different directions, above each other.
    I have the time lapse camera on, fingers crossed it will pick this activity up and show it.

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