Satellite Image For March 14 Shows Chemtrails Criss-Crossing Over Top Of South Island

Thank-you to Martin and Simone for forwarding the satellite image taken on March 14, 2013, when people in Nelson photographed and filmed a mass of aerosol trails. There appear to be aerosol trails in a grid pattern over the top half of the South Island of New Zealand. Chemtrails #1 MS

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2 Responses to Satellite Image For March 14 Shows Chemtrails Criss-Crossing Over Top Of South Island

  1. Martin says:

    Saw image this morning, never seen trails on a Sat. image over NZ before. Also start to look at rain radar on Met . service[hourly version] , as there have been a lot of “strobes” showing up in the last 2 weeks, possibly indicating HAARP manipulation. Also observed in Sat. images for last x – NO. of weeks ‘clouds’, large cloud banks on both sides of NZ but none “OVER” in general, they seem to stop or ‘break up’ as they reach us on a whole.
    All pictures on your site have ALL been manifested over Auck. for last 6 monthson a very regular basis. Massive activity in weeks before Christmas.A lot less since, near none for last few weeks.
    I wrote this [above] before I went to work yesterday .On my way to work I saw a small chem. cloud and what I thought was a much larger [covered most of Manukau harbour] , but I couldn’t tell.Got to work went inside, came outside again to start.While walking over footbridge the clouds changed at random places, they became grey and went all fuzzy forming a elliptical shape – like bad special effects in a storm movie, then the CHEMICALS fell vertically like a waterfall say 50 m long and fell 100m vertically down. this happened at 3-4 different spots over harbour .Then they hung in the sky in vertical plane like a sheet on a washing line.Also observed a lot of HAARP cloud shortly after cloud change. 1 hour later 1 cloud was still visible in this stance but about 2KM from 1st sighting.Believe I may have wittnessed HAARP event with Chems in real time. THIS EVENT LASTED FIVE MINUTES. It was wittnessed by 2 of my work mates.1 of whom is now going to look into chemtrails & HAARP .By my observation , no rain fell in this time.It was not rain.This was at 1.30pm.At 7.30 pm at Papakura clouds overhead same fuzzy grey ,elliptical. Look like chem cloud merged with a real rain cloud with electrostatic charge,i.e looks like person with staticly charged hair standing on end. Strands were sticking out of cloud all the way round in the horizontal plane.I struggled to believe what I wittnessed yesterday it was as surreal as watching the twin towers on TV the first time. I do not do drugs and have honestly tried to write what I saw

    • Raymond says:

      You’ve never seen a trail on a sat image over NZ before? This must be the first sat image you’ve EVER looked at then.

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