Good news – Ground Soaked With Rain In Whangarei

Good news! It rained lightly overnight in Whangarei and an appreciable amount of rain fell. It was sufficient to soak into the ground and will help bring pastures back to life.  For the first time since late-December, water ran off my roof into a rain barrel, (see second photo).   Let’s hope the rain continues and fills empty tanks and creeks. These photos were taken at about 9am this morning. The small Pyrex dish, which had been placed outside yesterday afternoon, appeared to be less than half full at 9am this morning.Image Image

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4 Responses to Good news – Ground Soaked With Rain In Whangarei

  1. Rain Finally! says:

    Why have the evil powers that be let this most welcome rain fall? They’ve almost got us on our knees why change?

  2. Pingu says:

    Also good news, Hamilton got a decent soaking overnight, and it started raining again at 10:00am and hasn’t stopped yet. The grass is already springing up on our lawn! (Dammit, now I have to mow it… hahaha)
    It’s so good to hear that rain is falling around different parts of the country.
    Even our 1 and a half year old daughter was calling out “RAINING, RAINING, RAINING!!!” When it started this morning. She ran to the window and her eyes were so wide….. it was a lovely thing to see (both her AND the rain)
    Wonderful! – Now, all we need to do is pray that it lasts a whole week with this steady gentle rain and the drought to break. (And also that the Geo-Engineering efforts will be thwarted)

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