Sherborne researcher lifts the lid on government weather manipulation through geoengineering

Saturday, March 16, 2013,  Blackmore Vale Magazine, UK

A RESEARCHER from Sherborne is lifting the lid on what he describes as “the most pressing issue of our time”.

Doctoral researcher David Lim from Sherborne believes governments have the power to deliberately influence the weather.

  1. plane trails

    A Sherborne researcher will share his views on geoengineering which he believes allows governments to influence the weather

“It’s called geoengineering, which is the science of modifying our weather to moderate global warming.

“Geoengineering may sound OK, but it’s not – geoengineering scientists themselves even admit it’s highly risky. Extreme weather can be created, food prices can be controlled and serious illnesses are linked to the chemicals that are being used,” he explained.

David is among a growing number of campaigners worldwide who believe that covert experiments are being conducted openly in our skies.

He explained: “The UK House of Commons Regulation of Geoengineering (2009) describes reducing sunshine levels by spraying sulphate particles into the sky to create manmade clouds; thereby reflecting sunlight back out into space. Government proposes using aeroplanes to do this, but what I am currently seeing over the South West matches their intentions.

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