Radio Air Time & Letters In Whangarei Newspapers In March On Chemtrails/Geoengineering

By Clare Swinney, March 23, 2013waatea

Good news!  Jim Reece, Marian Sutherland and I spoke for several minutes each on Radio Waatea’s talkback show with Vapi Kupenga on Thursday night about chemtrails/ geoengineering, and the evidence which shows our weather is being manipulated, amongst other issues.    I was on as a guest at about 9.17pm with Vapi, who is doing a series on chemtrails.

Vapi Kupenga

Vapi Kupenga

She suggested I ask people to phone in who could help to educate her listeners further on the topic, consequently, approximately 15 minutes after I did my speel,  Jim Reece of Whangarei phoned in and spoke from the heart for several minutes in both English and Maori, and then at around 10pm, Marian Sutherland of North Canterbury phoned in.  Marian told Vapi on air that she was very concerned about what the future held for her family, amongst other matters and recommended that people watch What In The World Are They Spraying? and Why In The World Are They Spraying?  to learn more about the issues.

Jon Eisen

Jon Eisen

Vapi Kupenga, who said she likes dealing with issues in depth and investigates topics before she speaks with her guests on air, said she found this topic “mind-blowing.”  She spoke to the editor of Uncensored magazine, Jon Eisen on the show about chemtrails on Thursday, the 14th of March, 2013 and said she will continue to discuss this most important matter on future shows. Thank-you very much to Vapi Kupenga for her commitment to helping to educate the public about chemtrails/geoengineering, which has been concealed for too long by the corporate-controlled media and our politicians.


We also have had three letters published in Whangarei newspapers this month regarding the drought being man-made.  One in the Whangarei Leader in the March 12 issue which was titled Weather, and two in the Northern Advocate in the March 22nd and 23rd issues, which were written in reply to a letter by Colin Edwards, who wrote that chemtrails/drought inducement were a conspiracy theory.  The letters are posted below.Letters to Leader and Tony's To Advocate

Letter to Advocate March 23 Drought


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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6 Responses to Radio Air Time & Letters In Whangarei Newspapers In March On Chemtrails/Geoengineering

  1. Louisa Young says:

    Fantastic to have so much awareness made on this important subject! – on talkback radio and newspapers. Well done guys,

  2. Marian says:

    It was a refreshing change to hear Vapi Kupenga, a talkback host on Radio Waatea, openly concerned, very keen to learn more about chemtrails, and offering us the opportunity to speak about it. It’s great to see your letters still being published, Clare and Toni. Here’s hoping that the momentum continues, and many more people’s eyes are opened to the reality of geoengineering, and how these programs tie in with the insidious United Nations “Agenda 21” action plan.

  3. Eloise Ashworth says:

    Great article! Thanks for showing that the information is reaching the public. Well done Clare and co.

    The only small negative that completely detracts from all the other great stuff above is the unfortunate “as an aside…) paragraph in the last part of Tony Smith’s letter to the Northern Advocate. Here Tony seems to be hinting that he assumes today’s governments are acting like the NSDP of 1930s Germany! Does he not realise that in fact most governements around the world today are being run by minions (on both the left AND right) of a world COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP (the complete opposite of what he is suggesting!)? He certainly needs to do his homework before making public statements like that because to those of us that were alive back then and really know what’s transpired before & after WWII, he just looks a little naive by saying that and he is leading your readers astray!

    Thanks for your great efforts Clare. Godspeed!

    • Thanks Eloise. Is it the opposite? I was of the impression Hitler was funded by the same people who are pulling the strings of governments’ today.

      • Beth says:

        Hi Clare,

        I would just like to say good work on the article too 🙂

        I would also like to support what Eloise is saying here though as I feel it is an important issue which many younger people don’t understand well these days. We have a very close family network with still just a few WWII survivors from various parts of Europe and also Britain & the US in the fold. The elders in our family, even the ones from a British background who were fighting the Germans would’ve told you that the German people were fighting a shared enemy before the conflict became known as WWII. None of the older ones in my family were crippled by political correctness and they very often say it in very straightforward terms using one 3-letter word! They knew back then what the biggest threat was to humanity worldwide. Unfortunately many people 40+ and under have been listening to these “truth guru” type people who have popped up over the last decade or two who have in my opinion, and that of many others, been feeding them all this bogus half-truth disinfo to try and smokescreen the real source of the problem. Some much younger people are thankfully rejecting them now and this can only be a good thing because good critical thinkers, and I’d like to include you in that Clare, were never “woken up” by these gurus – they were already awake!

        I say all this because I see a lot of well-meaning people putting their energy into things and quoting ideas that are based on this half-truth and even some complete mistruths. The elders see this and are saddened that the energy of these well-meaning people may be getting channeled by the same forces that seek to harm us. If you think about the example of well-meaning people entering the medical world to help others inevitably just becoming pawns of the pharmaceutical industry you’ll start to see where I’m coming from.

        Sorry to take up so much space with my comment here but Eloise prompted a rare “moment of need to get it out” from me! I just think we all need keep questioning EVERYTHING and that includes the information we are fed by those we may think are on our side or appear to be working for the same goals. Who are these people really? Where did they come from? Have they actually “done” anything or are they just constantly feeding us “information” (that we want to hear!)? We need to keep ourselves in check constantly so that our well-meaning energies are not co-opted or diverted into ineffectual cul-de-sacs or so that we don’t just end becoming and alternative form of repeater.

        Anyway, genuine best wishes on your journey Clare. Please start looking for the obvious clues to who all the people behind “funding” schemes (as you’ve mentioned), big corporations, the media, etc REALLY are and what their REAL motives might be for funding both sides of a war/situation/equation. I’ll only pass on one clue – it’s not, and never has, the Nazis! 😉

        Thank you & take care,

      • Eric says:

        Hi Clare,

        Enjoy catching up with local news on your blog thanks 🙂

        Must address this quickly though –

        “Thanks Eloise. Is it the opposite? I was of the impression Hitler was funded by the same people who are pulling the strings of governments’ today.”

        I feel it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that today’s “western” governments have been working towards a “communist” ideal for some time now! Most of your intelligent readers I’m sure already know this. When I, as an older person who experienced the aftermath of WWII see photoshopped pictures of Obama in a nazi uniform I sigh the deepest of sighs as nothing could be further from the truth and it is a slap in the face of anyone seeking “truth”!!!

        Please look into this further as it is key to why we are seeing things like the increased use of chemtrails in many western countries now among other things.

        Thanks & best wishes,

        PS. A great little 15min video has just popped up on Youtube in the last hour re this subject! “USSA – Communism in America” – Watch here before it disappears –

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