Uncensored Interview Reveals Lord Monckton Involved In Chemtrails/Geoengineering Cover Up

Jon Eisen

Jon Eisen, Editor of Uncensored

On April the 7th, Jon Eisen, the editor of Uncensored magazine, interviewed Lord Christopher Monckton on camera.  The film, which is currently being edited, will be released online soon said Eisen, and will show that Monckton is, as many have suspected, playing an active role in the chemtrail/geoengineering cover up.

Billions of dollars have been spent to confuse the public about climate science, “man-made global warming,” and conceal the fact that chemtrails are real.   As the ‘CLIMATE OF FREEDOM – April 2013’ tour kicks off around New Zealand, many have been wondering about Monckton’s role in this murky “climate change” disinformation campaign lately, as time-after-time he blatantly refuses to acknowledge what a mountain of scientific evidence shows us  – that chemtrails/geoengineering are real.

When the topic of chemtrails has been raised in the past, he has dodged it by saying, amongst other things, that he does not know anything about it or says he doesn’t talk about “conspiracy theories.”  Chemtrails are conspiracy fact, not theory.

When Lord Monckton spoke to an audience of about 70 at the Whangarei Library on April the 3rd, I noticed he made monckton credibilitya point of saying that the drought in New Zealand in 2013 was not due to global warming, or anything else, it was natural, when there is plenty of evidence to show that the drought was induced and maintained using weather modification technology – technology which weatherman, Scott Stevens has helped to shed some light upon.  Of course, Monckton did not say what evidence he based his claim on – the public was just supposed to believe it was natural because he was Lord Monckton.  He may have been assuming the idea it was a natural phenomenon was the “consensus reality,” and he was there to reinforce it, but he should know better than most, that anything that’s based on a lie is unsustainable over time.

 Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Christopher Monckton

Jon Eisen, whose quarterly magazine often includes articles about chemtrails and weather modification technology, had been prepared for this interview with the man with the Cambridge accent and the cowboy hat, with A3-sized posters of the three images shown below.

Eisen asked him what he thought of the pictures and says Monckton looked aghast and asked: What is this?

Eisen says he asked him: “Do you think these are natural?” To which Monckton replied, yes, completely and that his air monitoring system in Scotland had given him no reason to think that anything was being put into the air.  Hang on. What about all the evidence from around the globe that shows heavy metals listed on geoengineering patents are being put into the air?  Monckton says he wants peer-reviewed evidence before he accepts anything as real – and for everyone to go back to sleep?

One of the image shown to Lord Monckton by Jon Eisen in A3 size.

One of the images shown to Lord Monckton by Jon Eisen in A3-poster size.

Although he had been treated kindly and with respect, says Eisen, after Monckton had terminated the interview, he rose from his seat, turned on his heels and walked out, without even uttering a polite goodbye.

“I believe Lord Monckton’s role is that of controlled opposition and I hope that others confront him with posters of chemtrails or other images related to weather modification technology, as I did as he tours New Zealand this month, and help shed further light on this issue,” offers Eisen.

(Continued after images)

Another image shown to Lord Monckton as an A3-sized poster.

A satellite image showing numerous chemtrails. Shown to Lord Monckton during the interivew.

A satellite image showing numerous chemtrails. Shown to Lord Monckton during the intervew.

Why does it appear that it is on his list of objectives to keep the public in the dark about the technology that’s been around for decades  to induce and maintain droughts, and cause floods and snow storms?  Could it be that he’s functioning as a gatekeeper to keep people from knowing about the weather modification technology being used globally to create extremes, and exposing the IPCC, Al Gore, Michael Mann, Phil Jones and others as con artists, in order to win the public’s trust?

He may be engaging in predictive programming regarding United Nations’ Agenda 21 – telling people that it is going to happen, so they will more readily accept it?  Compare Lord Monckton’s approach to educating his audience about UN Agenda 21 with that of  Rosa Koire’s,  author of ‘Behind The Green Mask: Agenda 21.’  Koire is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation and an outspoken activist opposed to the UN Agenda 21 and its attempts to attack civilization through so-called “Sustainable Development.”    She informs people of how they can take action at a local level to halt a communistic, totalitarian government being brought in by stealth and her approach is proving successful.  At the end of her talks she emphasizes how serious the threat of UN Agenda 21 is and has been known to say that she is willing to die fighting it.  In contrast, Monckton has been seen to conclude CLIMATE FREEDOM talks in New Zealand in early-April by smiling and advising his audience that there is nothing to worry about, the climate scare is over.  But what about the fact that our weather is now being manipulated by people intent on causing extremes that seriously damage the environment, the food supply and economy?

Watch the interview here:

Lord Monckton BUSTED as Chemtrail Denier — Uncensored Magazine Interview 


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56 Responses to Uncensored Interview Reveals Lord Monckton Involved In Chemtrails/Geoengineering Cover Up

  1. Bill blyth says:

    I have stopped listening to his entertainment.

  2. Marian says:

    Big thanks to Jon Eisen for confronting Monckton with the truth, and requesting some answers. Very, very interesting!

  3. Kevin says:

    Hidden agenda’s..!! is all i can say about this man, and a messenger sent here for the powers that be, wtf..!! what a crook..!!

  4. Ken Ring says:

    Well well. Lord Monkton was flavour of the month here when he spoke about the threat to our freedoms. But now he seems to be the evil baddy just because he doesn’t toe the chem-trail line.
    Freedom means free expression of views, not trying to censor them because they disagree with your own.

    • I am still posting his talk on Facebook, Ken. It is not being censored and note that I have not removed the posts regarding his work from this site, which I would have done if his work was censored. What the post above tries to explain/ address is that when it comes to chemtrails/geoengineering he will not address the matter of all the scientific evidence which proves it is occurring. He speaks of his belief and of one air monitoring system, rather than the mountain of evidence available regarding chemtrails/geoengineering. Yes, he has the right to deny reality and we have the right to report what he says and how he behaves.

    • Just finished reading one of Icke’s books and he champions Monkton as a hero. As Ken says, he’s now a “baddie”. I can identify with this somewhat as a regular participant on the Christchurch earthquake thread on Uncensored website. Last year I was the “good guy”, now I’m being accused of being a troll/misinfo agent for daring to suggest theories that didn’t follow the “accepted” line. I’m sure Mr. Ring can also sympathise somewhat, after his treatment by the media and subsequent public reaction.last year, yet prior to that he was something of a ‘hero’ in the public mind. Amazes me how fickle people can be, and how easily led/misled by the media.

      • In my opinion, it is not a case of Monckton being a goodie or a badie, as we are not talking about a cowboy film. It is a case of people being objective. If David Icke champions Monckton, good on him, but Icke’s statements do not negate the fact that Monckton has set himself up as a climate expert and then advised people throughout NZ that the drought was natural, when evidence shows otherwise. Also, Monckton has said it is wrong to use the term “scientific consensus,” then used it himself and he has promoted the theory of man-made global warming on TV, while he says there is no man-made global warming during his talks in NZ. Call it fickle to question people’s integrity as more information comes to light, if you wish. I think it is quite wise.

  5. Ngaire Small says:

    If Lord Monckton denies chemtrailing is occuring, I’d like his opinion on what those images above are actually of. Perhaps Mr Ring could explain to us all ‘cos I’m at a loss. Thank you in anticipation.

  6. Toni Anne Smith says:

    Yes totally agree Clare! I think he has a micro agenda and is using his knowledge to discredit another for a personal gain in the game of the Elite vs Elite. Though one thing comes to mind and that is if the IPCC can be exposed of their lies then that reduces the justification of introducing weather control programs. If the evidence is unfounded then it may give some hope for the future. It will be harder for the citizens of the planet to swallow the Geo Engineering solution to the imaginary problem. They cant look up and say the spraying is saving the planet anymore.

  7. shaun laughton says:

    will be a bit depresing to find out that he actualy works for the other side, but hay ho if all he does is wakes people up to the global warming scam, then 10 out of 10 for mr monkton, just learn the lesson, allways wear your scepticles, and dont blindly trust anyone…..

  8. Paula Feather says:

    I asked Monckton at the North Harbour talk last Thursday “who were the they that he kept referring to other than the local and international govts and the scientists?” He very quickly broke into a retort saying he wasn’t into conspiracy theories and went off the topic altogether and didn’t answer my question.

  9. Sarah says:

    He didn’t stack up when I looked him up on google. The disinformation makes it even more real that systems are being manipulated and OUR governments are allowing it. Will we even get the opportunity to replace this system and with what? Do we want to do the same dance of the last couple of thousand years or can we now have a balanced world with Equal Gender Governments. It really is our responsibility to elect those who are honest, and its about time women and the men who support them took it on. A government that allows carcinogenic ink to be used on eftpos receipts does not care for its people at all.

  10. Robyn Plant says:

    Well that starts to make sense. He did seem to be incongruent with his decline of the geo-engineering DVD’s that were offered to him at the Whangarei Public Library talk. He replied that yes he was already aware of them/was familiar with them and did not seem to want to engage in any conversation about this topic. So his role could be to “throw us off the scent”. Does he have a sinister/conspired agenda? Who knows. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to confuse his message?

  11. Kate White says:

    Hi- I was thinking of going along to Monckton’s talk in Hastings on Friday night and asking him exactly what Jonathan asked him. Obviously it’s a dead-end street- if anyone has any further ideas (question wise) or images they suggest I use please respond.

  12. DianeDi says:

    At the 20:40 minute mark, an interesting statement is made by Monckton….. perhaps the driving force.

    The Late Late Show – Jim Corr & Lord Christopher Monckton

    • Thanks for posting this video, which was published on Jan 11, 2011 from RTE of a The Late Late Show interview with Jim Corr and Lord Monckton.
      During this show not only does Lord Monckton repeat over and over that some extremes in weather that have occurred in recent times are due to natural causes, he engages in “man-made global warming” propaganda himself by stating when asked if burning fossil fuels is causing climate change:

      After 6.37 mins:
      “…It doesn’t cause that much damage. Yes there is a greenhouse effect. Yes greenhouse gases exist. Yes, they cause warming. Yes CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Yes, we are responsible for quite a large increase in the concentration of that gas. And yes, we are causing some warming.

      All of that I concede because it’s common sense. It’s well established. That is where there is indeed a scientific consensus, because large amounts of that have been scientifically proven.”

      Why did he not explain that even the most fundamental assumption of the theory of man-made global warming, that carbon dioxide causes the temperature to get higher, is not supported by scientific evidence? While global warming alarmists, like Al Gore claim that, “when there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer,” the ice core data has shown that as the temperature rises, the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide follows with a lag of about 800 years.

      As for carbon dioxide [rising due to human activity], bushfires and brush fires during the El Nino of 1997-98 may have been responsible for a third of the carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere at the time. El Nino events also limit the growth of phytoplankton so less carbon dioxide was absorbed by the oceans, which left more in the atmosphere.
      Refer: http://www.quadrant.org.au/blogs/doomed-planet/2013/01/of-climate-science-and-stomach-bugs

      Also, on the one hand he states it is wrong to talk about a scientific consensus – he has done so in his talks, he uses the phrase, and contradicts himself.

      Furthermore, at 20.49 mins in the same video, on the question of 9/11 he says he’s worked with Her Majesty’s government as a small cog in Margaret Thatcher’s party and that it would be “unthinkable” that any member of the intelligence services would behave against the interests of his own country in such a fashion.

      Unthinkable? Terror Expert: 7/7 Mastermind was working for British Intelligence, Group was used by Brits in Kosovo in the late 90s

      Kind regards,

  13. Janet Holmes says:

    Hmmm…. Well, ditto thanks to Jon Eisen and glad to see the comments. LOTS more folk waking up. I have no idea how people deny what’s right in front of their eyes, even if they do have an agenda.

  14. Mr Wolfe says:

    I think the oblivious (sheeple) can be made aware of the obvious (geo-engineering).
    Time to put down the “smart phones” and to look up.

    Look up… Wake up!!!

    This curious crest/seal is on many of the “Lord” Monckton’s papers….

    http://www.wnd.com/files/2012/08/monckton_logob.jpgSeal on many of Monckton's papers
    (Pic would not post… follow link to see…)

    Crown = Royalty
    Porticus = GateKeeper

    and the Chains?

    Chains = Slavery

    Time to recruit/awaken the older generations. They should REMEMBER what a nature sky looks like. They should REMEMBER what the natural turn of the seasons are. There are already a couple of generations who have no memory of the natural scheme of things.
    One or two more and we lose our collective memory of Cycles… our Voices, Health and our Freedoms.

  15. Helen H says:

    Thanks for FINALLY exposing this guy Clare!

    To me Monckton was obvious right from the start and it’s a pity everyone wasn’t able to see it earlier! A british lord touring the world standing up for the little man? Pfft! He takes the piss out of both greeny global warming believers AND people on the other side who should know better! People reading this all need to be A LOT MORE AWARE of those feeding you “information” ESPECIALLY those you “believe” to be on your side – these are the ones you should question the most! If you don’t then you are being a complete hypocrite and just making yourself look like a fool. And yes, I’m talking about so-called “truth movement” gurus! I think you will find at least a few of the established ones being exposed more & more over the next year or so 😉

    Sarah, here is a great article on the role of women in politics & life that was only just posted in the last 24hrs. It relates to the current struggle of the Greek people against the powers that ASSUME to be over there – http://golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.de/2013/04/women-in-social-nationalist-community.html

    Keep up the good work! Keep up the good fight!

  16. TracyJane says:

    Thanks for the LateLateShow talk, good stuff. One thing CM said on the show was that he would research Jim Corrs information if he paid him, which makes me think that perhaps he DOES do this for money, despite what he says in his talk. I would like to join this debate as I was a bit confused as well, he said a lot that I agreed with, infact he did put into the public arena the TED talks Bill Gates speech on his agenda of killing off much of the population using vaccines, which as an IAS committee member I was grateful for as it is hard to get that kind of publicity. there were at least 150 people at the Tauranga talk, mostly us oldies (late 40’s and higher), 1 MP in the mix. Perhaps Christopher is a ‘one trick pony’, perhaps he has done so much work on this particular issue that he doesn’t have the time to investigate the other issues at stake, and really you could spend your life looking at all the connections. Really you can only do so much in one’s life time. However, there are many other people who seem to agree with his figures, and there science does appear to support his stance. Are they all Trojan horses? Are they all linked in with big business/illuminati? I was certainly suspicious of his crest – and the fact that he worked for the Thatcher govnt. Is he wanting us to be lulled into a false sense of security that ‘he is on the case’? But he said ‘whatever you do don’t let Agenda 21 go ahead – do everything you can to prevent it’? why would he say that if he thought it was a good thing? He did seem abit supportive of those crazy bankers though. But who can you believe now…there is so much information and misinformation. BTW who has been activating against chemtrails in NZ? I have never seen them in my area Rotorua/Bay of Plenty – if I did, I could make a complaint, but who has – any know?

  17. Peter K says:

    As i posted on Clares youtube video entitled Pt. 1/2 Lord Monckton’s “Global Warming: Just The Truth” Apr 3, ’13, Whangarei Library i said he was a fraud. The reason i suspected that was when here in Melbourne giving a seminar a few years ago i confronted after the talk and asked him this simple question…”What is your opinion of Chemtrails and Geoengineering? He simply said…”Sorry i don’t get into Conspiracy Theories.” He lost me completely right there as he didn’t want to talk anything about it even though he mentioned in his talk that clouds and less sunshine are having an affect on the Climate. All the people around me had no idea what i was talking about re Chemtrails.
    And how can you trust anyone who looks like a reptile anyway 🙂

  18. Marian says:

    Monckton saying ” Don’t let Agenda 21 go ahead – do everything you can to prevent it” could very easily be using a deceptive brand of reverse psychology, which may work on a small section of his audience, as well as appearing to be on the same side as another section of his audience, who don’t buy the Al Gore propaganda. We certainly do need to tread carefully, and do as much investigative research as possible, in this day of increasingly “muddied waters”, when it comes to the true facts.

  19. Marian says:

    My above comment was added as a response to part of your comment TracyJane, when you mentioned what Lord Monckton said, re Agenda 21.
    My reaction in saying that we have “muddied waters” is due to the fact that while Monckton says “beware of Agenda 21″, and backs up the man-made global warming skeptics, his evasion of giving an honest reply to anyone asking about Chemtrails and Geoengineering, and insistence that extreme weather examples given by his audience are purely ” natural”, show me that he has conflicting agendas. I wholeheartedly agree with Clare’s final comments on the difference between Monckton’s message, and Rosa Koire’s approach.If this man is unwilling to admit that the weather is being manipulated, for me to give him my time, is like drinking from a very muddied water supply.
    Thankyou for your excellent article, Clare … I hope it will be widely circulated.

  20. Sarah says:

    Monckton saying ” Don’t let Agenda 21 go ahead – do EVERYTHING you can to prevent it”
    He is inciting violence. This will give the governments the opportunity to RETALIATE with violence ” for our own good”. Its a method of control and a “reason” to roll out the troops. Many of the protests such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall St have been highjacked with infiltrators causing violence and give the movements a bad name.
    This is why Equal Gender Governments will work as we are only asking for that which is already legal. It transcends religion and even actual politics and threatens only those using oppression to maintain their power. A blood free resolution.

  21. Kate White says:

    I went to hear Monckton last night in Hastings. I was late turning up and he was standing at the entrance and asked me what I thought was going on as he shook my hand. I said I certainly thought something was going on with the weather but that he probably wouldn’t agree with the ‘what’. When he asked, I said I was pretty sure CO2 wasn’t the biggest culprit but my money was on stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering. He looked like a hammerhead shark for an instant and rolled those eyes and walked away.
    He began his “glittering presentation”, and that it certainly was, by saying “even the Greens were welcome”. He said he wasn’t going to cover Agenda 21 but focus on the science of the climate change myth. He rattled off his act for the first two thirds of the night re all the graphs and charts and I had to agree with a lot of it.
    You can’t judge someone too harshly on their character but his demeanour was patronising and crude when he mimicked those with whom he disagreed (Greens etc). His attempts at self-effacing humour barely concealed his opinion of the audience’s IQ. He asked us how many were farmers and about half the hands went up. From that moment on he had them pecking out of his hands: they all laughed on cue and tut tutted and participated embarrassingly in his little interactive interludes. He had a go at the “Chem trail people” with his snidey voice which I thought was interesting because I would guess most of the people in the room wouldn’t have even heard of chem trails let alone known what he was talking about, and then, during questions and answers he sort of dissolved into a rabid, not very scientific, frothing fit saying “the Greens hate farmers, the Greens hate New Zealand”. Now I’m not a Green party person at all, I’m neither a socialist nor a tory, I’m pure environment, but I vote for the only person in politics who is trying to keep GE out of this country: Steffan Browning. This hammerhead shark was inciting farmers to try to get rid of the Greens and each of these farmers is going to go home and spread the word. Between the RMA’s throat being cut to allow fast tracking of GE trials and the TPPA, between the puppet king Bruce Wills and his little wormtongue: William Rolleston, the likes of Monsanto (Monsta Co) will have NZ sewn up as long as the farmers have all been prepared well enough to cover their ears whenever anyone from the Greens talks about GE.
    He certainly has charisma, grammar, diction and an education but on reflection his talk was full of contradictions. I couldn’t stand it any more and walked out before the end.
    Monckton could be a plant for the oil people, he might be a ‘soften us up for Agenda 21’ emissary, maybe he’s a ‘for hire’ front man, maybe he’s simply out to harden the resolve of middle NZ against environmental initiatives. My gut tells me he’s dangerous and he’s definitely got another agenda. There’s definitely something wrong with him.

    • Paula Feather says:

      Thanks for your report and interesting how his demeanor changes from polite tomore critical toward NZers as he progresses down the country!

    • Thank-you for your comments. That is interesting and reinforces what I felt in respect to his attitudes towards the audience. There were probably more people than you realized who knew about chemtrails/geoengineering, as Esther & Neil Henderson who organised the talks, include information about the same regularly in their newsletters, which are sent out to many farmers, I understand. They have two functioning eyes each and brains and can see for themselves that it is indeed happening.
      What comment did Lord Monckton make regarding chemtrails please, Kate?

      • Kate White says:

        Hi Clare and Paula, I was quite tired by the end of the talk but I think he mentioned chemtrails in conjunction with his attacks on the Greens (as being behind the methane taxes on cattle etc), during the Q & A (no one asked about chemtrails, he just brought them up himself). I can’t remember his exact words but he pretty much reiterated what he said to Jonathan and Katherine in the interview- that no, all those silly people who think chemtrails are real- if they were- then the particulates would be showing up all over the world wouldn’t they? He didn’t stay on the subject long but he was looking firmly at me all the while, then he talked about something else. I didn’t have the energy to ask him a question and be shredded in front of all those disciples although it would have been: can he explain then the presence of aluminium, barium etc in the rainwater in samples in New Zealand, as well as the neutral soil PH in Hawaii, which correspond to those metals proposed for SAG? I would’ve just had his ‘peer reviewed’ response although I would’ve been happy to point out that his measuring stick was corrupt ie Dr Arpad Pusztai, Dr Ignatio Chapela etc . At the start of the night he asked the audience how many people believed that the climate was changing due to man’s influence: only three of us put up our hands (I’ve no idea who the other two were)- the whole night felt like I’d walked into someone’s church- all but three of us were ‘believers’.
        Yes Paula- I got the feeling he felt safe to belittle dissenters knowing he had a majority support but he also had quite a lot of fun making veiled jibes at the whole audience too.

      • When he asked how many believed the climate was changing due to man’s influence in Whangarei, it was clear the context was “man-made global warming,.” due to rising carbon dioxide. Thus, I bet those of us who knew about geoengineering did not put our hands up. That is why I did not. Perhaps this is why people did not raise their hands at your talk.
        He may have been prepared to silence you before you arrived, having read your comments, then looked up your identity and a photo.

  22. Kate White says:

    Possibly, although I am known locally to be outspoken about other issues, being relatively new to SAG I am not confident enough about the subject to make big noises. He could have looked me up in conjunction with GE, fracking, fluoride or vaccines perhaps. Incidentally the biggest chemtrail I have ever observed is dissipating over the sky of Central Hawke’s Bay as I write this- I dragged my Dad outside to get his opinion and even he admits it’s not natural. We’re due some rain on Tuesday apparently. I’ll take a sample and get it checked for barium and aluminium. Clare did you just buy a 750 ml pump water bottle, pour the water out and begin collecting? Do I need to do anything else to sterilise it first?

    • First of all talk to the lab you are going to send the sample to and ask them about their requirements. Hills lab advised me it was OK to use a Pump bottle, as these bottles are regarded as free of contamination. Yes, I bought one and tipped out the water – perhaps you can use the water from it to clean a collection container with.

      I meant he could have read your comment on here – the one that you made before the talk about your intentions and looked you up. Members of his family are in the intelligence field, so one would think it would be straight forward given the snooping technology available nowadays.

  23. Ian says:

    Hi Clare….Ian from Tauranga ….just letting you know i’m still here !! That was a pretty impressive article you put together ! ( The Hard Core Truth) Awesome.

    Tonight (Tues 9th) is the evening Lord Monkton is talking in Tauranga. I was unable to go because of mywork shift. The free weekly paper, ‘The Weekend Sun ‘had a half page advert re the meeting a couple of weeks back and the latest issue repeated the advert plus had an article about Monkton and the tour. There was also a letter to the Editor from an Esther Henderson of the climaterealists.org. Never saw anything in the BOP Times as was to be expected !
    I am however a bit confused / puzzled by something Monkton had to say on radio. Check this email I rec’d from a friend on April 4th :

    I am absolutely flabbergasted ! Towards the end of this morning’s radio talk: A chap phoned up and asked about weather interference
    and chemtrails and also Haarp…

    Monkton answered him by saying “ a misprint for contrails “ and they dont change the weather !!! Obviously he concentrates on the
    climate tax / Co2 issue and UKIP only – and hasnot seen ALL the data on geoengineeringwatch.org or the ton of stuff that is out there…

    He said theres no proof re aluminium – stronium etc being sprayed AND said “ Haarp is just for studying / measuring? purposes “

    Can you believe it??? So what about all the data out there, including the usa patents for the systems and crap they are spraying – the military
    connection – the documents – the scared scientists ( saving their jobs and funding…) the documentation available. Clare Swinney must be
    astounded that Monkton dismissed that particular lot of questions from that one caller. I’m sure many others would be also.

    I wonder what the climate realists will think – anyway must get on and catch up with chores etc.


  24. Mayer says:

    I knew he was a disinfo agent when he sat pat saying- anything but the official story of 911 was a conspiracy- on a Irish TV interview.

    • Marian says:

      Yes, Mayer, the Interview on YouTube on ” The Late Late Show- Jim Corr and Lord Christopher Monckton” is well worth viewing…

  25. Kate White says:

    As per my comments above I went to our local water testing lab: ARL and asked for two sample bottles. I got the prices from them for testing for Barium, Aluminium and Strontium from a rainwater sample yet to be collected and was asked by a curious technician: “why”. I told him and got a strange look (he was wearing a Ravensdown (fertilizer) shirt which rings alarm bells for me anyway). So I collected enough rainwater from the 16th of April to the 21st (starting two days after a very large and obvious chemtrail over Hawke’s Bay) to half- fill both bottles (100mls was sufficient I was told) and sent them sealed on the 22nd April, one each, to ARL and to Hills Laboratories with the same request (Barium, Aluminium and Strontium). Same samples- but be interesting if they get the same results…will post results when they come back.
    Incidentally here’s a depressing piece of news: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/dupont-profit-beats-estimates-demand-112934083.html

  26. Kate White says:

    I have just had my test results in from Hill Laboratories and spoken with one of the technicians there and it seems I’ve made a stupid mistake collecting the rainwater in a (clean) stainless steel bowl which might account for the results(?). The technician- “Martin” said there might have been barium and strontium in the metal of the bowl- I did put out a plastic bowl at the time but the wind threatened to blow it around so I had opted for a heavier bowl. I had strapped the sample bottles to fence posts (necks way above tops of posts) but we’d had so little rain it was hopeless collecting anything in them. I guess it makes my results inconclusive. I asked the technician if I did collect another sample using a clean new plastic funnel attached to the top of a clean new plastic sample bottle and the results came out the same or similar, would that be evidence of presence of these metals in the rain. He didn’t want to commit to that and spoke about dust contamination in the air etc. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the email attachment to reproduce here and I don’t have a scanner for the physical one but below are the results (I’ve taken my address out). I’ll email the proper attachment to you Clare- the bill was $85.56 for my one (aluminium, barium and strontium)- don’t know if that compares well with 2010 . Will post the ARL results when I get them. I will get another sample bottle and a new funnel ready for the next perfect storm of obvious chemtrail activity and rain- the latter being the least likely in Hawke’s Bay at the moment(!)

    R J Hill Laboratories Limited
    1 Clyde Street
    Private Bag 3205
    Hamilton 3240, New Zealand
    +64 7 858 2000
    +64 7 858 2001

    This Laboratory is accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), which represents New Zealand in the International
    Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). Through the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC-MRA) this accreditation is
    internationally recognised.
    The tests reported herein have been performed in accordance with the terms of accreditation, with the exception of tests marked *, which
    are not accredited.
    A N A L Y S I S R E P O R T Page 1 of 1
    Contact: Katherine White

    Katherine White Lab No: 1126532
    Date Registered: 23-Apr-2013
    Date Reported: 01-May2013
    Quote No:
    Order No:
    Client Reference:
    Submitted By: Katherine White
    Sample Type: Aqueous
    Sample Name: Rain Water 16-21/04/13
    Lab Number: 1126532.1
    Values (MAV)
    Total Aluminium g/m3 0.0039 – < 0.1 –
    Total Barium g/m3 0.00073 – – 0.7
    Total Recoverable Strontium g/m3 0.0044 – – –
    Note: The Guideline Values and Maximum Acceptable Values (MAV) are taken from the publication 'Drinking-water
    Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2008)', Ministry of Health. Copies of this publication are available from
    The Maximum Acceptable Values (MAVs) have been defined by the Ministry of Health for paramenters of health significance
    and should not be exceeded. The Guideline Values are the limits for aesthetic determinands that, if exceeded, may render
    the water unattractive to consumers.
    Note that the units g/m³ are the same as mg/L and ppm.
    Analyst's Comments
    It was noted that Security Seals were applied and intact on receipt at the laboratory.
    The following table(s) gives a brief description of the methods used to conduct the analyses for this job. The detection limits given below are those attainable in a relatively clean matrix.
    Detection limits may be higher for individual samples should insufficient sample be available, or if the matrix requires that dilutions be performed during analysis.
    S U M M A R Y O F M E T H O D S
    Sample Type: Aqueous
    Test Method Description Default Detection Limit Samples
    Total Digestion Boiling nitric acid digestion. APHA 3030 E 21st ed. 2005. – 1
    Total Recoverable Extraction Nitric/Hydrochloric acid extraction, 85°C, 2.75 hours. US EPA 1

    Total Aluminium Nitric acid digestion, ICP-MS, trace level. APHA 3125 B 21st ed. 1
    2005 / US EPA 200.8.
    0.0032 g/m3
    Total Barium Nitric acid digestion, ICP-MS, trace level. APHA 3125 B 21st ed. 1
    2005 / US EPA 200.8.
    0.00011 g/m3
    Total Recoverable Strontium Nitric/Hydrochloric acid extraction, 85°C, 2.75 hr, ICP-MS, trace 1
    level. APHA 3125 B 21st ed. 2005.
    0.0005 g/m3
    These samples were collected by yourselves (or your agent) and analysed as received at the laboratory.
    Samples are held at the laboratory after reporting for a length of time depending on the preservation used and the stability of
    the analytes being tested. Once the storage period is completed the samples are discarded unless otherwise advised by the
    This report must not be reproduced, except in full, without the written consent of the signatory.
    Martin Cowell – BSc (Chem)
    Client Services Manager – Environmental Division

    • Thank-you for sharing those Kate – thanks very much. It confirms what others are finding. Not as high as it has been in other samples, but there.
      A Pyrex dish might be OK. That is what I used. $85 sounds about what it was in 2010. I heard from a lady in Takaka that she was told it would only be $10 for the third metal, but that is not the case with yours if strontium is counted as the third.

  27. Kate White says:

    Thanks Clare- I suggested pyrex to the technician at ARL when I first picked up the sample bottles- he mentioned that there might be some lead traces from that but- even so- it wouldn’t matter because we’re not testing for lead- so I’ll give that a go next time if the plastic funnel and bottle don’t collect enough. ARL quoted about $35 to me for the aluminium and barium but as I added the strontium to the job I don’t know what it’ll be until I get the results back. Will ring them Monday as I should have heard from them by now.

    • Thank-you for that information Kate. What is ARL please? I was contemplating sending a sample to Hills Lab again, once I have got a reasonable quote off them tomorrow.

      • Kate White says:

        It’s Ravensdown’s soil and water testing lab: http://www.ravensdown.co.nz/nz/pages/services/testing/types-of-testing/arl-our-testing-centre.aspx

        we’ve got one in Napier so I thought would be worth trying them out. Will see when their results come back

      • Oh sorry Kate, of course. Thank-you for your prompt reply.

        I see ARL stands for ​Analytical Research Laboratories Limited (ARL) (is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ravensdown and offers complete analytical services.)

        I got a call from a lady in Takaka a few days ago. She collected some rainwater and found many fibers in it and red specks, which she suspects may have something to do with the transhumanist agenda. She is deciding what to do with the sample. She also said she is thinking of sending it to Hills to test for Al, Ba and Sr. Let’s see what happens.

      • Kate White says:

        There is a very interesting film by Max Igan on his website The Crowhouse, called Trance-Formation which raises the Transhumanist agenda and covers chemtrails full of nano particles-linked in with Morgellons disease – it is chilling.

  28. Eammon McCloud says:

    What utter, utter bilge. Lord Monckton was merely being rightly cautious on being drawn into commenting on stuff he knew nothing about, despite the best efforts of the interviewer. Lord Monckton is rightly wary of ‘faux’ nutters attempting to entrap him with various nonsenses. He came across as simply unconvinced on charm trails, not having studied the subject in any detail. Attempting to make more of it than that says more about the correspondent than it does about Monckton .

    • If it was a case of being cautious, as you claim, then why did he not say he did not wish to comment, as he did not know enough about this topic to comment on it competently?
      He was queried on the matter of the aerosols/geoengineering in NZ repeatedly and I was advised that he referred to those people who wished to talk about this as “conspiracy theorists.” That is a technique a propagandist would use.

      It is naive to suggest he would know “nothing” about stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, given his dedication to the issue of climate science. After all global dimming is a result of aerosols. The emergence of the chemtrails/aerosols phenomenon coincided with an average 22% drop in sunlight reaching the earth’s surface. Also, the fact that people keep bringing the matter up of aerosols with him, makes your assertion all the more absurd. If people kept bringing a matter up with you everywhere you went, you would look into it. The information is available for those who wish to learn about it….

      In 2007, Rosalind Peterson was invited to address the United Nations Conference during both a workshop, held on September 5th, and a round-table session, held on September 6, 2007. Rosalind was invited to address this conference due to her research and work in the agriculture field relating to climate change, global dimming, and the affects of man-made clouds and experimental weather modification programs on agriculture. Rosalind is co-founder and President of the Agriculture Defense Coalition. Excerpts of her speech included the following:

      “International weather modification companies are modifying our weather with programs that cover thousands of square miles. Most of these programs use toxic chemicals or particulates to alter the weather with either ground-based or airborne releases that change or modify our local micro-climates. ”

      Refer: Geoengineeringwatch.org

    • Kate White says:

      Being “rightly cautious” or coming “across as simply unconvinced on charm trails” (I think you’ll find the term is “chemtrails”) does not tally with the rabidly frothing Monckton who, completely unprovoked- ie. no questions were asked of him, viciously attacked those who subscribe to the reality of chemtrails at his Hastings leg of the journey. I was there and I was blown away at the complete disintegration of the formerly bright and factual presentation as Monckton descended into outrageously unscientific parodying, lampooning and denigrating. It was uncalled for and brought to mind: “Methinks thou protest too much”. Why did he even bring it up? He was speaking to a crowd of red faced farmers.

      • Seathan Witterage says:

        I am sorry to hear that he misjudged the passion, sensitivity and sincerety of chemtrails believers. Nevertheless, until it is worth his time and effort to examine the ‘evidence’ proficiently he is not going to be drawn into public endorsements of the idea. To do so would serve to discredit the very thorough research has done in other areas.
        Now it’s very easy to glibly dismiss the minority viewpoint, regardless of it’s merits, but if you are seeking his support to your cause you will have persuade him first, that it matters sufficiently to bother about.
        Your failure to persuade him, is evidence of nothing but that.

      • Lord Monckton spoke about Karl R. Popper’s ‘The Logic Of Scientific Discovery’ as being important to him during the interview with Jon Eisen. Theories related to chemtrails/geoengineering can be corroborated too. There is too much evidence to ignore.
        It is wholly disingenuous to state “Your failure to persuade him, is evidence of nothing but that,” in light of the fact that he specializes in the area of climate science and must be aware of this matter, as weather engineering has been occurring for decades. The Internet abounds with evidence of chemtrails/geoengineering, plus many genuine souls have offered him evidence on this issue.

        Persuading audiences that the NZ drought was natural, without evidence to corroborate the assertion and referring to those who know about geoengineering/chemtrails as “conspiracy theorists” is not the scientific way, it is the propagandist’s.

      • Kate White says:

        Actually, if you read what I wrote again you’ll find that it’s this same emotional stuff (you’re accusing me of) that doesn’t do justice to Monckton’s supposedly bright scientific mind. As someone who has done enough of my own research into chemtrails sans emotion, and as someone who didn’t even try to “persuade” Monckton of anything, let alone attempt to elicit his “endorsement” of the subject, I can safely say his outburst in my neck of the woods could only be construed as overt antipathy towards the subject, not scientific caution, which would surely have called for nothing more than silence on the matter. As mentioned above no one, during his presentation, even mentioned the subject. He brought it up. In his shoes, confronted with information from various organisations and individuals with regard to chemtrails, and having not yet done his own investigation I would have stayed mum, rather than venture out on a twig lampooning “chemtrail believers” to a bunch of people who possibly had no idea what he was talking about anyway.

  29. This came via Wayne Muntz of Riverton, in an email he received on this topic:

    Beware the tangled web they weave… to deceive….

    As time goes on – more and more people will be revealed as participators in the most HORRIFIC scam ever waged against humanity. Watch carefully as those you trusted become caught in deceit, willful misinformation and distraction. Non of us have the luxury to waste time running in the wrong direction as this evil invades “everything” with a murderous agenda. They want to KILL us!

    A man I meet recently said, “that if people are teaching by way of deceit, it doesn’t work that way, they’re only further deceived. And, people surround themselves with like-minded people and in this case Lord Monckton is too knowledgeable to fall into the “I was tricked,” category – over and over, no way. He knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s just like all the rest of them, “keeping us in the matrix, of lies”.

    Beware, and live in right conduct, present the whole truth – for we have all been betrayed through the media and political propaganda of intentional lies, long enough. . .

  30. Grace Haden says:

    The Evidence is there for anyone who looks up! It is clear as the sky, but no it can’t be true…. I Hope to see more articles like this in the new year EXPOSING the lies and deception of those in power and the evil they collude with. Come on scientists and Kiwis!

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