Sceptic’s ire amuses, but views retain sting  13 April 2013  By Ben Heather

Prominent climate change sceptic Viscount Christopher Monckton has demanded Victoria University rein in three professors who dismissed his views as rubbish.

The formal complaint was met with hilarity by the accused academics yesterday, none of whom appeared concerned about disciplinary action.

In a letter to Victoria University vice-chancellor Pat Walsh, the British aristocrat claimed the professors had been dishonest and brought the university into disrepute.

He claimed professors James Renwick and David Frame, both accomplished climate scientists, had insulted him in the media by calling his views harmful with no scientific basis.

“In saying I have ‘no training’ he [Professor Renwick] has lied. I have a Cambridge degree in classical architecture.”


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One Response to Sceptic’s ire amuses, but views retain sting

  1. nzbeachman says:

    Thank heavens the lecturers had the courage of their convictions, and stuck to their guns. Maybe Mr Monkton thinks he is on his estate, expecting everyone to knuckle their foreheads when he shows. I’m not quite sure how his degree in classical architechture justifies his ignorant and misleading statements about either global warming or chemtrails.

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