Eftpos Website Includes Blatant Chemtrail Spraying Plane

By Michael Zhang, Wellington. April 24, 2013.
Eftpos chemtrails
 Today, I came across this website: http://eftpos.co.nz.
To my surprise, at the homepage of EFTPOS New Zealand, right at the centre of the page, there is a picture promoting “Broadband EFTPOS,”or maybe it is really promoting Chemtrails?
This picture above is the image that shown in the EFTPOS website.
Michael Zhang.
According to Wikipedia, ANZ was named the most sustainable bank globally in the 2008 Dow Jones  Sustainability Index making it the 2nd year in a row ANZ has been granted the title. In 2007 the title was shared with another Australian bank, Westpac, which had held the title for the previous five years.[2]
EFTPOS New Zealand is a member of the ANZ group of companies, one of a family of brands that also includes ANZ, UDC Finance, OnePath (NZ) Limited, Bonus Bonds and Direct Broking. Refer: http://eftpos.co.nz/about-us
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2 Responses to Eftpos Website Includes Blatant Chemtrail Spraying Plane

  1. Sarah says:

    This fits with chemtrailing. We were told about a year ago on TV1 Good Morning the receipts for eftpos are printed with carcinogenic ink. What government cares about the public when it allows this.

  2. Wayne Muntz of Riverton emailed Eftpos’ Andrew Harding of marketing regarding this matter. His reply is below. I am sending Andrew Harding a copy of What in the world are they spraying? so he realizes that it is inappropriate to use that image:

    Response to my inquiry. Regards, Wayne.

    From: Harding, Andrew [mailto:AHarding@eftpos.co.nz]
    Sent: Friday, 3 May 2013 11:22 a.m.
    To: w.muntz@
    Subject: RE: EFTPOS NZ Web Site Request


    “Hello there, note with interest the card on the slide show pic number 2 on the front page has a Chemtrail on it,there is a reason for that, can you explain why. TVM.”

    Hi Wayne, thanks for your enquiry.

    That slide is depicting how broadband eftpos is ‘faster’, hence the jet stream trail or “Chemtrail” as it’s correctly known” it seems. It’s merely a visual prompt to back up the speed facet of the product – there is also ‘dollar’ signs morphed into this to depict the ‘savings’ aspect that broadband eftpos brings to business.

    Hope this clarifys


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